Lindsey Graham elected Senate Judiciary Committee chairman

by Elizabeth Zwirz

{} ~ Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., was elected Wednesday to serve as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman… The role was previously held by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who announced in November that he would be stepping down. Grassley became the Senate Finance Committee Chairman on Wednesday, according to a news release. “I’m honored to be selected as chairman of the Judiciary Committee,” Graham said in a separate news release. “I will do my best to continue down the path charted by Senator Grassley of having a fair and vibrant committee process.” He said that “the confirmation of conservative judges will be one of my top priorities as chairman.” Graham said he looked forward to collaborating with fellow lawmakers, including Sen. Dianne Fein-stein, D-Calif., “to make this new Congress successful.”…


Trump says he has ‘absolute right to declare a national emergency’ in Fox News interview

by Samuel Chamberlain

{} ~ President Donald Trump told Fox News on Thursday that he has “the absolute right to declare a national emergency”… if he can’t reach an agreement with congressional Democrats to provide funding for his promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. “The law is very clear. I mean, we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency,” Trump told Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview. “This is a national emergency, if you look what’s happening.”Trump did not lay out a specific timetable for when he might take such a step, saying: “I think we’re going to see what happens over the next few days.” However, he appeared to hold out hope for making a deal to secure wall funding and fully reopen the government. “We should be able to make a deal with Congress,” the president said. “If you look, Democrats, in Congress, especially the new ones coming in, are starting to say, ‘Wait a minute, we can’t win this battle with Trump, because of the fact that it’s just common sense. How can we say that a wall doesn’t work?’”…



“It is Time for President Trump to Use Emergency Powers’ for Wall


{} ~ Sen. Lindsey Graham on Thursday called on President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall… citing Democrat leaders’ unwillingness to comprise on border security legislation which would reopen the federal government. “Speaker Pulosi’s refusal to negotiate on funding for a border wall/barrier even if the government were to be reopened virtually ends the congressional path to funding a border wall/barrier,” Graham’s statement reads. “It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers to fund the construction of a border wall/barrier. I hope it works.”Graham’s support for a declaration comes after expressing caution about the move earlier this week, saying it was not his “preferred route” and should be a “last resort.” Speaking with reporters earlier Thursday, the South Carolina Republican said he doesn’t see lawmakers will find a solution to end the shutdown, which has entered its 20th day. “I have never been more depressed about moving forward than I am right now. I just don’t see a pathway forward. Somebody’s got to like, get some energy to fix this,” he said. In a Fox News interview last week, Graham predicted it will likely be “the end of the Trump presidency” if the president reopens the government without securing border wall funding…


In first, Israel opens road with wall dividing Israeli and Palestinian traffic


{} ~ Israel opened a road in the West Bank on Thursday morning with a physical barrier separating Israeli and Palestinian traffic, the first of its kind… drawing accusations of racism from Palestinian officials. Israel’s Transportation Ministry said the road, including its security provisions, provided “a solution for all populations, Israeli and Palestinian.”The newly inaugurated, five-kilometer Route 4370 is divided down its length by a concrete wall topped with fencing. Two lanes of the road connect the Geva Binyamin settlement, also known as Adam, north of Jerusalem, to the city’s French Hill neighborhood — and are open to Israeli vehicles and to Palestinians who have entry permits for Jerusalem. The other two lanes branch off and lead around the east and south of the city, without access to Jerusalem itself, and are for vehicles of Palestinians who do not have access permits for Jerusalem, according to a statement from the Binyamin Regional Council. There are other divided roads in the West Bank, but none with a wall separating the two categories.The opening of the road drew swift condemnation from rights groups, the Palestinian Authority and the PLO. “This is an Israeli example of apartheid and racist separation that once existed in South Africa. Any Israeli who believes in democracy should feel ashamed about this new road,” PLO Executive Committee member Ahmad Majdalani told The Times of Israel… I don’t think so PLO.


Jayme Closs, Wisconsin teen missing since October, found alive, suspect in custody, sheriff says

by Nicole Darrah

{} ~ Closs, a teenager who disappeared in Wisconsin last October, has been found alive and a suspect has been taken into custody, officials said… Closs, 13, was discovered in the town of Gordon in Douglas County by the sheriff’s department around 4:45 p.m., the Barron County Sheriff’s Department, wrote on Facebook Thursday. She was found about 70 miles from where she was last seen. Closs vanished on Oct. 15 after her parents were fatally shot at their home in Barron County, located about 80 miles northeast of Minneapolis. Autopsies determined the two died of gunshot wounds and were murdered, and that Closs was inside the home when they were killed. Milwaukee’s Fox 6 reported that authorities were able to find Closs after a tip that was phoned in. A suspect was taken into custody. Authorities said there is no other information at this time…



What’s The Point of a Carbon Tax Rebate?

by Cal Thomas

{} ~ The Irish government is proposing rebates to a carbon tax it recently imposed to households that comply with what it considers “low-carbon lifestyles.” The rebate, according to Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, might be in the form of a check, an increase in welfare benefits or a tax credit for people who live the way the government thinks they should.

Some believe that if implemented, the rebate could reduce tensions seen in many parts of Europe, but especially in France, where the “yellow vest” movement that began as a protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s big tax increase on gasoline, since rescinded, made a gallon of petrol among the most expensive in Europe with the tax accounting for more than half the cost. I’m doubtful. People don’t like their governments forcing them to accept a lesser lifestyle because of an ideology some believe has yet to be definitively proved, while the elites continue to live as they like.

So strong is the faith of the climate change cult that McDonald’s, the world’s largest purchaser of beef, is considering “meat alternatives” because of alleged environmental damage from traditional farming methods, according to a story in the Financial Times.

In the United States, Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” resembled the media in totalitarian countries when he announced that henceforth he would not give air time to climate change deniers. Todd says that’s because climate change is “settled science.” The many legitimate scientists with knowledge and experience in climate who disagree are to be isolated in an ideological gulag for not toeing the party line.

Roy Spencer is a meteorologist, a research scientist for the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite. Writing for the Global Warming Policy Forum, a London-based think tank, Spencer says “2018 marked the second straight year when global temperatures declined and that last year was the sixth warmest year globally since El Nino peaked in February, 2016.”

Plastics may soon eclipse climate change as the latest “crisis” only government can solve. Here, as well as in other parts of Europe and the U.S., there’s a war on plastic straws. Starbucks plans to stop using plastic straws in all its restaurants, the proposed ban going into effect by 2020. They’ll still use plastic lids, though, because the lids, supposedly, are widely recyclable. This illustrates the stupidity behind many of these tree huggers. It’s all about feeling good and “making a difference,” not about truth.

Forty House Democrats and at least three prominent Senate Democrats are backing a “Green New Deal” touted by Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), a freshman member of Congress. It would, reports The Washington Examiner, “eliminate virtually all fossil fuels from the electric grid and force everyone in the country to buy from power companies selling only renewable energy.”

In a recent appearance on Fox News Channel, Marc Morano, the creator of, said of the New Green Deal: “We’re going to treat now carbon dioxide a trace essential gas — humans inhale oxygen and we exhale CO2 — as somehow akin to the Nazi party and World War II initiative, which is what they are claiming. The Democrats and climate activists want a mobilization like World War II.”

As the Irish Times writes, recent projections by Ireland’s Economic and Social Justice Institute found that the carbon tax would have to increase substantially — from 100 euros per person annually to 1,500 euros if the country is to meet legally binding targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Let’s see how that will go down with the Irish, who have only recently begun to emerge from a long economic recession.


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