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POLITICAL THEATER: It’s official: House Democrats close up shop without sending articles of impeachment to the Senate (PJ Media)

WANDERING MINDS WANTS TO KNOW: If impeachment articles are not delivered, did impeachment happen? Sure, it’s a stupid question … but we’re living in stupid times. (National Review)

Government & Politics

“THIS LEGISLATION TOUCHES ALL 50 STATES”: Senate sends 2020 budget to Trump’s desk (National Review)FOR THE RECORD: Twenty-one things 18-year-olds can do under spending bill before they can legally buy cigarettes (The Federalist)

IN CASE OF BOREDOM… Here is everything you intentionally missed during Thursday night’s Democrat debate (The Daily Caller)

WHAT DID HE KNOW, AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT? U.S. Attorney John Durham is scrutinizing ex-CIA Director John Brennan’s role in Russian-interference findings (The New York Times)

SENATE SHOULD PASS IT EARLY NEXT YEAR: United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal passes House with broad bipartisan support (National Review)MORE EVIDENCE OF RACISM: Trump signs “groundbreaking” legislation supporting historically black colleges and universities (The Daily Caller)


RAINBOW MAFIA POUNCES: J. K. Rowling is indicted by the Woke Enforcement Agency. Her transgression? “Transphobia.” (National Review)

BUT BURNING AN AMERICAN FLAG IS “FREE SPEECH”? Iowa man who burned LGBTQ flag sentenced to 16 years (The Washington Times)

Closing Arguments

POLICY: Big teacher-pay proposals are missing the mark (The Hill)\

POLICY: Russia’s Eastern Mediterranean strategy — implications for the U.S. and Israel (Hudson Institute)

HUMOR: BREAKING: American Express sends fraud alert to taxpayers: “Did you just try to spend $1.4 trillion in Congress?” (Genesius Times)  ~The Patriot Post



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