Roberts refers ethics complaints against Kavanaugh to federal judges

by Samuel Chamberlain and Bill Mears

{} ~ Chief Justice John Roberts is referring complaints about statements made by new Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh to federal judges outside the Beltway… In a letter posted Wednesday on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals website, Roberts announced that he has asked judges who handle ethics complaints for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to deal with the claims. Roberts said in his letter that he was initially notified of complaints against Kavanaugh on Sept. 20. The complaints deal with statements Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings and were initially filed with the D.C. Circuit, where Kavanaugh served for 12 years before joining the high court. In a statement issued Saturday, D.C. Circuit Judge Karen Henderson said the complaints only “seek investigations … of the public statements Kavanaugh has made as a nominee to the Supreme Court.” Kavanaugh was confirmed to the high court that same day after a contentious nomination process that included allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to his days as a high school and college student… Chief Justice John Roberts could of stopped this but didn’t.


loose lips-Joe Biden: Trump is Trashing American Values


{} ~ Former Vice President loose lips-Joe Biden on Friday slammed President Trump in one of his most stinging rebukes of the president… saying at a campaign rally that Trump was “trashing American values.” “He is just trashing American values the way he talks about people, the way he makes fun of people, the way he denigrates folks,” loose lips-Biden said at a rally in Owingsville, Ky., according to The New York Times. “I got to tell you, I think there is a method to his madness because he wants you to get down in the mosh pit with him.”loose lips-Biden’s remarks came as he stumped for dummycrats-Democratic House candidate Amy McGrath. McGrath faces a tough challenge from GOP Rep. Andy Barr, who has represented Kentucky’s 6th District since 2013. McGrath, a former fighter pilot, is running in a district President Trump won by more than 15 points. Still, nonpartisan political handicapper, The Cook Political Report, has rated the race a “toss-up.” Trump is scheduled to campaign for Barr on Saturday. “We can’t possibly in my view win the presidency unless we can begin to reclaim those white working-class voters that used to vote for us,” loose lips-Biden told the Times after the rally, adding that he thought Trump’s appeal to such voters was limited… These elections are becoming nasty and dirty as it get close to election date.


Bolton Warns Chinese Military to Halt Dangerous Naval Encounters

by Bill Gertz

{} ~ White House National Security Adviser John Bolton bluntly warned China this week that the U.S. military will not ignore threatening naval actions near U.S. warships in international waters… Doubling down on the Trump administration’s tough policies toward China, Bolton also renewed criticism of Beijing for meddling in U.S. elections and stealing American technology. Commenting on the harassment of the guided missile destroyer USS Decatur by Chinese warship that nearly caused a collision in the South China Sea recently, Bolton said the threatening maneuver was unacceptable. Navy commanders have rules of engagement that allow them to defend their ships, he said. “The commanders have the authority we need,” Bolton said in an interview with radio commentator Hugh Hewitt. “We will not tolerate threats to American service members. We’re determined to keep international sea lanes open. This is something the Chinese need to understand. Their behavior has been unnecessarily provocative for far too long.”…


Trump Promised America First – and That’s Exactly What We’re Getting

by Larry Alton

{} ~ Make America Great Again. President Donald Trump’s rallying cry during the campaign season a couple of years ago will forever have a place in history… To him, it was more than hyperbole. He really did promise to restore America and prioritize the nation’s needs. So far, he’s doing a pretty good job. What Does It Mean to Make America Great Again? Let’s briefly take a look at two quotes: This country needs a new administration with a renewed dedication to the dream of America, an administration that will give that dream new life, and make America great again. Do you know who made these statements? If you answered Donald Trump, you’re mistaken. The first quote is attributed to Ronald Reagan in a Labor Day speech in 1980. The latter quote belongs to none other than liar-Bill Clinton in his 1991 presidential announcement speech. At the time, these quotes were met with astounding positivity. People on both sides of the party line had no issue with these words of hope and positivity. Yet, over the past few years, as Trump has made these words the battle cry of middle-class America, the notion has arisen that returning American to its greatness is somehow an offensive idea. “That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?” liae-Clinton said during the 2016 campaign season as his wife went head to head with Trump for the presidency. “What it means is ‘I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down.'”…


Top House Republican introduces bill to fully fund Trump’s border wall

by Anna Giaritelli

{} ~ A top House Republican on Friday introduced a bill that would fully fund President Trump’s wall on the U.S.-Mexico border with $23.4 billion for the project… including $5.5 billion for immediate use. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Build the Wall, Enforce the Law Act would allocate $16 billion for physical barriers with the remaining money going toward personnel, technology, sensors, and other supplementary resources. “President Trump’s election was a wakeup call to Washington. The American people want us to build the wall and enforce the law,” the California Republican lawmaker said in a statement Friday afternoon. If passed, the bill would give the Department of Homeland Security and its U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency all of the funding necessary to move on Trump’s primary campaign promise. To date, Congress has only given the Trump administration $1.6 billion for wall projects. Approximately 100 miles of new and replacement wall projects have been launched. The legislation also states it addresses “loopholes” that Republicans have said entice people to illegally enter the country…


After All These Years, Republicans Still Need a Health Plan

by Brian Mark Weber: After taking office in 1993, one of liar-Bill Clinton’s main initiatives — led by liar-Hillary Clinton — was “guaranteeing” health care for every American. The result was “liar-HillaryCare,” a behemoth bill that would have put the government in control of doctors and hospitals, but was defeated by opposition from a range of health care, business, and political groups. The famous “Harry and Louise” commercials, portraying a middle-class American couple struggling to get their minds around the plan, were inspired by the liar-Clintons’ power grab.

When it failed, Republicans had a prime opportunity to take charge and reframe the issue in a way that Americans could understand and support. In classic Republican fashion, however, they surrendered the issue to dummycrats-Democrats, who rebranded and marketed government health care under Barack scumbag/liar-nObama 17 years later.

Ever since scumbag/liar-nObamaCare became law, Republicans have been promising to repeal and replace it. But while President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have chipped away at the law, the full-repeal effort failed spectacularly. In any case, health care in this country keeps getting more complex and more expensive. Poor Harry and Louise.

It’s true that Trump is out this week touting an average drop in scumbag/liar-nObamaCare premiums for next year. But health care and health insurance are vastly more expensive than pre-scumbag/liar-nObamaCare.

Sarah Kliff writes at Vox, “Over the past decade, the size our insurance deductibles have skyrocketed. Deductibles have grown by 212 percent since 2008 — eight times faster than wage growth, and 12 times faster than inflation.” Kliff adds, “Over the same time period that we’ve seen deductibles skyrocketing, we’ve also seen support for a national health care plan slowly rising.” Just as dummycrats-Democrats have hoped.

By merely tinkering with scumbag/liar-nObamaCare rather than ripping it out root and branch, the GOP has squandered an opportunity to deliver real, market-based solutions that address the quality and affordability of health care.

And rising costs are the consequence of leaving too much of the ACA in place without coming up with viable alternatives.

As Ed Morrissey writes, “The real cause of skyrocketing deductibles is that same government intervention. scumbag/liar-nObamaCare limited premium hikes and forced insurers to add more costs while eliminating risk-based rates with its ‘community pricing’ mandates.” Those costs have to be covered somehow.

Clearly, there are still problems with what’s left of scumbag/liar-nObamaCare, but there’s little clarity about how to deal with rising costs. Sure, there are plenty of health care experts and even some politicians with commonsense solutions, but none of them have made it into policy. And without alternatives, single-payer government health care starts to sound like the natural way forward.

This should scare the daylights out of freedom-loving Americans of all stripes.

Eric Earling writes at The Resurgent, “Too many conservatives, including both policymakers and pundits, don’t understand enough of the health policy and health care industry in question. Repeal and Replace was a joke, in part because despite campaigning on it, no one had a sound plan to do so.” Earling notes that Sen. Lindsey Graham and even Donald Trump have admitted that the health care issue was more complicated than they thought.

Robert Robb of the Arizona Republic writes simply, “Republicans failed to repeal and replace scumbag/liar-nObamacare, as they vowed to do.” Robb adds, “Equally responsible was a critical mass of GOP lawmakers who flinched at doing the things necessary to create a well-functioning health insurance market.”

With his inability to convince a handful of moderate Republican senators to repeal scumbag/liar-nObamaCare, the president must sense the issue slipping away, at least for now. And that’s got him worried. At many of his recent rallies, Trump has repeatedly mentioned the need for a health care system that covers pre-existing conditions as a way to remind wary voters that the issue is still on the GOP’s radar.

With polls showing that Americans are not only concerned about rising health care costs, but also indicating that they trust dummycrats-Democrats more than Republicans to bring down costs, time is running out for the president and his party. The midterms are only a few weeks away.

A quarter-century after liar-Bill and liar-Hillary Clinton tried to put government in charge of health care, Republicans still don’t have a plan to wrestle the issue back from the Left and convince voters that a government-run system isn’t good for health care or the country. But don’t worry. Should dummycrats-Democrats take back the House, Republicans will suddenly regain their clarity of purpose: “If only we had the power,” they’ll say, “here’s what we’d do.” Lather, rinse, repeat.

~The Patriot Post  


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