scumbag-Adam Schiff Takes A Giant Step Away From Impeachment

by Jeff Dunetz

{} ~ scumbag-Adam Schiff has always been one of the lead liars pushing the fake Russian scandal. From the very beginning, the bug-eyed barrister from Burbank claimed to have proof that President Trump colluded with the Russians… He never came up with that proof. And thanks to Robert Mueller’s performance at his congressional hearings that proof seems even more nonsensical than ever. Even Democrats believe the Mueller testimony was a disaster, but scumbag-Adam Schiff-head says Pres Trump was proven to be a crook. But if he really believed Trump to be guilty he wouldn’t have taken the giant step away from Impeachment he took today. On CNN’s “New Day,” he praised Mueller’s performance as powerful, but gave little weight to the possibility of Trump being impeached, saying the only way he’s leaving office, at this point, is “by being voted out.” Well, I think for the first time, people got to hear from the man who did the investigation himself. His work was not filtered by Bill Barr who misrepresented it. It wasn’t filtered by the president who certainly misrepresents it on a daily basis. But this is guy who spent the last two years of his life, has served the country his entire life talking, about that work and laying out how unethical, unpatriotic, criminal these actions are to willingly accept help from a foreign government to obstruct justice. So I think hearing that from the man who did the work was powerful. To paraphrase something scumbag-Shiff said during the Mueller hearing. We can — and must — decide that this centuries-old experiment we call America is worth cherishing. And the ONLY way to do that is to stop the Democrats’ effort to overturn the 2016 election and to make sure they lose again in 2020…



Here’s a Promising Plan to Finally Get a Grip on Federal Spending

by Romina Boccia

{ } ~ The massive spending deal, negotiated by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and agreed to by the president, looks poised to kill off the Budget Control Act of 2011… the law that was meant to restrain federal spending. With that law on the way out, the question arises: Where can fiscal conservatives turn to exert real and lasting fiscal discipline?Thankfully, two members of Congress have introduced a bill to do just that. The Maximizing America’s Prosperity Act—or MAP Act—is a bill proposed by Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, and Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., that would limit federal spending to a fixed portion of the economy, adjusted for economic conditions. The bill would enforce that spending limit by triggering automatic spending cuts when Congress fails to abide by the cap. The spending cap would then be slowly lowered year by year to achieve budget balance. The end goal of this bill is to get federal spending back down to the level of federal revenue. This would bring the country leaps and bounds closer to the lean federal budget we need and toward finally stabilizing the debt. The MAP Act builds off the best parts of the 2011 Budget Control Act and would correct some of its shortcomings, such as broadening the scope of spending that can be cut and doing away with the defense/nondefense bifurcation…


Sarah Sanders Temporarily Comes Out of Retirement with Perfect Summary of Mueller Disaster


{ } ~ Sarah Sanders might not be President Donald Trump’s press secretary anymore, but that isn’t stopping her from speaking her mind… Sanders is still calling it the way she sees it, as evidenced by her response to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony Wednesday before House lawmakers. To the chagrin of Democrats and the establishment media, Mueller’s testimony produced a total of zero bombshells that weren’t already included in his report.“Didn’t take long for Mueller to once again vindicate President @realDonaldTrump,” Sanders tweeted Wednesday, responding to a video of Mueller failing to recall another instance in which the Justice Department said a person was not exonerated because their innocence couldn’t be conclusively determined. “No collusion. No obstruction. And now Mueller all but admits it was all along a total witch hunt,” Sanders wrote. She was far from done. In another tweet, she pointed out that the Mueller investigation’s goal was to “destroy” the president. “What’s been clear to all but the liberal media is this was a partisan investigation run by Democrats out to destroy @realDonaldTrump with Mueller as the figurehead,” Sanders wrote. “Thank you House Democrats for calling today’s hearing and exposing the truth for all Americans to see.”…


Exclusive: White House preparing order that would cut drug prices for Medicare: sources

by Michael Erman and Carl O’Donnell

{ } ~ U.S. President Donald Trump is considering a sweeping executive order that would cut prices on virtually all branded prescription drugs sold to Medicare and other government programs… according to two industry sources who had discussions with the White House. The order under discussion would be much broader than the Administration’s previously disclosed proposal to lower prices on physician administered, or Part B, drugs by tying prices to lower costs in other countries. The administration is now looking at ways to use this or a similar method to lower prices in Medicare’s much larger Part D, which is for widely used prescription drugs patients take at home, such as for cholesterol and blood pressure, the sources said. The White House declined to comment, and it was unclear how far along the any such plan was from being undertaken. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, also declined to comment. Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world as most other developed nations have single-payer systems in which the government negotiates drug prices for its people. The U.S. government in 2016 spent around $29 billion on prescription drugs in Medicare’s Part B, which includes most injectable drugs, and nearly $100 billion in Part D, which covers as pills and other drugs usually dispensed in pharmacies…


Joint Russian-Chinese Air Ops: A Can Of Strategic ‘In Your Face!’

by J.E. Dyer

{ } ~ If you need a key to understanding why South Korea would respond to a claimed air space violation by a Russian aircraft… with 360 machine gun rounds from some of the 18 jet fighters scrambled in reaction, here it is. The air space violation was part of a joint joy-ride on 23 July 2019 by Russian and Chinese strategic bombers around the Far East. That would be Russian and Chinese strategic bombers: the ones that form a leg of each nuclear-armed nation’s strategic “triad” air-launched, ground-launched, and sea-launched nuclear weapons. The Russian bombers were flying in conjunction with Chinese H-6 bombers, which South Korea said were the variant capable of delivering nuclear payloads presumably the H-6K, the platform that serves as China’s strategic bomber. The aircraft said by Seoul to be in actual air space violation was an airborne command and control platform, an A-50 “Mainstay” (NATO name), whose role is directing air combat. The A-50 is similar to the U.S./NATO E-3A Sentry. It wasn’t one of the bombers. A Chinese KJ-2000, the A-50’s counterpart, was also reported to be involved in the air operation. But the joint demonstration by the bombers is what defined the nature of the activity on Tuesday. The Western media have been referring to the bombers’ flights as a “joint patrol,” but without an appreciation for the radically transformative implication of Russian and Chinese strategic nuclear-force assets “patrolling” jointly. Let’s not call it a “patrol” just yet. A “patrol” of this kind would be intolerable in the context of the existing status quo. A patrol signifies an established purpose and designated geographic space to be revisited in service of that purpose. If Russia and China have a common purpose for strategic demonstrations in the Far East, demonstrations that for obvious reasons send South Korea and Japan above sphincter DEFCON I, they at a minimum haven’t declared it…



End Immigration to Mend It

Cal Thomas

For safety reasons, fire marshals control the number of people who can occupy a building at any one time. We’ve seen what happens when crowds get too large and a fire breaks out, causing panic and often death. So why not control the crowd illegally entering America?

We control water so that it won’t overflow a bathtub or sink, causing damage requiring expensive repairs, so why not shut off the flow of those illegally entering at the border?

Pick your own analogy, but the U.S. immigration system is worse than broken. It can be fixed, but politicians from both parties refuse to do it. The immediate and long-term damage inflicted on our country as a result of this neglect will be severe.

President Trump has the power to shut off the flow of immigration until those who have entered the country illegally can be accounted for, those without proper documentation can be deported and the ones here legally become U.S. citizens.

The president has the authority under 8 USC1182. The law includes categories of persons “ineligible” to enter the United States. A key section relates to those entering the country illegally whose only motivation is to find a job and make money. The following is taken directly from the law:

“In general, any alien who seeks to enter the United States for the purpose of performing skilled or unskilled labor is inadmissible, unless the Secretary of Labor has determined and certified to the Secretary of State and the Attorney General that (1) there are not sufficient workers who are able, willing, qualified… (and) (2) the employment of such alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in the United States similarly employed.”

During the administrations of Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, immigration was reduced to a trickle. After leaving office, Coolidge wrote in a December 13, 1930 newspaper column that most immigrants had come to demonstrate loyalty to America, but they must come “slowly” and avoid “city colonies while spreading across the county.” He then explained why, which ought to resonate today: “We have certain standards of life that we believe are best for us. We do not ask other nations to discard theirs, but we do wish to preserve ours. … We reflect on no one in wanting immigrants who will be assimilated into our ways of thinking and living.”

When Coolidge was president, a 2 percent quota was established for immigrants entering the U.S. After July 1, 1927, the 2 percent rule was replaced with an overall annual cap of 150,000 immigrants. Quotas were set according to “national origins” as listed in the 1920 census. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the floodgates were opened and what some call an “invasion” began. It has only gotten worse as anyone with a TV set or who lives along the border can plainly see.

Yes, the quota system discriminated in favor of “preferred” nationalities. The website confirms its intent: “The clear aim of this law was to restrict the entry of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe, while welcoming relatively large numbers of newcomers from Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe.” Mexican laborers were also banned.

If Congress continues to fail in its responsibility to protect our borders — Republicans because they and their U.S. Chamber of Commerce supporters want cheap labor and Democrats because they see potential votes — then President Trump should follow the example of two of his predecessors and the law to shut off the human tidal wave until we can deal with those already here. ~The Patriot Post  


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