by Burt Prelutsky


The question that troubles me when I consider the louts we elect to represent us in Washington and our state capitals is the same one that occurs to me when I think about the frauds who report the news in papers and on TV: Where the heck do they come from?

I have a fairly wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and I can’t think of a single one I wouldn’t trust to pass commonsense laws and tell me the truth. But there are very few individuals in politics or journalism I could say the same about.

Philosophically, I am a conservative; politically, I have to settle for being a Republican. I have come to expect very little of Republican politicians. But even if all I expect is that they will consistently oppose the policies and social engineering of dummycrats-Democrats, I am doomed to disappointment, thanks to people like rino-John McCain, rino-Jeff Flake, rino-Susan Collins, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers and a bunch of people named Bush.

But as second-rate as these folks are, they look stellar when compared to those residing on the Left.

It isn’t just that so-called Progressives are invariably wrong, but their pigheadedness is magnified by their hypocrisy and their indecency. Keep in mind that the very same people who claim that President Trump is boorish, go on TV and spout obscenities. Their tweets are even worse. They have screamed at Ivanka Trump and her children on airplanes; recently, an employee at the Justice Department shouted abuse at the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, and her husband while they were dining at a restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Peter Fonda, after first tweeting that he wished that young Barron Trump be kidnapped and placed in a cage with pedophiles, doubled down by suggesting that people stalk members of ICE and their children, “scaring the shit out of them,” and that Secretary Nielsen should be filmed being whipped after being stripped naked in Washington’s Lafayette Park.

What a dark and nasty little worm-infested dungeon hanoi-Fonda has where other people have their brains. And here I’d thought it couldn’t get a lot worse with hanoi-Jane’s brother than “Easy Rider.”

⦿ It strikes me that the things that seem to trouble those on the Left the most are things that patriotic Americans like, and vice versa.

Most of us, I believe it’s safe to say, have a soft place in our hearts for symbols of our nation, such as the flag and the National Anthem. But those on the Left prefer burning the flag to saluting it and have more respect for over-paid athletes who take a knee in response to the Anthem than the members of the military who fight and die so that the buffoons will have the freedom to express their contempt for the nation.

⦿ Most of us believe that the nation deserves to have the same sovereignty that we have in our own homes, the same right to keep out thieves and trespassers. But all you have to do is show a fake photo of a kid behind a fence and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, channeling crybabies Chuck clown-Schumer and John Boehner, weeps on camera, while the liberals in Congress predictably compare Trump to Hitler.

If Trump declares his desire is to place the needs and desires of Americans first, the Leftists label him a despot and a bigot. But when the next president of Mexico, a goofball named Lopez Obrador, admits that the Mexican economy relies on cash being wired from Mexicans in the U.S. and that everyone in the world has a right to migrate, not to his own country, but to Los Estados Unidos, the Left hails him as a statesman.

When Trump points out that not only China, but our alleged friends and allies in Mexico, Canada and Europe, have been cheating us on trade deals for decades, those on the Left, instead of applauding him for finally sticking up for our interests, berate him for not genuflecting to these back-stabbing scoundrels the way his gutless predecessors had.

⦿ Several readers have let me know how sad they are that Charles Krauthammer has died.

I understand their sense of loss, especially if they’ve been tuned in to Fox News, where his death has been treated with the sort of reverence and attention that would have been more appropriate to the passing of, say, Winston Churchill.

I had a slight personal relationship with Dr. Krauthammer. Some years ago, when I was putting together “67 Conservatives You Should Meet Before You Die,” he was kind enough to grant me a one-hour telephone interview.

I admit I was disappointed that he never bothered acknowledging receipt of the book once it was published, and that he never replied to the few letters and email I sent him after our conversation.

These may seem minor matters, but I mention them so that you’ll understand why I have conflicted feelings that I might not otherwise have had if I only knew him from his appearances on TV. I make no apology for the fact that personal dealings trump public images for me. I suspect I am not alone in this.

It is entirely to Krauthammer’s credit that he managed to overcome his physical disabilities. In fact, years ago when I went to see him speak here in L.A. and he took the stage in a wheelchair, I assumed he had had a recent accident. Having only seen him on TV, I had no idea he was paralyzed; seeing him sitting up so straight on camera, I always assumed he just had very good posture.

Everyone at Fox has devoted hours to lavishing praise on their fallen comrade’s intellect, not that all of them are in any position to recognize a superior intellect, but I think in a way, his physical limitations helped him to focus his brain on things that matter, which also served as the title of his best-selling book a couple of years ago. After all, it’s not as if he was able to devote countless hours to golf and chasing women.

There’s no doubt that he had a brilliant mind, but it was not an infallible mind.

Inasmuch as I was a registered Democrat until Reagan ran, I’m hardly in a position to chide Krauthammer for going to Washington to work in the Carter administration and write speeches for Walter Mondale. Still, I found it suspect that he first wrote for the left-wing New Republic and then for the uberliberal Washington Post.

He was in favor of the Gulf War not only because he didn’t want to see Saddam Hussein gain control of the Persian Gulf, but because he believed in the Arab Spring and wished to see us promoting democracy in the Middle East. Even way back then, most sensible people understood that the Arab Spring would prove to be a disaster. Most of us could have predicted that George W. Bush would have greater luck teaching polar bears to dance the polka than trying to establish democracy in the Arab world.

After all, the Arabs and Muslims had seen democracy up close in the Middle East for decades. I refer to the example of Israel. Their response was to try to destroy it by killing millions of Jews, reflecting the attitude of their former ally, Adolph Hitler.

Krauthammer was wrong about other important issues, too. He advocated for much higher energy taxes as a way to induce conservation, a cynical prescription for a millionaire like himself, considering the brunt of those taxes would fall on the poor and elderly who could least afford them.

He opposed capital punishment, as well as the notion of intelligent design; two things that put him at odds with most conservatives. Although born to orthodox Jewish parents, he confessed to being non-religious.

Krauthammer made no secret of the fact that he regarded Donald Trump as the worst of the 17 contenders for the GOP nomination, but he didn’t change his mind even after Trump defeated liar-Hillary Clinton. He still, like his besotted colleagues at the Washington Post, dismissed the President as a boor and a buffoon.

I confess I usually enjoyed his performance on Bret Baier’s panel, where humor that was never to be found in his writings, would often shine through.

He also shared my passion for baseball, “the greatest game God ever invented.”

But so did Richard Nixon and so does George Will.

It seems that baseball makes for even stranger bedfellows than politics.

To his credit, I believe Charles Krauthammer would have approved of my sharing my conflicted feelings about him. After all, he did insist that if you didn’t write bluntly and honestly, you were betraying yourself as well as your readers.

R.I.P. Dr. Krauthammer.



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