There are a number of Republicans fighting for Senate seats this year.  A few are challengers. The majority of them are incumbents.  Some of them are good candidates. One of them is a great candidate.

He is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Rand Paul won a race he was not supposed to win in 2010 and became Kentucky’s junior senator.  Since then he has stood up and been counted when we needed Senators to support conservative and libertarian ideas in the Senate.

This year Rand Paul ran for President and ended his campaign it was not as successful as many hoped it would be.  Rand Paul has many followers who are very passionate about him and his causes.

They should be.

He is someone worth being passionate about.

Rand Paul has been a steadfast supporter of the Constitution during his time in the United States Senate.  He hasn’t always been perfect but he is in the top five Senators in support of the Constitution.

Every year, the Democrats get worse.  Harry Reid, the longtime, very corrupt, Senate Democrat leader is retiring and he will be replaced by New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  Schumer is as much a socialist as Hillary Clinton is.  But the difference between Schumer and Clinton, or for that matter Barack Obama, is that Schumer is a very good strategist and tactician. He is the kind of field general the Democrats need to advance their agenda. Say whatever else you will about Obama, he has not capitalized on a lot of opportunities he has had. Things could be a lot worse.

As majority leader, Schumer would make things a lot worse.

The Senate hangs in the balance. The Republicans may not be doing what we want them to but they far better than the Party of Treason.  For the Republicans, all things being even, it will be tough to hold on to the Senate.  They are defending more seats than the Democrats are this year and they have some really tough fights.

Kentucky is a purple state. Though both U.S. Senators are Republicans, Democrats do win state wide races in Kentucky.  Rand Paul is not guaranteed reelection.  It could come down to his seat in the Senate in determining whether the Republicans or the Party of Treason controls the Senate.

Rand Paul deserves reelection to the Senate because he is a very good Senator.

Tea Party Nation endorses Rand Paul for reelection to the United States Senate.


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  1. Kenny Sono

    I completely agree!
    If it weren’t for Rand Paul being wishy washy about use of our military, and if it weren’t for Libertarians insistence on legalizing drugs, I would be a very enthusiastic supporter of Rand and the Libertarian party as well…..generally.
    Rand also has something most other Senators don’t always have: Serious intelligence! It’s very rare Rand Paul says anything you could criticize him about from a conservative perspective. Rand is one of the VERY few Senators I’d like to see stay right where he is for years and years……. and he could make a fantastic replacement for Mitch McConnell too!

  2. Theodore Dugan

    I do not agree with your choice. He is a rino and does not need to be re-elected. What has happened to the Tea Party? Originally the Tea Party worked to get establishment politicians removed from office. Seems like the party has sold out to the reigning powers.

  3. E.Suzanne Gerard

    I have been very favorably impressed by Rand Paul—— as I was/am by his father. We are all dunned for donations so many times a day that $5.00/each we would like to support would leave us destitute so I don’t even consider a donation to anyone for whom I cannot vote. That being said, it is men like Rand Paul that give me pause in considering term limits. We have at our disposal our own means of enforcing term limits. It is called “the voting booth”!

    If he were the Speaker of the House, my vote for him would be in the form of a donation which would be small as I live on a fixed income.

  4. Thomas Max Jonker

    Ted. You are wrong. The Pauls are Libertarians. As our Culture unwinds, crucial morality will be the determinant, even on America’s autopsy. His Dad was summarily excluded by Census gerrymandering.
    We face Cruz’ Government Cartel.
    I presumed Palin’s crucifixion was the work of Obama’s DNC Lawyers *. She resigned. Her family could not afford this defense, and she declined to ask Alaska to pay for it. She had reformed Oil Royalties to enable her citizens to share this annual revenue. Its prior constituents had been Republican Officeholders.
    *All suits were declared spurious and dismissed. Do we simply shrug, mumbling, “That’s politics”?
    Unless we climb into our S— Kicking Boots, we’re Kaput.
    Here is The FACT. International Communism was the darling of the world being screwed by our plunderers (Rothschild, Rockefeller, et al). Post WWI, Germany was left to starve. Marx had devised his Plan to overthrow Europe’s Monarchies. Its Jewish adherents posed awkwardness.
    America was divided. Half were Anti-Communists; half were anti-Nazis.
    Hitler’s obsession to be the most progressive, adopted America’s fad, Eugenics [Social Darwinists]. Vengeful Rockefeller had financed anything which eroded American Exceptionalism, to even the Score after being De-Monopolied. Like Today’s Soros, he funded anything which ripped at the American fabric. His apostles found Sanger and founded Planned Parenthood. Our Social Darwinists grinned. The World was outraged. Hitler dodged contrition. Our PROGS went underground.
    Like Soros, Rockefeller aimed to destroy our exceptional literacy, our devout belief, and our essential sobriety.
    When Teddy left office, Americans were the most literate populace in the world. Today, we are ranked in the thirties.
    With True Republicanism (See: Rushmore) decimated, The Rockefeller Cabal insulated their Massive accumulation of wealth from taxation [Trusts, Foundations, Charities, etc.]
    They still prevail today. Clinton erased Banking Regulations in the last hours of his last Term.
    Then, Wallstreet could raid the last bastions of American Security (Pension Funds, Mutual Funds, etc) without our Americans’ awareness, much less consent.
    Dodd Frank makes you the underwriter for the current depraved razing of American prosperity for posterity.
    > P/E Ratios, 1970? Five to One.
    >Clinton’s purported proseperity? The Dot.Com “Bubble?” No bubble, that. “Unreasoned Exuberance” was the verdict of Clinton’s Head of The Federal Reserve,
    >Today, some skyrocketing stocks, having zero profit, are deprived of a Price-to-Earnings Ratio.
    And, nobody cares.
    Japan deep-sixed at 15-to-1.
    Today, that’s America’s Chump Change.
    International Communism committed suicide, everywhere but in the Guts of our USA.
    Murrow buried Congress’ Subversive Investigation. Cronkite flipped public opinion on Vietnam when he lied to our world that we had lost. Freedom of Information documents Ho’s Generals begging him to sue for Peace after we blunted their last, futile Tett Offensive.
    WHY? Our Schools and our Journalism, hiding behind the 1st Amendment, have found sanctuary in our hallowed halls of learning. Then, they excommunicated all who did not adhere to their political schism. We are The Communists’ last greatest conquest, and we are losing.
    Who tells you Communism is dead? Thriving Communists. Alinsky wrote their Treatise.
    It was published in 1970. Its adherents, Clinton and Obama, follow it today.
    Cuba, Venezuela, and The United States of America.
    Kruschev prophesied this in his Address to the United Nations General Assembly forty years ago.
    Joe. Say “It isn’t so.”