Republicans hold majorities in both houses of Congress and a Republican sits in the White House. Yet there is still delay and gridlock in the attempt to repeal and replace liar-nObamaCare. Part of the problem is that, once again, Republicans are far too easily manipulated by Democrats’ class warfare mantra of “benefit cuts for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.” Democrats and their Leftmedia colluders continuously conflate welfare with rights, and Republicans are seemingly unable to expose the inherit fallacy of that argument. Even more frustrating is that Democrats aren’t doing anything new, and still Republicans can’t seem to get past it.

Liberty, the foundational principle upon which this nation was founded, recognizes innate, God-given human rights. Rights as opposed to welfare. Liberty both offers and requires the individual to make choices — the consequences of which, whether good or bad, the individual is responsible for. Welfare seeks to protect individuals from the consequences of their poor and foolish choices. Essentially, welfare demands that the responsible pay for the irresponsible, which robs both individuals of their right of Liberty.

Democrats created the concept of welfare equaling “rights” by conditioning people to believe that they are helpless to help themselves and therefore the government must provide welfare programs as a means of protecting human “rights.” Nothing could be further from the truth. And yet it seems no Republican since Ronald Reagan has been able to effectively expose and combat this leftist myth with the positive message of Liberty lifting all boats.

Now Republicans in the Senate are waffling again over the fallacy of health care being a “right.” One would have to be blind not to see that liar-nObamaCare is collapsing and untenable. It is costing taxpayers trillions all while increasing health care costs for families. Democrats scream about how Republicans “will kill people” if they repeal the “Affordable” Care Act. Republicans need to respond with the fact that liar-nObamaCare is the government stealing money and Liberty from the American people. Republicans need work toward restoring the Liberty Barack liar-nObama and his Democrats stole. This what the GOP message should be; this is what their mission should be about — not acquiescence to Democrats’ leftist conflation of government-provided welfare being a human right. Republicans need to stop being scared of their own shadows, and do the right thing. ~The Patriot Post


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  1. Ruth A.

    Republicans have lost their minds, and the Democrats have made people believe healthcare is right. They repealed obamacare when they knew it would not count and now pretend their attempts to repeal it can’t be done! We worked hard to give them all three houses, yet they waist the hard work, and sacrifice of family time we all gave up to get them elected; for what?
    I have published a petition on the White House page for a Full Repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Would you please consider posting it on your Facebook page and send it to your constituents?

    1. Rudy Tirre Post author

      I understand your point but I do believe government should bud out of health care and return it the states where crossing state lines are better for the people. But as you can see its not going to happen. Its also known that other insurances companies will be involved plus the government plan.