liar-Pelosi Is Finally Asked Why Dems Are Blocking Refunding Program to Aid Suffering Americans, Her Answer Is Just Awful

by Nick Arama{ } ~ House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi has left Americans trying to save their small businesses and the jobs of millions of employees high and dry… She beat it out of town to San Francisco and the House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said they wouldn’t be back in session until May 4, “absent an emergency.” But they left town after blocking the refunding of the Paycheck Protection Program which is helping tide over small businesses to keep their employees in the face of the governmental shutdowns. liar-Pelosi actually bragged about Democrats blocking it from her home in California. Now the program has just ran out of money on Wednesday and isn’t taking any more applications because the Democrats have refused to pass more funding for it. People are absolutely furious and liar-Pelosi and the Democrats, they’re getting blasted big time on social media. Even the person who headed the Small Business Administration under Barack scumbag/liar-nObama, Karen G. Mills, is telling Democrats to cut out the nonsense and fund the program immediately, refund the Paycheck Protection Program’s coffers now and ask questions later. The SBA program, established as part of the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 aid package to help battered small businesses, ran out of cash to make new loans on Thursday morning, barely two weeks after it began taking applications. “Congress has to act as soon as possible,” Mills told CQ Roll Call in an interview Thursday, adding that she’s spoken recently with Democratic senators and Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi’s office. “What I’m saying is: Number one, get the money replenished.” [….] On Thursday, the Federal Reserve released a paper estimating that 18 million Americans have lost their jobs through April 4. Small businesses employed 47.5 percent of Americans before the crisis, and according to a 2019 study by the JP Morgan Institute, about half of small businesses couldn’t survive more than two weeks without revenues…  

The IG Audit: Big Problems for scumbag-Comey and Pals

By Monte Kuligowski{ } ~ How could former FBI director scumbag-James Comey and his accomplices be so bold as to think they could get away with spying on Carter Page, a 2016 Trump campaign adviser… when they objectively knew Page was not a Russian agent?Answer: Because they had already corrupted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court system. Applications for warrants to spy on Americans were being approved without truthful and accurate corroboration of their allegations. The standard for the government to obtain warrants under FISA is the highest in U.S. law because preventing terrorism and foreign danger involves the otherwise unconstitutional invasion of privacy of U.S. citizens. In theory, the facts alleged on the application have to be correct. In practice, prior to being caught, corrupt actors in charge of the relevant bureaucracies could spy on whomever they chose. Another answer to the question posed above is that top officials at the FBI thought they would never be audited in a million years. But the release of the Horowitz Report in late 2019 in which U.S. Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz found 17 inaccuracies and omissions by the FBI and “a litany of false and even falsified representations used to continue the secret investigation targeting the Trump campaign and its associates,” would lead to an IG audit of the FISA process.  Mr. Horowitz is currently auditing, but his troubling discoveries have prompted him to send a memo to FBI Director Christopher Wray prior to completing his audit. The IG is primarily focused on reviewing previous FISA warrants within a five-year period October 2014 to September 2019 for Woods Procedures compliance with FBI rules. Agents handling FISA applications are required to establish a Woods Procedures file to keep the evidence used to verify the allegations contained in the FISA application. So far, the IG has looked into 29 of 700 FISA applications in eight FBI field offices. The primary question of the IG is whether the Woods Procedures files support the allegations in the corresponding applications to the court. In four of the 29 audits the Woods Procedures files could not be located. In the remaining 25 cases, an average of 20 “errors” were found in each FISA application. By “errors,” Horowitz refers to allegations in the applications that are not supported by Woods Procedures files; not corroborated by Woods Procedures files; and not consistent with the information in the Woods Procedures files…  

Michael Cohen to Be Released From Prison Over Virus Fears

By Tauren Dyson { } ~ President Donald Trumps former personal lawyer Michael Cohen is getting out of prison early due to coronavirus fears… according to CNN. Cohen is serving out his sentence in Otisville, N.Y., at a federal prison camp that experienced a coronavirus outbreak of where 14 inmates and seven workers at the facility tested positive for the virus. Cohen’s previous release date was November 2021, but the earlier release allows him to serve the rest of his sentence out at home, sources said. He will be placed in a 14-day quarantine before leaving the prison camp. The Bureau of Prisons online tracking system shows 473 inmates and 279 prison employees are confirmed to have coronavirus, including 18 inmates who have died. The Bureau of Prisons has received heavy criticism for its poor response to coronavirus. Cohen will join 1,198 inmates who were placed in home confinement. More than 143,000 prisoners are being held at federal facilities throughout the United States. 

The liar-Pelosi Recession

by ~ As another five million people flood the unemployment system, the country faces a classic whodunit: Who killed the U.S. economy?… The novel coronavirus must bear some of the blame. Social distancing has pushed millions of consumers and producers into their homes. A temporary societal shutdown means a temporary economic contraction. But the length of the recession—whether the economy bounces back post-shutdown, or whether we lose another decade of growth—is as much about government as the conditions on the ground. Unlike the 2008 crisis, the current contraction is not a correction for malinvestment but the product of a nationwide decision to combat a deadly disease. That effort is led, and in many cases imposed, by government; it makes sense for the feds to pick up the tab. With a few exceptions, congressional Republicans have agreed with this analysis, working swiftly and aggressively to staunch the bleeding. Not an economic conservative to begin with, President Donald Trump has been particularly gung-ho, calling for another $2 trillion in stimulus spending before the ink on the first $2 trillion bill had dried. If you want to know how congressional Democrats are thinking about the crisis, though, just ask House Majority Whip scumbag-Jim Clyburn (S.C.). Brainstorming with over 200 members of the Democratic caucus, scumbag-Clyburn admonished his colleagues with a line we suspect will become infamous: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” His fellow Democrats were obviously listening. Few have been more unwilling to not let the crisis go to waste than Speaker of the House liar-Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.). She delayed passage of the last bailout bill by more than a week, floating a 1,400-page counter-proposal jam-packed with special handouts and diversity mandates. She has pushed tax cuts for blue-state billionaires and commended her colleagues for delaying Republican efforts to shore up the economy.  Following her lead, liar-Pelosi’s colleagues demanded bailouts be tied to a $15 minimum wage, a universal post-crisis paid family leave program implemented, and poured millions into patronage favorites like the Kennedy Center—which laid off its employees anyway, only to reverse course when it received backlash from the news media. Now, it’s deja vu all over again. Last week, Republicans tried to pour another $250 billion into the $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program, a keystone of the coronavirus stimulus that gives small businesses forgivable loans to cover their payrolls. The program has been among the crisis’s most successful and most heavily in demand—and was then in danger of running out…   

scumbag/liar-Schiff: House Dems Investigating Trump’s Response To CV Intel Reports

by Martin Walsh{  } ~ House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff is back to his old tricks… While President Donald Trump and his administration are working to re-open American amid the coronavirus pandemic, scumbag/liar-Schiff and his Democratic allies are already launching another bogus investigation. During an interview with left-wing outlet Mother Jones, scumbag/liar-Schiff said Democrats will be looking into the president’s response to the coronavirus. “When did the intelligence community first start reporting this?” asked scumbag/liar-Schiff. “What were they telling us, frankly, about the danger of pandemics even before this one? What did they first observe going on in China?” “When did this first make its way into the president’s daily brief — or get briefed to Congress?” the California Democrat continued. “So much of the information was in the public realm. You had the Chinese reporting the virus. You had the WHO reporting the virus. You had the president’s own people publicly talking about the danger. And even well after the virus was established fact, and it was spreading, and it had come to the United States, you still had the president talking it down, like it was going to be no worse than the flu. And that he had the problem wholly contained, and it was under control,” he said. Put another way: scumbag/liar-Schiff wants it to look like Trump somehow has blood on his hands. It is his lowest move yet, and that is saying something since the California politician has already stooped lower than anyone thought possible. House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi is doing her best not to let the coronavirus pandemic go to waste for Democrats. During an interview on CNN, liar-Pelosi told anchor Anderson Cooper that she is pushing for federally forced vote by mail in the 2020 election in the next round of coronavirus aid. This, of course, is not something President Donald Trump and Republicans support, so she’s again pushing for a far-left scheme that will never pass in the GOP-controlled Senate. liar-Pelosi said the country needs to move toward a “vote by mail” system to give citizens a way to cast their ballots while the coronavirus makes it dangerous to congregate. While all states offer some form of absentee voting, the bill would require “states to adopt contingency plans to prevent the disruption of federal elections from the COVID-19 virus.”…  

How Deregulation Can Fuel Coronavirus Recovery

by GROVER NORQUIST{ } ~ Barack scumbag/liar-nObama’s chief of staff famously explained that one should “never let a crisis go to waste.” Heeding that advice, long-time proponents of government-controlled health care… are now  claiming the COVID-19 pandemic makes the case for Medicare for All. But the 50 governors and federal agencies such as the CDC and the FDA are wisely moving in the opposite direction. They are getting rid of long-standing rules, regulations, and laws that slow down America’s response to the coronavirus. Most of these regulations were not necessary in the first place. Americans for Tax Reform is maintaining a list of government-imposed barriers that have been suspended or repealed due to COVID-19. Here are some of the ways governors are deregulating their states in order to expand health-care access and lower health-care costs. Governments used to hand out money to hospitals based on how many beds or medical devices, such as X-ray machines, they owned. So, hospitals wanted many, even if there was no demand. Lawmakers reacted to this by requiring permits to expand health-care capacity. In the 36 states with CON laws, existing and potential health-care providers are required to get permission from government to establish or expand certain health facilities, equipment, or services. CON applicants often spend several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to prove that the community “needs” what the applicant is hoping to offer. While CON laws may have sounded like a good idea when they were implemented, they slow down, or even block, access to vital medical care. To avoid shortages during COVID-19, Govs. Kim Reynolds (R-Iowa), Jay Inslee (D-Wash.), and more than a dozen others have suspended at least some of the CON laws in their states…  

.Leftmedia Reversal: China Virus Lab Origin Maybe Not Conspiracy Theory

Thomas Gallatin  

The Leftmedia has finally begun to admit that the theory of the China Virus pandemic having originated from a bio-research lab in Wuhan rather than a wet market is more than the musing of tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy nuts. On Tuesday, The Washington Post ran a story titled, “State Department cables warned of safety issues at Wuhan lab studying bat coronaviruses.” Talk about a 180-degree turn. Back in mid-February, the Post lambasted GOP Sen. Tom Cotton for “repeating a coronavirus conspiracy theory that was already debunked.” And what was Cotton’s “conspiracy theory”? Well, as the Post then reported, it was “a fringe theory suggesting that the ongoing spread of a coronavirus is connected to research in the disease-ravaged epicenter of Wuhan, China.”

Well, evidently Cotton’s not quite the nutter the Post smeared him as. If anything, Cotton is looking downright prescient. However, as the Post notes in its Tuesday story, the evidence supporting Cotton’s suspicions were easily available for any diligent investigative journalist to uncover. As the Post reports:Two years before the novel coronavirus pandemic upended the world, U.S. Embassy officials visited a Chinese research facility in the city of Wuhan several times and sent two official warnings back to Washington about inadequate safety at the lab, which was conducting risky studies on coronaviruses from bats. … The cables warned about safety and management weaknesses at the WIV lab and proposed more attention and help. The first cable … also warns that the lab’s work on bat coronaviruses and their potential human transmission represented a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic.Furthermore, suspicion of the novel coronavirus’s Wuhan lab origins were far from dispelled Tuesday by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley. In response to a question as to whether evidence exists supporting the lab-origin theory, Milley stated, “There’s a lot of rumor and speculation in a wide variety of media, the blog sites, etc. It should be no surprise to you that we’ve take a keen interest in that and we’ve had a lot of intelligence take a hard look at that. I would say at this point it’s inconclusive although the weight of evidence seems to indicate natural. But we don’t know for certain.”Translation: If U.S. intelligence is taking this theory seriously enough to “take a hard look,” that means they are seeing something there, even if Milley’s still using the term “inconclusive.” The fact that this virus appears to be of natural origin in no way precludes the possibility or probability that it originated from the Wuhan lab. Indeed, the lab in question was engaged in the study of bat coronaviruses — a fact Beijing has gone to great lengths to cover up.One thing’s for certain — the Post owes Cotton an apology, though we’re not holding our breath.  

~The Patriot Post  


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