The 2020 elections will be upon us shortly.  While most of the attention is on the Presidential race, there are a lot of other important parts to the 2020 election. Not only must we keep the White House, we must keep the Senate and we must take back the House.

Keeping the Senate does us no good if the Republican majority spends their time acting like Democrats. We need to get good conservatives in who will support President Trump’s agenda.  

North Carolina will be a crucial battleground state. It is a state that desperately needs a conservative senator.  The incumbent is Thom Tillis.  

Tillis has not been the conservative we need in North Carolina. Following the end of Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Tillis introduced legislation to enact a version of DACA.  When President Trump tried to declare a national emergency on the Southern Border, Tillis stood against the President.  Tillis opposed the President’s efforts to withdraw from the horribly flawed North American Free Trade Agreement and when President Trump was considering firing Robert Mueller and his band of Democrat prosecutors, Tillis went full bipartisan, joining Cory Booker and others to introduce legislation that would have made it impossible for the President to fire Mueller.

North Carolina will have a choice this time. Sandy Smith has jumped into the race. She supports President Trump.  Sandy Smith supports religious liberty. She is an ardent supporter of the 2ndAmendment and has a concealed carry permit. She supports building the wall and stopping illegal immigration.

We need someone who will stand with President Trump, not against him. 

Tea Party Nation endorses Sandy Smith to be the next Senator from North Carolina.


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