Every now and then a politician does something so outrageous, so unbelievable, it must be commented on and acted on.

Scott DesJarlais has done this. The Congressman from Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District as done something that is shocking and maybe even scandalous.  He has kept his word to his district.

There are Congressmen who run for office, make promises to their district about how conservative they will be in Washington.  In fact, there are a lot of Republicans who make that promise. There are few who deliver on their promise.

Congressman DesJarlais has.

He is consistently rated as one of the most conservative Members of Congress.  He stands up against the GOP Establishment to do what he promised his constituents he would do. And that quality of character is far too rare.

His opponent this time is Grant Starrett.  Starrett is a California trust fund baby, who moved to Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District because he believed Congressman DesJarlais was vulnerable.

Starrett has amassed a formidable war chest but interestingly enough, only one single contribution came from the Fourth Congressional District. Most of the rest of his contributions came from California.  Starrett is allegedly a real estate executive, but no one can find a single real estate listing for him or even an office for his “company.”

Congressman DesJarlais angered many in the establishment because he stood up for the values of his constituents and kept the promises he made when he ran for office.  That alone is rare enough in Washington.

Congressman DesJarlais has kept his word to the people of Tennessee, voted as they wanted him to and he has ignored the establishment.  It is hard to go wrong with that kind of record.

Tea Party Nation endorses Congressman Scott DesJarlais for reelection to Congress from Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District.


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