The Preeminent Challenge

by Reuel Marc Gerecht

{ } ~ The biggest foreign-policy challenge before Donald Trump isn’t North Korea, where the usual pattern of diplomacy and deception persists. Nor is it Russia… it doesn’t have the muscle to take on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which isn’t dead yet. Nor is the most imminent problem China, which doesn’t have the navy and air force to tempt fate in the South and East China Seas. It will one day really challenge the United States and East Asia’s democratic and anti-Chinese authoritarian states—the type of fascist confrontation that could lead to carnage—but Washington probably has years to check Beijing’s ambitions. The most troublesome, immediate challenge comes from Iran. Trump’s decision to walk away from his predecessor’s deeply flawed arms-control agreement will likely soon consume the administration’s attention since, depending on what the mullahs do, war may once more be on the horizon. If the president fails to corral the clerics and the Revolutionary Guards through sanctions and the threat of force, the reverberations will surely weaken, if not gut, the administration’s capacity to play hardball elsewhere. Barack liar-nObama punted the Iranian nuclear problem down the road slightly and didn’t really pivot to Asia. Trump has probably eliminated the possibility of punting. He now may have to deal with Iran more decisively than his predecessors. So far, the administration has developed a somewhat contradictory yet potentially successful Iran policy. The White House has all the elements of a regime-change strategy despite its denials; yet Donald Trump aspires to new nuclear negotiations, even suggesting a meeting could take place with Iranian president Hassan Rouhani without prerequisites. Some have called this Reaganesque…


Conservative Artist Strikes Back… Multiplies President Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

{ } ~ I freaking love this! When my hubby showed this to me last night, I was thrilled to pieces over it… I immediately thought of Sabo and let’s just say he’s ‘involved’. As you know, President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has been destroyed multiple times by unhinged, leftist moonbats. In fact, the city council there voted unanimously to remove Trump’s star, but the mayor says it will stay. Since he’s a Marxist dummycrats-Democrat, I’m not taking him at his word on that and evidently, I’m not alone. One night this week, Trump’s star mysteriously multiplied all over the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Thursday morning there were several dozen Trump stars. It appears that a team of rogue conservative artists laminated vinyl stars and placed them in blank squares on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Genius! That will drive the leftist Trump-haters nuts!! Dressed in neon orange construction vests and hard-hat helmets, they placed vinyl stickers replicating Trump’s star around actual stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, including the likes of late night host Jimmy Kimmel and actor/director Rob Reiner. LOL…


Energy Security Is the Real Way to Put America First

by John Hannah

{ } ~ Since withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal in May, the Trump administration has faced a serious dilemma… On one hand, with the upcoming re-imposition of oil-related sanctions in November, it hopes to bring maximum economic pressure to bear on the Iranian government by cutting its petroleum exports as close to zero as possible. On the other hand, in a tight global oil market already under threat from geopolitical disruptions in Venezuela, Libya, and Nigeria, the loss of Iranian crude could trigger a major price spike in coming months—potentially inflicting significant damage on both the U.S. and world economies. In an effort to mitigate the danger, President Donald Trump has lobbied hard for Saudi Arabia and other oil producers with excess capacity, including Russia, to cover Iranian losses by increasing production. But the administration has also signaled that it may need to pare back its maximum pressure campaign by allowing a portion of Iran’s oil sales to continue past the November deadline. The situation should make any national security expert uneasy. The United States has a clear goal: Starve Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of the revenues they systematically use to spread terror and violence across the Middle East. But Washington’s ability to achieve that goal is heavily constrained by the U.S. economy’s continued vulnerability to oil market volatility. U.S. officials are left in the unenviable position of having to expend precious diplomatic capital pleading with the likes of Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other authoritarian petrostates to help salvage the policy. Or worse yet, the United States is forced to throttle back the policy’s implementation, reducing its effectiveness and leaving the Iranians better resourced to resist U.S. coercive diplomacy…


Fein-stein Easy Target for Chinese Spy


{ } ~ The revelation that Sen. Dianne Fein-stein had a 20-year employee who spied for China while she chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee… takes on greater significance in light of the California dummycrats-Democrat’s decades of favors to the communist regime that have co-coincided with China investments that have helped make her one of the richest members in Congress. Investigative reporter Paul Sperry noted Fein-stein’s multi-millionaire investor husband, Richard C. Blum, has been able to take large stakes in Chinese state-run steel and food companies, brokering more than $100 million in deals since 1996, when China began aggressively currying favor with his wife. In a 2001 expose on Fein-stein, Sperry, then WND’s Washington bureau chief, reported the business interests already had spanned two decades, going back to Fein-stein’s tenure as San Francisco mayor, from 1978 to 1988. The couple, Sperry pointed out in a New York Post piece Wednesday, live in a $17 million mansion in San Francisco and keep a $5 million vacation home in Hawaii…


Erdogan-Linked Group Asks Senators to Oppose Turkey Sanctions

by John Rossomando

{ } ~ MUSIAD USA sent letters to several U.S. senators last week protesting sanction the Trump administration’s imposed on Turkey over its continuing detention of American Pastor Andrew Brunson… MUSIAD is a businessmen’s association connected with Turkey’s ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party (AKP). Its close links to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan led FBI agents to question MUSIAD USA’s leaders in 2016 on suspicion they were engaged in political espionage on behalf of the Turkish government. This group also has close links with U.S. Islamists in the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO). Despite its connection with Turkey’s ruling party, MUSIAD USA remains unregistered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). All who lobby on behalf of foreign governments are required to register under this law. MUSIAD USA President Mustafa Tuncer, one of those questioned by the FBI, posted photos of the letters opposing the sanctions on Facebook…


Explain the Chinese spy, Sen. Fein-stein

by Marc A. Thiessen

{ } ~ Imagine if it emerged that the Republican chairman of the House or Senate intelligence committee had a Russian spy working on their senate staff.

Think it would cause a political firestorm? Well, this week we learned that Sen. Diane Fein-stein, D-Calif., had a Chinese spy on her staff who worked for her for 20 years, who was listed as an “office director” on payroll records and served as her driver when she was in San Francisco, all while reporting to China’s Ministry of State Security though China’s San Francisco Consulate. The reaction of the mainstream media?

Barely a peep.

Fein-stein acknowledged the infiltration, but downplayed its significance.

“Five years ago the FBI informed me it had concerns that an administrative member of my California staff was potentially being sought out by the Chinese government to provide information” Fein-stein said in statement — which means the breach took place while Fein-stein was heading the intelligence committee.

But, Fein-stein insisted, “he never had access to classified or sensitive information or legislative matters” and was immediately fired. In other words: junior staffer, no policy role, no access to secrets, quickly fired — no big deal.

But it is a big deal. I asked several former senior intelligence and law enforcement officials how serious this breach might have been. “It’s plenty serious,” one former top Justice Department official told me. “Focusing on his driver function alone, in Mafia families, the boss’s driver was among the most trusted men in the crew, because among other things he heard everything that was discussed in the car.”

A former top CIA clandestine officer explained to me what the agency would do if they had recruited the driver of a senior official like Fein-stein. “We would have the driver record on his phone all conversations that Fein-stein would have with passengers and phone calls in her car. If she left her phone, iPad or laptop in the car while she went to meetings, social events, dinners, etc., we would have the driver download all her devices.

If the driver drove for her for 20 years he would probably would have had access to her office and homes. We would have had the source put down an audio device in her office or homes if the opportunity presented itself. Depending on the take from all of what the source reported, we would use the info to target others that were close to her and exhibited some type of vulnerability.”

“In short,” this officer says, “we would have had a field day.”

It seems improbable that Fein-stein never once discussed anything sensitive in her car over a period of years. But let’s assume that Fein-stein was extraordinarily careful and never discussed any classified information in front of her driver or on any devices to which he had access. Even so, one former top intelligence official told me, “someone in that position could give an adversary a whole bunch on atmospherics and trends and attitudes which are from time to time far more important than the things we call secrets.”

He added “It’s like having access to her unclassified emails.” And we all know no one ever exposes classified information on unclassified emails. Washington is understandably focused on the threat from Russia. But according to FBI director Chris Wray, “China from a counterintelligence perspective represents the broadest, most pervasive, most threatening challenge we face as a country.” It was China, after all, which hacked the Office of Personnel Management in 2015, stealing the SF-86 security clearance forms of many thousands of executive branch employees in the most devastating cyberattack in the history of our country.

Beijing has successfully recruited FBI agents and State Department employees as spies, and has used information from U.S. informants to kill dozens of CIA sources inside the regime. And now, we know they recruited a high value senate staffer who worked in immediate proximity to the head of the senate intelligence committee.

Fein-stein owes the country a detailed explanation of how she let a Chinese spy into her inner sanctum. And the media should give this security breach the same attention they would if it involved Russia and the Republicans.


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