Former ICE Director Tom Homan -vs- Congressional Hypocrites…

by sundance

{ } ~ Former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan appeared on capitol hill today to deliver testimony to congress… As Democrat lawmakers attempted to place blame for the border crisis on Mr. Homan he was firing back.In an embarrassing exhibition of smug disconnect, freshman congresswoman commie-Alexander Ocasio-Cortez attempted to frame a narrative about border separations and asylum seekers. Again, Homan delivered the atomic sledgehammer of truth. Genuine asylum seekers go through ports of entry.




Mueller testimony could be delayed amid ‘breakdown in negotiations’

By Brooke Singman and Chad Pergram

{ } ~ Planning for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated testimony was thrown into disarray Friday… as multiple sources said the hearing was delayed amid a “breakdown in negotiations” — yet others indicated it could still go forward next week as planned. Internal talks over the structure of the hearings originally scheduled for July 17 have been heating up for days, with some members complaining they might not have enough time carved out to ask questions. Sources said Friday morning the hearings will be pushed back to July 24. A senior source said there was a “breakdown in negotiations” to have Mueller appear. Yet the Democratic majority on the House Judiciary Committee maintained: “At this moment we still plan to have our hearing on the 17th and we will let you know if that changes.” Mueller, who investigated Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and issued a report finding no evidence of collusion with President Trump, has been scheduled to testify before both the Judiciary and Intelligence committees after being subpoenaed by the panels last month. Mueller was slated to testify in public before the Judiciary Committee for two hours or more, followed by another two hours-plus of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in an open setting. But some lawmakers complained this wouldn’t give them enough time for questions. And there were conflicting details over plans for a subsequent private session. One source told Fox News this week that the Democrats plan to have Mueller testify behind closed doors–yet it remained unclear whether Mueller himself would participate in that setting, or if his deputies would answer questions instead. House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag liar-Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has said that the closed-door session would only be with the special counsel’s staff, but House Judiciary Committee Chairman scumbag liar-Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., left the door open to the possibility that Mueller could testify privately as well. It also remains unclear whether the two committees would hold a joint closed-door session or two separate ones.



Trump’s Huawei Reprieve Is a National Security Debacle

by Gordon G. Chang

{ } ~ Tuesday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross outlined the scope of exemptions to be granted to sales and licenses to Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom giant… At the end of last month, President Donald Trump publicly promised to give the Chinese company a reprieve from newly implemented U.S. restrictions. Trump’s move, announced after his meeting with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping at the conclusion of the Osaka G20 summit, was a strategic mistake. Moreover, it was a humiliation for the United States, almost an acknowledgment of Beijing’s supremacy. The U.S. Commerce Department, effective May 16, added Huawei, the world’s largest networking equipment manufacturer and second-largest smartphone maker, to its Entity List. The designation means that no American company, without prior approval from the Bureau of Industry and Security, is allowed to sell or license to Huawei products and technology covered by the U.S. Export Administration Regulations. Beijing then demanded the Trump administration withdraw the designation. On June 27, the Wall Street Journal reported that Huawei’s removal from the Entity List was one of China’s three main preconditions to a comprehensive trade deal. Trump, incredibly, complied with the demand from Beijing. At his June 29 press conference, the American president said he was granting the reprieve. Trump was not specific about the reprieve’s scope, and since then administration officials have tried to walk back his comments. Trade advisor Peter Navarro, for instance, this month told CNN that sales to Huawei for its 5G products — 5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication — would be forbidden. Earlier, there were suggestions that waivers for smartphones would be allowed. Should any waivers be granted? “It is their mechanism for spying,” Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), referring to Huawei, told Fox News on Sunday. She is right. Huawei is in no position to resist Beijing’s demands to illicitly gather intelligence. For one thing, Beijing owns Huawei. The Shenzhen-based enterprise maintains it is “employee-owned,” but that is an exaggeration. Founder Ren Zhengfei holds a 1 percent stake, and the remainder is effectively owned by the state. Moreover, in the Communist Party’s top-down system, no one can resist a command from the ruling organization. Furthermore, Articles 7 and 14 of China’s National Intelligence Law, enacted in 2017, requires Chinese nationals and entities to spy if relevant authorities make a demand. Ren has maintained the company would not snoop on others, but that claim, in view of the above, is not credible…


City Council’s Decision To Cancel Pledge of Allegiance Backfires Spectacularly

By Jack Davis

{ } ~ With President Donald Trump cheering them on via Twitter, residents of a Minnesota town are protesting a decision by the city council to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance before all meetings… Because of the protests, members of the St. Louis Park City Council decided at a Monday night meeting to reopen the issue, though they did not vote to reinstate the pledge. The city is a suburb of Minneapolis and is in the district of Democratic Rep. worthless-Ilhan Omar.Ending the recitation of the pledge was sponsored by councilwoman Anne Mavity. It passed 5-0 on June 17. “We just decided it was something we didn’t need to do as a part of every single meeting,” she said, according to KARE. “Not everyone who does business with the city or has a conversation is a citizen. They certainly don’t need to come into city council chambers and pledge their allegiance to our country in order to tell us what their input is about a sidewalk in front of their home,” she said. Or as councilman Tim Brausen explained it, according to Fox News, “We concluded that in order to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community we’re going to forego saying the Pledge of Allegiance before every meeting.” That did not set well with more than 100 residents who attended a city council work session Monday, spurred on by Trump’s tweet referring to them as patriots. “Outrage is growing in the Great State of Minnesota where our Patriots are now having to fight for the right to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I will be fighting with you! @foxandfriends,” Trump tweeted. Although protocols for the meeting precluded a public comment period, residents had their say in the tempestuous session…



House Moves to ‘Ban the Box’ for Federal Jobs

By Charles Fain Lehman

{ } ~ The House of Representatives assented Wednesday evening to legislation that would ban asking applicants for federal employment to disclose their criminal history… But the bill flies in the face of overwhelming research evidence that such “Ban the Box” laws do not help former prisoners, and can actively hurt others, an expert on such bans told the Free Beacon. The Fair Chance Act was passed by voice vote as an amendment to the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The bill is bipartisan, co-sponsored by Reps. scumbag liar-Elijah Cummings (D., Md.) and Doug Collins (R., Ga.) in the House, and Sens. scumbag liar-Cory Booker (D., N.J.) and Ron Johnson (R., Wisc.) in the Senate. If implemented, it would prohibit federal employers from asking about a would-be employee’s criminal history prior to extending a conditional offer of employment. The FCA is an instance of so-called ban the box (BTB) laws, a popular criminal justice reform proposal. They have been implemented in 35 states, the District of Columbia, and over 150 cities. In 2015, then-President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama instructed executive-branch agencies to delay asking about criminal history until later in the hiring process, a move widely interpreted as an endorsement of BTB. Although data do not say with certainty how many Americans have a criminal record, one recent estimate pegged the figure at roughly 10 million people as of 2010, including roughly 15 percent of African-American men. America’s sky-high recidivism rates mean that many of these people will go back to prison more than once. One of the keys to breaking this cycle, most authorities agree, is helping formerly incarcerated people find a job. That can prove challenging. The Prison Policy Institute estimated in 2018 that the unemployment rate for ex-cons was roughly 27 percent, “higher than the total U.S. unemployment rate during any historical period, including the Great Depression.”…


liar-Pulosi vs. commie-Ocasio-Cortez

Nate Jackson: House Speaker liar-Nancy Pulosi is the very definition of the old guard. At age 79 and in Congress since 1987, to many, liar-Pulosi represents “yesterday’s party.” Sure, she led Democrats to victory in the House in 2008, shoved scumbag/liar-nObamaCare down America’s throat in spite of the political cost, and then once again assumed the speakership after last year’s midterm win. But she’s increasingly having trouble reining in a few outspoken freshman Democrats who view themselves as the future. She even admonished the entire Democrat caucus in a closed-door meeting Wednesday for publicly airing grievances.

The most prominent among the newcomers is commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the loudmouth former bartending Millennial socialist from the Bronx. The ubiquitous Leftmedia overload on “commie-AOC” is mind-numbing, but pundits hang on her every word. The Right largely sees her as a poster child for everything foolish and idiotic about socialism.

At least publicly, liar-Pulosi gives off the same vibe. In February, she dismissed the Green New Deal as “the green dream, or whatever they call it,” knowing full well what they call it. This week, she derided commie-Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts, worthless-Ilhan Omar, worthless-Rashida Tlaib, and worthless-Ayanna Pressley, saying, “All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world. But they didn’t have any following” in the House. Indeed, these sorts of comments are becoming regular for liar-Pulosi, who seems to disdain the way commie-AOC and her pals think they’re “the boss.”

“I have no regrets about anything,” liar-Pulosi said when asked about her remarks. “Regrets is not what I do.”

In response, commie-Ocasio-Cortez pulled out the race card, claiming it’s “the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color.”

Perhaps this represents a true rift in the Democrat Party. For liar-Pulosi and the old guard, the way to get things done is through rigid unity of the caucus. Keep squabbles private, and when push comes to shove, fall in line and vote to advance an achievable agenda. That’s how they accomplished the radical takeover of one-sixth of the economy through scumbag/liar-nObamaCare. To “progressives” a decade later, however, that’s already old policy needing to be replaced by single-payer health care via Medicare for All.

The extreme Left is vying for control of the Democrat Party — indeed, it already does dictate most of the agenda. But liar-Pulosi isn’t taking kindly to being pushed faster or farther than she wants to go. “If the Left doesn’t think I’m left enough, so be it,” she said. It will bear watching how this Democrat “civil war” plays out. ~The Patriot Post  


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