New 7.1 earthquake hits Southern California — 1 day after largest temblor in decades

By Brie Stimson

{ } ~ A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Kern County in California on Friday evening — just a day after a magnitude 6.4 earthquake that was the largest temblor in the region in two decades… the U.S. Geological Survey confirmed. Shaking on Friday evening was felt as far away as Las Vegas and Los Angeles and into northern Mexico. The USGS said there was a 5 percent chance a larger quake could still follow. The newest earthquake’s epicenter was about 10 miles north-northeast of Ridgecrest, Calif., about 150 miles northeast of Los Angeles, in the same area where Thursday’s quake occurred. The Ridgecrest area has had more than 100 aftershocks since Thursday’s earthquake and experts warn there could be more to come. Thursday’s quake is now being considered a foreshock to Friday’s, the USGS said. Dozens of aftershocks continued into the night after Friday’s quake as well. “Every earthquake makes another earthquake more likely and that’s what we’re seeing right here,” Caltech seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones said Friday. “The first one is often not the biggest one.” Fortunately, there were no reports of fatalities. “Nothing but minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, as the grace of God,” Ridgecrest police Chief Jed McLaughlin said. In areas of Kern County outside Ridgecrest, officials reported “multiple injuries and multiple fires,” according to KABC-TV of Los Angeles. There were rock slides on three highways reported near Ridgecrest, several water main and gas line breaks and structure fires. Power was out in parts of Ridgecrest and Los Angeles…




Iran Accuses UK, US of ‘Piracy’ After Seizure of Tanker Bound for Assad’s Syria

By Patrick Goodenough

{ } ~ The Iranian regime is accusing Britain of an act of “piracy” after Royal Marines helped law enforcement officers in Gibraltar to seize a supertanker carrying Iranian crude oil to Syria… in apparent violation of international sanctions against the Assad regime. A contingent of Royal Marines in a helicopter and inflatable boats boarded the Grace I off Gibraltar and took control of the 331-meter-long tanker in the early hours of Thursday morning. Local media reports say the detained ship remains at anchor while the 28 crew members are being questioned and investigations continue. Under prevailing law the ship can be held for 72 hours before a court order extending the hold becomes necessary. Europe and United States are deeply divided over sanctions against Iran, but reported U.S. prodding succeeded in getting Britain to take action against the ship, on the basis of the oil’s destination, not its origin. The tanker seizure comes at a time when relations between Iran and the E.U. are especially sensitive, as the E.U. at Iran’s behest struggles to keep the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal afloat despite the U.S. withdrawal and restoration of sanctions. While the E.U. supports Iran’s right to export oil under the JCPOA, the U.S. is pressuring countries to stop buying it, in a broader effort to coerce Tehran into changing its behavior. Reflecting the sensitivities, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s reaction to the incident did not mention Iran at all, focusing instead on the Syria angle…


When Israel Showed The World The Spirit of ’76 Still Exists: The Raid on Entebbe

by Jeff Dunetz

{ } ~ It wasn’t supposed to be the big story of the day, after all, July 4, 1976, was the two hundredth anniversary of the United States… the nation which became a beacon of freedom for the entire world. More than anything else that happened at any gala celebration of America’s 200th anniversary, Israel’s raid on Entebbe reminded the world of the real “Spirit of 1776”—freedom is worth fighting for. America needed a big celebration as we were recovering from the scandal which forced a president to resign for the first and hopefully only time in its history. Three years earlier, Israel came the closest it had ever come to being destroyed when their Prime Minister obeyed Henry Kissinger’s orders and did not strike first despite that they had a few hours notice that they were about to be attacked on Yom Kippur. One year before the raid, United Nations passed a resolution saying that Zionism, the movement declaring that Jews have the right to a homeland was the same as racism. On this July 4th, both Israel and America needed some good news. America got its good news but from an unexpected place. On America’s two-hundredth birthday, the tiny nation Israel, boosted the morale of America and much of the Western world, with a daring raid…


‘Boss Like Ross’: Another Clothing Line Releases Betsy Ross Flag Sneakers


{ } ~ Another company has released Betsy Ross flag-era sneakers after Nike recalled its flag-themed kicks… when former NFL quarterback sicko-Colin Kaepernick said the design was reminiscent of the slave era. The company Out of Line released the “Boss Like Ross” sneaker Tuesday, just after Nike recalled a shoe with Betsy Ross’s design of the American flag on the heel. sicko-Kaepernick, who started a protest in 2016 where athletes took a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racism, reportedly told Nike that the Betsy Ross flag was offensive and reminiscent of slavery. “She Betsy did it and thats my point to Nike,” Out of Line founder Carly Reed told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Their motto is just do it, but Betsy did it. She did it all on her own. In a time where it wasn’t easy, as well.” The “Boss Like Ross” shoes aren’t “intended to be a political statement,” according to Reed. Rather, she wants the sneakers to help change people’s perspective and see things in a more positive light. “These shoes aren’t about knocking Nike or sicko-Kaepernick,” Reed told the DCNF. “It was a great idea by Nike, and I respect anyone who stands up for what they believe in. I believe in women. Women that are getting ‘Out of Line’ and paving their own path, just like Betsy Ross.” “…They were made to change people’s perspective,” Reed continued. “A perspective that is built around hate and is now erasing a key figure in American history. You can be patriotic and support equality. That is the foundation of America.”…


scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters reality checked when she tries to shame Trump for homelessness ‘in her own backyard’

by Frieda Powers

{ } ~ Rep. scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters was roasted after her tone-deaf attempt to blame President Trump for problems festering in her own back yard… Touting a bill she introduced to combat homelessness, the California Democrat tweeted Wednesday for support of the “Ending Homelessness Act of 2019,” firing a jab at Trump that defied logic in its epic lack of self-awareness. “It’s shameful for the most prosperous country in the world to tolerate this!” she wrote, calling out the president for the “disgrace” that has plagued her own district for years before Trump entered the White House. The bill seeks to provide mandatory funding to housing programs to the tune of over $13 billion in federal funds over five years. The real disgrace, many pointed out, is that scumbag/mad-Waters seemed to be describing conditions around the city of Los Angeles, which includes the 80-year-old congresswoman’s district. Last year, Los Angeles launched a half-million dollar pilot program to deal with its rampant homeless population, paying homeowners tobuild shelters in their backyards to be occupied by the homeless. A cleanup of one of California’s homeless camps last year along the Santa Ana River in Anaheim uncovered 404 tons of trash, over 13,000 hypodermic needles and more than 5,000 pounds of hazardous human waste. California’s newly elected Gov. scumbag-Gavin Newsom was shocked by the homeless levels in the state and announced his plans to launch a task force in order to “find solutions.” Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky has been sounding the alarm on a deadly epidemic that could strike Los Angeles this summer, and said local politicians will have to bear the blame…


Revolutionary Communist Party Burns Two Flags Outside White House, Leader Arrested

by ~ Notorious flag burner and defendant in the 1984 Supreme Court case Gregory “Joey” Johnson v. United States was arrested Thursday… after igniting two flags outside the White House. Johnson and the Revolutionary Communist Party assembled outside the White House on the Fourth of July shouting for “a world without America” as they ignited two flags, leading to the arrest of Johnson and other members of the party. Members of the party praised their leader for his bravery and reiterated his vision for the destruction of America while Secret Service lead Johnson to a police car. Members of the far-right Proud Boys were also in attendance, speaking out against the rally. After the first flag was ignited, one person rushed into the fray to retrieve and extinguish the flaming banner.



SCOTUS Again Grants Bureaucrats Victory Over Justice

Louis DeBroux: Chief Justice John Roberts has been a huge disappointment, seemingly more concerned about reinforcing the institution of government than upholding the text of the Constitution.

The latest example comes this week with the Supreme Court’s ruling in Kisor v. Wilkie, in which Vietnam veteran James Kisor challenged a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) decision in 1983 to deny him disability benefits for PTSD treatment. In 2006, Kisor sought to have his case reopened based on documents the VA had not considered in its initial decision. After review, the VA granted Kisor his due benefits, but refused to make the benefits retroactive.

Kisor challenged the decision in federal court, and lost. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit stated in its ruling that “the heart of this appeal” was his “challenge to the VA’s interpretation of the term ‘relevant.’”

As justification, the Court of Appeals referred to a prior Supreme Court ruling in Auer v. Robbins, requiring courts to defer to executive agency interpretations of their own regulations. It’s hard to imagine how the deck could be any more stacked against a citizen who challenges a federal agency. Under Auer, federal agencies write the law, execute the law, and then get the trifecta with the power to interpret the law.

The benefit to government is blatantly obvious. The federal government wins nearly 80% of cases where a regulatory interpretation is challenged. This makes an utter mockery of the separation of power.

In declining to overturn Auer, Justice Elena Kagan argued, “The principle of stare decisis — in English, letting decisions stand — is an important one for stability and evenhandedness in the law.” In some cases, in other words, precedent is more important than justice.

Allowing a small nod of acknowledgment to the unfairness of the ruling (the Court unanimously agreed the lower court was wrong to automatically defer to the VA in this case), Justice Kagan offered a confusing ray of hope for future circumscription of judicial deference to government, stating that Auer applies only “when a regulation is genuinely ambiguous,” but “even then, not every reasonable agency reading of a genuinely ambiguous rule should receive Auer deference. Rather, a court must also make an independent inquiry into whether the character and context of the agency interpretation entitles it to controlling weight” and demonstrates “an agency’s authoritative, expertise-based, ‘fair[, or] considered judgment.’”

Got that? Auer applies, except when it doesn’t. Agencies must receive deference, but not always, and only after a multi-step test. This is a recipe for disaster.

Justice Neil Gorsuch correctly described this monstrosity of a decision as “more a stay of execution than a pardon” of the Auer doctrine, which “emerges maimed and enfeebled — in truth, zombified.” Gorsuch continued, “Retaining even this debilitated version of Auer threatens to force litigants and lower courts to jump through needless and perplexing new hoops and in the process deny the people the independent judicial decisions they deserve. All to what end? So that we may pretend to abide stare decisis?”

The decision perpetuates a system where the lowliest citizen is pitted against the federal leviathan; the citizen handicapped from the start. As Justice Gorsuch noted in his dissent, the end result is a “systematic judicial bias in favor of the federal government, the most powerful of parties, and against everyone else.”

While James Kisor is denied justice, the Court, in establishing a modicum of abridgment to the power of federal agencies to act as legislators, enforcers, and judges, a small door has been opened for future restrictions on, or even the reversal of, the Auer doctrine, and its congressional corollary, the Chevron doctrine (both of which are rare but consequential mistakes at the hands of the late Justice Antonin Scalia).

As for Chief Justice Roberts, he continues to contradict himself.

In siding with the leftist majority in Kisor, Roberts says the Court must defer to federal agencies in interpreting their own regulations, as long as the interpretation is remotely plausible.

Yet just last week, in Department of Commerce v. New York, in which the state of New York challenged Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, Justice Roberts joined the four liberal justices in blocking Ross from doing so.

In his decision, Justice Roberts argued that, though Secretary Ross acted within the law, and such an action was well within the purview of the authority granted by Congress, Ross had a political motivation for adding the question to the census, and must therefore be denied.

Numerous Supreme Court precedents have held that a political motivation is not a disqualifier for federal officials’ actions, and Roberts even admitted as much when he voted with the majority last week in a gerrymandering case, in which he argued the Court should not involve itself in inherently political questions. So why no deference for Secretary Ross?

Justice Roberts once again took it upon himself to act on political considerations in order to prove that the Court is not politically biased.

The end result is that the Court has further muddied the waters regarding the constitutional separation of powers, it has strengthened government power at the expense of Liberty, and it has done so in ways that are utterly confusing and contradictory.

This is certainly not the form of government envisioned by the Founders, and we are worse off as a result. ~The Patriot Post  


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