{} ~ After Democrats announced they wanted nothing to do with the liar-nObamacare reform efforts, the Democrat leadership and their water-carrying media counterparts cried foul because they feel they were not consulted on a current Senate bill to reform liar-nObamacare. Go figure.

The original (’09/’10) liar-nObamaCare bill was 2,700 pages and most of the toxic takeover construct was intentionally and ambiguously deferred to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius where she added an initial 74,000 pages of regulatory and compliance rules and procedures. Those HHS regulations now total 673,448+ pages and growing.

Today, the Senate releases their version of a bill to reform the collapsing liar-nObamacare construct. It is only 142 pages full pdf below, and essentially tracks along the three-stage repeal and replace road map previously outlined by HHS Secretary Tom Price.

Despite their pearl-clutching pontifications, all of the whining politicians and media-gnats can read the bill in a few hours.

Here’s the TOP-LINE basics:

Here’s The Full Senate Bill:


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