Tea Party Nation endorses Roy Moore in the December 12th election to replace Jeff Sessions in Alabama.

The special election in Alabama, triggered by Jeff Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General, has turned nasty.  Republican nominee Roy Moore is being hit from two sides. The first is friendly fire, coming from the Republican Establishment who are upset that Moore dared to beat their hand-picked choice.

The Democrats are not stupid and they see an opportunity. Their nominee, Doug Jones, is about as far to the left as Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. He is against freedom and liberty. He supports big government, and the expansion of government at the expense of the rights of citizens.

He is against the Second Amendment. He is for abortion for any reason. He supports amnesty. He wants single payer healthcare and would be the 49th Democrat in the Senate.

Roy Moore supports President Trump. He wants to cut government. He wants to repeal Obamacare. He wants to build the wall. He wants conservative justices on the Supreme Court and conservatives in the federal judiciary.

The allegations against Roy Moore are forty years old. Amazingly enough they never came out in any of Moore’s previous campaigns.  What matters is today.  America elected President Trump with his promise to make America great again.  Roy Moore wants to help the President make America great again.

Doug Jones wants to make America suffer like it did under the last eight years of Obama.

America needs Roy Moore in the United States Senate.

Tea Party Nation encourages the people of Alabama to elect Roy Moore to the United States Senate on December 12.


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    1. MUG

      I guess you are too dense to understand the difference between accused and convicted, between evidence and lack of evidence, and the concept of innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Bill Clinton made multiple trips sans Secret Service on the Lolita Express Boeing 727 with owner Jeffery Epstein a convicted pedophile. That’s evidence, unfortunately it hasn’t resulted in a prison sentence for Billie Boy. What’s the evidence against Roy Moore for your baseless accusation Mr Andrews and apparently in addition to being dense you are a bigot with a bigoted bias against Christians. I doubt if you have read the entire Bible, but you should, and I doubt if you have read the Koran, but you should. You’ll find that one says all Children are a sacred gift from God to be treated with love. The other says children of non-believers can be molested and your own children should be killed if they won’t accept Muslem doctrine.