Comey Under FBI Investigation – Nobody Calling it a ‘Matter’ This Time Around


{ } ~ Catherine Herridge was able to confirm that egomaniac James Comey, who can’t keep his mouth shut… despite him digging his legal jeopardy hole deeper every time he opens it, is in fact under criminal investigation by the same FBI that he used to head up. She states that it is an investigation by the Inspector General, but the IG is an internal affairs watchdog that has no authority to investigate former employees. Either Comey was never really fired, which is unlikely, or he is being investigated criminally by FBI agents. It may be being conducted under some sort of special assignment to review information uncovered by the IG, in which case, again, it’s a regular criminal investigation. She says the issues under review are his leaking of memos, mishandling of classified information, and communications with individuals outside of the FBI, including reporters…



‘It will not be accepted!’: Trump slams OPEC for keeping oil prices ‘artificially’ high


{ } ~ Trump’s pronouncement coincided with a meeting of OPEC and Russian oil producers in Saudi Arabia to discuss further production cuts… A 2016 agreement to cut back on oil production has driven up prices, which hit three-year highs this week. Heightened tensions in the Middle East and the economic collapse in Venezuela are also believed to be contributing factors. West Texas Intermediate (WTI), the primary domestic index, hit three-year highs of over $69 a barrel this week; international benchmark Brent crude hit its highest level in more than three years, trading above $73 as of Friday. Trump accused the cartel of oil-rich Arab states, OPEC, of pumping up oil prices. With plenty of oil “all over the place”, there is no reason for the prices to be so “artificially” high, he tweeted. The industry responded shortly after Trump fired off his tweet, with oil prices dropping…


DoJ: Manafort suspected as serving as ‘back channel’ to Russia

by Rick Moran

{ } ~ Paul Manafort is going to jail. He made millions of dollars working as a consultant to a pro-Russian Ukrainian political party… and didn’t pay a dime in federal taxes. In fact, he sought to hide his money through an elaborate shell game of dummy corporations. But there has always been a question about why special counsel Robert Mueller was so interested in him. He is not being charged with any crime related to “Russian collusion” with the Trump campaign. For that matter, no one charged in the Muller probe so far is being accused of collusion with Russians to swing the election. Manafort sought to squash his indictment by claiming in a civil suit that Mueller did not have the authority to investigate his money-laundering and tax evasion. His defense team claims that Mueller’s powers to investigate went only as far as looking into matters directly related to Russian collusion…


JW Files FOIA for All Comey Communications With Inquisitor Mueller


{ } ~ Judicial Watch filed a FOIA lawsuit seeking all of James Comey’s communications with Robert Mueller… following a statement by Comey admitting that he had already provided those documents to Mueller and his merry band of witch hunters. In setting up the interview David Asman asks what must be one of the dumbest questions he’s ever asked, albeit with full knowledge of what his response will be. He asked Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, “Is the DOJ, despite the memos coming out, is the DOJ still protecting Jim Comey? Is there stuff that you still can’t get your hands on about Jim Comey?” Farrell replies, “Absolutely, I mean this is a living example of the deep state. This is sort of the Department of Justice still manned by an army of Sally Yateses, who are interested in preserving the institution, who are in sort of a hull defilade, hunkered down mode. And they’re not interested in releasing anything that might be potentially awkward or embarrassing. So there’s a lot of double-talk and a lot of foot dragging.”…


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Cuomo’s Parolee Voting Decree: Good Politics, Bad Policy

by Jordan Candler: Admitting that he’s “unwilling to take no for an answer,” New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week circumvented the state legislature by signing a dubious executive order authorizing voting rights for 35,000 parolees. The process is rather cumbersome, as The New York Times explains:

The mechanism through which Mr. Cuomo plans to do so is unusual: He would consider pardons for all 35,000 people currently on parole in New York, as well as any new convicted felons who enter the parole system each month. … Mr. Cuomo’s executive order would require the commissioner of the state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to submit a list of every felon currently on parole, as well as a list of those newly eligible for parole, beginning May 1. … The commissioner would continue to submit an updated list each month, with each parolee “given consideration for a conditional pardon that will restore voting rights without undue delay,” according to the order.

The parolee-voting-rights concept is hardly novel. Numerous states have made it lawful for parolees to vote in elections. What’s disturbing in New York’s case (and others) is the process. Cuomo is governing through fiat because the state legislature isn’t comporting to his line of thinking. The Times reports that “the Republican-controlled Senate has opposed many of Mr. Cuomo’s proposed criminal justice reforms.” Fellow Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia pulled the same thing (unlawfully at first).

But just because a governor is engaged in a policy war with lawmakers doesn’t justify ignoring the legislature. That’s a slippery slope that won’t lead anywhere good. Besides, there’s a strategic angle to Cuomo’s decision — wooing minority voters to overshadow Cynthia Nixon, an actress with hopes of replacing Cuomo as governor. But again, a strategy does not equal good policy.

Heritage Foundation fellows Hans von Spakovsky and Roger Clegg addressed the issue of felon voter rights in a recent column. They appropriately write:

It is precisely because such a high percentage of criminals who are released are so unimproved that they find their way back into prison (nationally, more than half) that it makes sense to wait some period of time, as Florida does, to make sure that the felon really has turned over a new leaf. After that period of time … then the felon could have the right to vote restored. It should be rather like a naturalization ceremony, at a courthouse with friends and family present to celebrate, some official making a nice speech, American flags, and the felon raising his right hand. Now that would be a way to incentivize the reintegration of the felon back into civil society.

The fact that our politicians play games with felon voters should at the very least compel these former prisoners to think twice about the people they support politically. ~The Patriot Post


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