Trump announces acting Homeland Security Secretary McAleenan to leave post

By Samuel Chamberlain { } ~ Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is stepping down from that position, President Trump  announced Friday night… “Kevin now, after many years in Government, wants to spend more time with his family and go to the private sector,” Trump tweeted shortly before taking the stage at a rally in Lake Charles, La. “Congratulations Kevin, on a job well done!” The president added that the new acting homeland security secretary would be announced next week and said he had “Many wonderful candidates” to fill the position. A former senior DHS official with close ties to the administration told Fox News on Friday that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services acting Director Ken Cuccinelli is on the top of President Trump’s list to be the next acting secretary. The source noted that a Senate confirmation hearing would be bruising for Cuccinelli but “he, White House adviser Steve Miller and Trump are all in sync on a number of key policies. They have been trying to clear the way for a while.” Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach  would likely be Trump’s second choice, the official added. While Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Administrator Dave Pekoske is next in line according to succession rules, Miller doesn’t think “he is tough enough,” the source said…  

Sen. Graham Threatens to Call Volker to Testify If House Dems Fail to Release Deposition’s Transcripts

by EDWIN MORA{ } ~ Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Wednesday demanded that House Democrat leaders release the full transcript of the testimony provided by the impeachment inquiry’s first witness… former U.S. special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker. Graham, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, threatened to call Volker to testify before his panel if Democrats did not meet his demand. Volker is at the center of the impeachment investigation. He resigned as the special envoy to Ukraine at the end of last month as the inquiry began to heat up. Sen. Graham described the House Democrats’ refusal to make the full transcript of Volker’s deposition last Thursday public as “an abuse of power.” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and other Republican congressmen who witnessed Volker’s testimony have called on Democrats to release the transcript. Jordan is the top Republican of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform. The Democrat-led House Committees on Oversight and Reform, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs are pursuing the impeachment inquiry. Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) said the full transcript of Volker’s testimony “obliterated” the “whistleblower’s” claim fueling the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The comments from Zeldin, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee who also witnessed Volker’s testimony, came while he was briefing reporters alongside Jordan. Citing a Fox News story highlighting the Democrats’ refusal to releae the transcript, Sen. Graham wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “If this continues, I will call Volker before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify publicly to ensure the full story is told.”…  

President Trump and Vice Premier Liu He Announce “Phase One” Trade Agreement 

by sundance{ } ~ President Trump, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin gathered with their Chinese counterparts in the Oval Office for a lengthy  announcement of “phase-one” of a U.S-China trade agreement… Vice-Premier Liu He leads the Chinese delegation. According to the presser:  Phase One has reached ‘agreement in principle‘, and includes: Intellectual Property issues; Banking and Financial Services to include currency devaluation; and major agricultural purchases $50 billion +. There will be several phases, and each phase will have an individually tailored enforcement mechanism. Note: this approach sounds similar to the ‘six sectors and stages’ USTR Lighthizer discussed in March 2019. The Phase One agreement details still have to be put on paper over the next five to six weeks. The U.S. and China are hopeful to have ‘phase one‘ complete by December. In exchange for current AG purchase commitments, and as an act of good faith while phase-one is finalized, the U.S. will suspend the tariff rate increases scheduled to take effect on October 15th. The tariff increase from 25% to 30% have been suspended. The scheduled U.S. tariff increases for December are still planned; however, they will be assessed as part of the ongoing negotiations. Meanwhile, touchy issues like tech company Hauwei, 5G, telecom and the Chinese firms on the U.S. blocked “entity list” ie. trade ‘blacklist’ are not part of the discussions. Those issues fall under U.S. National Security issues and will not be part of any ongoing trade negotiations…

Voters Will ‘Send Home’ Lawmakers Who Act to Impeach Trump, House Conservative Says

by Rachel del Guidice{ } ~ If Democrats are successful in impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump, voters will send them home, a leading House conservative said Friday at a gathering of “values voters” in Washington… “Even before this president was sworn in they were talking about impeachment, and they’re bound and determined to do it,” Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., said at the annual Values Voter Summit organized by FRC Action, the lobbying arm of the Washington-based Family Research Council. “And we need to send a clear message that if they do it we will send them home,”  Meadows told the crowd at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., last month opened what she called an official impeachment inquiry, saying Trump’s actions as president “have seriously violated the Constitution,” and that Trump “must be held accountable.” liar-Pelosi said Trump had “seriously violated the Constitution,” citing his July 25 phone conversation with the president of Ukraine that she said was meant to “benefit him politically.” “We’re not taking this sitting down, or even lying down,” Meadows said. “We’re going to stay in the fight because of people like you that continue to encourage us to stay in the fight.” Meadows, former chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said it has become commonplace for politicians to stray from what their constituents sent them to Congress to accomplish. “We need to have some kind of vaccination for the Potomac fever,” the North Carolina Republican said, adding…   

Adoption Attorney Charged With Human Trafficking Connected To “Songbird” rino-McCain & rino-Jeff Flake ~ Recently, we reported on the arrest of Paul Peterson, an attorney and former elected public servant, who is now facing DOJ charges relating to adoption fraud and the smuggling of illegal aliens… Peterson was allegedly bringing pregnant here is a quick rundown from yesterday’s article at our sister site…nt women from The Marshall Islands to America and putting their children up for adoption, for hefty profits. It is now being reported that, in some cases, the women did not want to give up their children. The Trump Administration’s crackdown on human smuggling and trafficking continues. Many unborn children may have just been saved from a horrid existence by The DOJ. An Arizona adoption attorney is facing several federal charges in Arkansas after being arrested in California Tuesday evening. Paul Petersen, who is an assessor in Maricopa County and an attorney that practices law in Arizona, Utah and Arkansas, reportedly “devised a scheme to defraud and obtain money and property from unknowing adoptive parents and others. ”According to the Department of Justice, Petersen would pay pregnant Marsallese women to travel to Arkansas and put their babies up for adoption. He allegedly bought airline tickets and had them hide the motive to travel from Republic of Marshall Islands and United States authorities. “In furtherance of this scheme, Petersen caused adoption case files to be opened that were supported by documents containing fraudulent material false statements,” the DOJ press release stated. Those documents were then filed in Washington and Polk counties. Authorities say Petersen reportedly hid his involvement in the payments, transferring “more than one million dollars into a bank account.” He has been charged with one count of conspiracy to smuggle illegal aliens for commercial advantage and private financial gain, four counts of aiding and abetting, seven counts of wire fraud, five counts of mail fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit visa fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.  


By JOHN HINDERAKER { } ~ Liberals’ foreign policy views are inconsistent, but entirely predictable: whatever a Republican president does, they oppose. Thus, Democrats applauded when President scumbag/liar-nObama prematurely withdrew American troops from Iraq, enabling the rise of ISIS… But when President Trump pulled a few hundred out of Syria, it was: OMG! The Kurds! James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation and the Institute of World Politics gave an interview to the Daily Signal that gives the best take I have seen on Trump’s recent Syria move. You really should read it all, but here are some highlights: When President Trump came in office, he actually expanded the U.S. footprint in Syria, because military advisers made the argument that … you couldn’t take down the caliphate—in other words, destroy the physical state that the terrorist had—if we didn’t actually have forces in there working with indigenous groups that were fighting ISIS, chief among them, the YPG, which is a armed Kurdish group. And so President Trump actually increased the U.S. footprint in Syria. Then subsequent to that, after the caliphate was destroyed, the president wanted to withdraw U.S. troops. The military advisers and several allies, including Israel, said, “Well, look, there’s still concerns that need to be addressed.” So we’ve maintained a small footprint in Syria for the last year or so. *** We estimate it’s a relatively small print of a few hundred Americans in uniform that are spread around the areas that are not controlled by the Syrian government. *** Let’s start by what the Turks are doing. They’re not invading Syria. There is a portion of Syria which borders Turkey, which right now is kind of uncontrolled. Nobody really controls the port. The Syrian government doesn’t control the border. There are Kurdish groups in that area and the Turks wanted to control that area. It’s several kilometers wide, so it’s really a small chunk of Syria. Why do they want to control it? Well, one, they don’t want it to be a platform for Kurdish terrorist groups, not the Kurdish people. There’s a difference, right? There are Kurds all over the region. There are Kurds in Iran. There are Kurds in Iraq. There are Kurds in Syria. There are Kurds in other places. So when you say the Kurds, that’s a lot of people spread all over the Middle East, but there are Kurdish groups which are affiliated with specific terrorist groups, like the PKK, which is a terrorist group that … focuses on attacking Turkey…  .

‘Whistleblower’ Tied to 2020 Democrat

Political Editors:  When Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson first addressed the “whistleblower” complaint back in August, he noted that the individual showed “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate.” After the complaint came to light, it was learned that the whistleblower was a registered Democrat, which many may have assumed was the reason behind Atkinson statement suggesting that the whistleblower had “arguable political bias.”

However, now it has come to light that the whistleblower’s political bias runs much deeper than merely being a registered Democrat. During his closed-door testimony last Friday, Atkinson noted that the whistleblower had significant ties to a 2020 Democrat candidate. The Washington Examiner reports that three individuals with knowledge of Atkinson’s testimony stated that he said the whistleblower had “a professional relationship” with a current 2020 Democrat candidate, but Atkinson did not disclose who the candidate was.So, here’s what we know about this whole “whistleblower” charade so far. The original form the whistleblower submitted had previously only accepted first-hand information to meet the “urgent concern” criteria in order to trigger a congressional alert, but it was mysteriously changed to eliminate the first-hand knowledge criteria. And we still have no answer as to when or why this change occurred. Later, we learn that the whistleblower  contacted Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff’s office weeks before submitting the complaint. scumbag-Schiff lied about having no prior knowledge of the complaint. Now we find out that the whistleblower had a “professional relationship” with a 2020 Democrat candidate. This is the real scandal, not President Donald Trump’s Ukrainian phone call.  ~The Patriot Post  


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