Reckless Mueller Indicted People With No Case Prepared Against Them


{ } ~ Tucker Carlson raises one instance of what appears to be a trend, Robert Mueller screwing up a prosecution due in part to his reckless, overzealous, inappropriate and illegal practices… They discuss a situation that we addressed in February as Mueller and Rosenstein creating diversionary indictments as a way of saving their over-extend and exposed bacon. The case, which is rapidly working its way through the courts, involved the customary Mueller rogue investigation followed by an illegitimate indictment of 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies. Mueller expected his abuse of power to go unchallenged. He guessed wrong. Tucker Carlson asks, “Why would it be [from Mueller’s perspective] for this to go to trial?” Joe diGenova replies, “Well, because they’re not ready for it. They indicted a case prematurely, against people that they thought would never show up, from Russia. And then one of the Russian companies hired lawyers and sent them to court to say, ‘We’re here and we want to plead not guilty, and we want a lot of discovery on your criminal case against us.’”…



12 Reasons Turkey Should Be Expelled From NATO

by Ari Lieberman

{ } ~ Turkey’s acceptance to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in October 1951 was a boon for the organization… Though its human rights record was far from stellar, it was staunchly anti-Communist, maintained a formidable army, was amenable to the placement of NATO assets in the country, including nuclear-tipped Jupiter ballistic missiles and was strategically located, flanking the Soviet Union on the south and acting as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Though Turkey was technically a Muslim country, it leaders, following the doctrines espoused by Kamal Ataturk, zealously guarded the secular nature of the state. Religious influence was kept to a minimum and this was especially true for government officials and parliamentarians. Indeed, there was a significant Jewish population in Turkey and Turkey was the first Muslim majority nation to recognize Israel, extending recognition in March 1949. During the Korean War, Turkey sent a sizable contingent to fight alongside the United States-led United Nations coalition, and its troops acquitted themselves well in combat. Turkey’s strained relations with its neighbor Greece and its human rights record proved to be problematic issues for NATO but were overlooked in light of the benefits conveyed to NATO by Turkish membership. With the ascension of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as prime minister in 2003, the equation began to change…


NBC News Must Apologize for Slandering John Bolton and Gatestone

by Daniel Greenfield

{ } ~ Last month, I did a basic fact check on an NBC News hit piece by Heidi Przybyla aimed at John Bolton and the Gatestone Institute… The NBC News hit piece was fairly typical of what journalism looks like today. It was based on innuendo, artfully tying together assorted false claims for a smear, none of which individually amounted to anything. Gatestone was accused of being in bed with the Russians because its articles had been retweeted four times by Russian trolls. Yes, you read that correctly. Four. NBC News was playing guilt by association. Its target was John Bolton. But the association was based on Russian trolls retweeting Gatestone four times… so Bolton works for the Kremlin. This is how shoddy the media’s Russian conspiracy theories have become. It’s not just guilt by association, but guilt by association to association to four retweets…


Nielsen pushed by Trump tirade to brink of resignation


{ } ~ Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen drafted a resignation letter and nearly quit after President Donald Trump upbraided her during a Cabinet meeting Wednesday… a senior administration official told POLITICO. But by early Thursday evening, Nielsen, a protégé of White House chief of staff John Kelly who was confirmed by the Senate a mere five months ago, appeared to be backing down from that threat, saying in a written statement that “the president is rightly frustrated” by continuing illegal immigration and “I share his frustration.” When Vice President Mike Pence heard that Nielsen was close to resigning, he summoned her to the White House Wednesday afternoon to urge her to stay, the official said, adding that she appeared to have been in better spirits Thursday. This would be a particularly awkward time for Nielsen to resign, because her deputy, Elaine Duke, retired only last month. The Trump White House has not yet nominated a replacement…


More Shoes ‘to Drop’ Because the DOJ’s Hiding ‘Embarrassing Information’

by Kathryn Blackhurst

{ } ~ There will be “a fourth or a third or a fifth shoe to drop” as the Department of Justice (DOJ) keeps slow-walking the turnover… of requested documents to Congress because “there’s embarrassing information at issue here,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton predicted Thursday on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.” The nonprofit government watchdog released new DOJ emails Thursday showing that high-ranking FBI officials advised former FBI Director James Comey, shortly after his firing, to coordinate with special counsel Robert Mueller ahead of Comey’s congressional testimony. Judicial Watch only obtained the emails after filing two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, beginning in August 2017…

VIDEO at the site.


The Left Tries to Kick the Right Out of Med and Law School

by Harold Hutchison: Imagine your son or daughter is applying for medical school. You’ve watched as they grew up and got good grades in school. You taught them to stand up for what they believe, and you’ve worked to get them in good financial shape for getting through college and medical school.

Then their Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) score comes back and it’s low — too low for the best medical schools in the country. Oh, they might get into a second-tier school, but the best internships and residences will likely be out of reach. But one reason that score might be low is because the Association of American Medical Colleges is rigging the test. Even if students do score high on the rigged test, the AAMC is working on other ways to filter out, shall we say, “deplorable” applicants.

According to The Weekly Standard, that process has been underway for a while, largely through the efforts of the AAMC’s president, Dr. Darrell Kirch. In essence, Kirch wants to kick conservatives out of medical school. Or at least those who don’t become what Dennis Prager calls American Marranos.

The goal is simple: Doctors are among the most trusted professions in the country — and if conservatives are excluded from the profession, then the Left has (yet another) a powerful platform. We’ve already seen “public health” used as a justification for gun control. There were dissenting voices then, but what happens if the dissenting voices are screened out? Or think of this: If pro-lifers are screened out from even being admitted to medical school, then how will crisis pregnancy centers function beyond counseling?

This effort to exclude conservatives is also extending to the legal profession. The American Bar Association has proposed a rule (Model Rule 8.4g) that seems to be tailor-made for use against conservatives. Ostensibly, it prohibits harassment based on “race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or socioeconomic status.”

Now, nobody should be harassed for any of those reasons, but it all comes down to defining “harassment.” When the Left regularly accuses those who disagree with them of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and Islamophobia, among other things, it’s easy to see how this rule can be misused against any conservative would-be attorney who speaks out on a controversial issue.

But the implications reach further: If the worst aspects of college speech codes end up in the canon of legal ethics, what conservative would go into law as a profession? Rule 8.4g is a kill shot aimed at the next generation of conservative lawyers. Many states are voting down this rule for now, but it may only be a delaying action.

The sad fact of the matter is that the Left is clearly moving to hang signs saying, “Conservatives need not apply.” This is an attack that deserves the disinfectant of sunlight, but Congress and state legislatures need to act as well — to outlaw discrimination by the ABA, AAMC, AMA, and any similar group based on political affiliation and expression, and perhaps even to remove them as gatekeepers to the medical and legal professions, or both. Conservatives must act, or the Left will leave them no platforms to speak out. ~The Patriot Post

Opinion in Brief

John Bolton: “The president has famously referred to [the Iran deal] as ‘the worst deal in history.’ Its very premise has been betrayed by its own abysmal track record over the past two years. The theory behind the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA, was that the Iranian regime would, in the interests of its own people, trade its nuclear ambitions for economic incentives. But rather than focusing on behaving responsibly, Tehran has poured billions of dollars into military adventures abroad, spreading an arc of death and destruction across the Middle East from Yemen to Syria. Meanwhile, the Iranian people have suffered at home from a tanking currency, rising inflation, stagnant wages and a spiraling environmental crisis. President Trump acted prudently. He spent more than a year studying the deal, soliciting information and assessments from within his administration, and consulting with our allies. He decided that this deal actually undermines the security of the American people he swore to protect and, accordingly, ended U.S. participation in it. This action reversed an ill-advised and dangerous policy and set us on a new course that will address the aggressive and hostile behavior of our enemies, while enhancing our ties with partners and allies.” ~The Patriot Post


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