by Burt Prelutsky


We have been hearing so much about the blue wave that is supposed to provide the dummycrats-Democrats with control of Congress in November that it feels somewhat foolhardy to suggest that the wave is more likely to be red or at least pinkish. But I don’t mind living dangerously, so long as I’m not risking anything more serious than my reputation.

For one thing, so much has been made about divisions in the GOP that the ones that exist on the Left have been ignored. At least that was the case until a 28-year-old avowed Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, knocked off House leader Joe Crowley in the Queens, NY, primary.

Crowley, who was positioned to replace Nancy Pulosi as the minority leader or even the Speaker of the House in the next Congress, didn’t even come close, garnering only 42.5% of the votes cast. Another telling sign is that in a district with over 700,000 registered voters — nearly all of them dummycrats-Democrats — less than 28,000 votes were cast. Even in an off-year election, when only 4% of the electorate bother voting, it’s safe to assume a certain level of disinterest, especially in a highly politicized New York district.

As we get closer to November, the Republican candidates needn’t even tie themselves to Trump; they merely have to run against scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters, whose anti-Trump rhetoric has exposed her to the nation to be the loon we in L.A. have always known her to be; against Nancy Pulosi, the crone of the House; and against Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, whose basic campaign message was that, as a white man, 10-term congressman Crowley, was “unfit to represent the district.”

⦿ It was enlightening to see the same people who labeled Christian florists, bakers and photographers, whose religious beliefs prevented them from playing a role in same-sex marriages, joining Rep. scumbag/mad-Waters in calling for the public shaming of those serving in the Trump administration, along with their friends, relatives and children.

Those on the far-left fringe of the dummycrats-Democratic party — a fringe that is on the verge of enveloping the entire party — are calling scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters a folk hero. That is so sick and perverted, it’s akin to hearing that a large group of people are reading fairy tales to their kids and telling the tots that Snow White’s stepmother, Rumpelstiltskin and the witch who turned children into gingerbread cookies, were the heroes, not the villains, of those stories.

⦿ Sonia Sotomayor — who, along with her sisters in Constitutional malfeasance, Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg — should serve as a constant reminder why electing Republican presidents is so essential. This black-robed pinhead compared President Trump’s travel ban to the World War II internment of American citizens of Japanese descent in her recent dissenting vote.

Although she argued for her seat on the Supreme Court by referring to herself as a “wise Latina,” the lady is as dumb as a taco. For what she intentionally ignores is that the travel ban affects a mere 8% of the world’s Muslim population, and it also prevents immigration from such notorious hot spots as North Korea and Venezuela.

On the other hand, FDR’s internment not only affected 100% of the Japanese inside our own borders but led the authorities to round up those living in Central and South America. I personally know a woman whose family was living in Peru and wound up being placed in an American concentration camp by that liberal icon, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

⦿ Paul Ryan, the boyish-looking fellow holding down a man’s job as Speaker of the House, is not only soft on illegal aliens, but opposes Trump’s tariffs. One might assume he is trying to defend Harley-Davidson motorcycles, which is headquartered in Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, following the company’s threat to start manufacturing their bikes in Thailand. It’s not much of a threat, though, considering that this allegedly-iconic American company, has been building them for years in several other countries.

It’s only been in the wake of Trump’s threat of reciprocal tariffs that some of us even knew how unfairly the U.S. has been treated by our so-called trading partners. But, surely Rep. Ryan must have known that Canada has been leveling tariffs as high as 250-300% on Wisconsin’s dairy products and the European Union has wreaked similar havoc on American-built cars. But this congressboy has never uttered a discouraging word about it in all his years in the House.

And did it escape his attention that at the recent G-7 conference, when Trump suggested that the seven nations mutually agree to eliminate all tariffs, the silence was deafening?

Nobody dared call Trump’s bluff. They simply wanted to return to the good old days when liar-nObama, liar-Clinton and the Bushes, kissed their European backsides and then tipped their hats and thanked them for the privilege.

⦿ In related news, it seems that only eight of the 29-member states of NATO pay the agreed 2% of their GDP to support the military alliance. The eight are the U.S., the United Kingdom, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. Aside from us, the Greeks and the English, the only nations living up to their word are those nations who understand the Russian menace because they experienced life under the Soviet Union.

It’s unfair that because our GDP dwarfs that of the others, our 2% translates into 22% of NATO’s total budget. But, as if it’s not bad enough that so many nations are falling short of their 2% promise France, 1.79%; Italy, 1.12%; Canada, 1.29%; Germany, 1.24%; Spain,0.92%, Turkey remains a member in good standing. That’s the case even though in a NATO-Russian conflict, the nation’s dictator-for-life, Recep Erdogan, who has stated that “‘Moderate Islam’ is a myth designed to weaken Muslims,” would side with his fellow dictator-for-life, Vladimir Putin.

⦿ It confounds me that, as scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters and commie-Bernie Sanders close in on 80, they have become the two wrinkly faces of the dummycrats-Democratic party. He is the prototype of an old-fashioned Socialist, complete with a grating New York accent; she is the very model of a black racist, a type that came into fashion once Jesse Jackson usurped Martin Luther King’s mantle as the leader of the Civil Rights movement. In the aftermath, the contemptible likes of Jackson, Al Sharpton, John Lewis, Charley Rangel and scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters, were able to convert the movement into personal political power and, in the case of Jackson and Sharpton, the means by which to easily extort millions of dollars from American companies fearful of consumer boycotts.

Living in the city that keeps returning scumbag/mad- Maxine Waters to Congress, I have always pictured her as the one in a lynch mob carrying the rope. In 1992, she defended the thugs who pulled Reginald Denny out of his truck and tried to bash out his brains with a cinder block. At the time, she insisted that a race riot “is the voice of the unheard,” proving that even a moronic, basically illiterate, racist can sometimes possess a touch of the poet.

⦿ Like most rational people, I have been disgusted by the use of illegal alien children to bash Trump and everyone else who wants our borders sealed shut against the swarms of Latinos invading the U.S.

It should be common knowledge by now that Barack liar-nObama separated the kids from their illegal alien parents, but the same ignoramuses who hailed him as a saint are now calling for President Trump to be burned at the stake for doing the same.

I, for one, am sick and tired of seeing children used as pawns by those pushing for open borders and gun confiscation. It is long past time that we all stopped pretending that when liberals refer to “gun control,” they mean anything short of disarming law-abiding Americans and the removal of the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

In the June issue of The New American, I read a comprehensive article by Dennis Behreandt, detailing the use of children in propaganda over the past century.

It’s not always the bad guys who do it. Particularly during the two World Wars, the United States targeted kids in propaganda campaigns or used the pathetic sight of European children as victims in posters to gin up our enthusiasm for killing the krauts/Nazis. That’s not to suggest they didn’t need killing.

However, we weren’t buried in posters and photos of FDR being surrounded by swarms of adoring children, many holding bouquets of wildflowers allegedly picked by the children themselves, gazing rapturously up at him, the way that Russian and German kids were posed with Stalin and Hitler.

The liberals were able to get a lot of bang for the propaganda buck when twenty very young children were slaughtered by Adam Lanza in Newtown, Connecticut. The school massacre victims were older and not nearly so adorable in Parkland, Florida, but, thanks to their greater verbal skills, survivors like 17-year-old David Hogg were in a position to parrot the left-wing anti-gun propaganda every bit as well as Dianne Fein-stein, Michael Bloomberg and Chuck clown-Schumer, and far better than the vocabulary-challenged likes of Nancy Pulosi, scumbag/mad-Maxine Waters and Chris Matthews.



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