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There is much discussion these days of why the Media and liberals in general are so anti-Israel. It should be obvious to any casual but attentive observer that the media has a bias in favor of the Muslims and in opposition to Israel. Stories about the Gaza war have headlines like "Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes After Cease-Fire Lull - ABC News" or "Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes After Cease-Fire Lull - ABC News"  or BBC News - Gaza conflict: UN accuses Israel over Jabaliya attack. In fact, a scan of the headlines suggest that Israel was and is the aggressor, while Hamas was minding is only defending itself. This, of course, has the whole conflict completely backwards; Israel was attacked by Hamas when they began firing rockets into populated Israeli territory, and Israel responded in a quite civilized fashion, giving warning shots before destroying buildings used as missile silos and whatnot. Hamas is purposely using civilians as human shields, and the laws of war state that a military may indeed kill such civilians if necessity dictates. And Hamas violated the cease-fire within under two hours of it's imposition, firing rockets into Israel. Yet the media gives Israel the blame. Why?

Why does the Left hate Israel so much? Why is anti-Semitism rising across Europe? Why are the Jews so hated?

There are a number of answers to this question. For one thing, the Jews represent a European type peoples who "invaded" the "peaceful" Islamic culture of Palestine, in the ignorant view of the Left. They represent a new type of Crusader class, only instead of bringing Christianity they are bringing a kind of Judeo-Western commercial culture that liberals believe is at the root of all Western evil. This is nothing new; modern liberals, indoctrinated to hate capitalism in all its forms, see the Israelis as the prime representatives of this supposedly Western idea. Liberals believe Man fell from paradise not through pride but through greed, and it was not an angry God who placed this curse on Man but the white Western culture. Destroy the West and we will see a return to a state of nature, a paradise where all share in the common bounty. Israel represents an infection of Western thinking into a pure non-western social order. And the fact that a "brown" people are being subjugated by a white one (even though those white ones originated in that region of the world and are closely related to the "brown" people is immaterial} only fuels their racialist beliefs. The poor, mistreated Palestinians are the natural underdogs in the minds of many of the Progressive Left, and naturally the invading Jews are to blame! (It should be pointed out that there were always Jews in Palestine, long before the British opened the land, and that the European Jews who immigrated there settled largely unpopulated territory.)

This is nothing new. The Jews have been thought of as an invasive species, as a pox upon the purity of the Folks (as Mr. Obama may say) before. As Mark Musser, author of Nazi Oaks,  pointed out, the Nazis hated Jews as an invasive species, one that used commerce to draw Mankind away from the pastoral paradise that was his birthright. Musser states:

"According to Nazi ideology, the so-called "eternal Jew” is the transcendent Jew who tries to live above Nature through economics and capitalism in the west, or through politics and communism in the east.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler specifically called this process the pacification of Nature. According to Hitler, the Jews try to pacify or tame Nature through international commerce and capitalism on the one hand, or by stressing universal political values like communistic equality on the other hand, both of which rebel against the stern rigid laws of Nature which cannot be overcome. German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, the racist Darwinist who coined the term ‘ecology’ in 1866, posited that the Jewish transcendent view of man over nature made them resistant to evolutionary biological change, and hence the Jews had become a lesser race. While Hitler eschewed some of Haeckel’s political views, he heartily agreed with this particular belief.

To the Nazis, the Jews had become a wandering and threatening invasive species because of their steadfastness to universal transcendent values in opposition to the Social Darwinian evolutionary laws of Nature."

End quote.

And indeed the swastika is rising from the grave like Dracula in some bad horror flick, only instead of it being a hokey and sad joke it is a frightening reality. The American media and the liberal puritans are showing their inner brown.

But there's more to this.

The very existence of Israel is a stench in the nostrils of most liberals, and for good reason; it argues more eloquently for the existence of God and the truth of the Bible than any philosopher or theologian.

Liberalism was and is a competing religion to Christianity and Judaism. Liberalism is a Christian heresy http://neveryetmelted.com/2012/04/23/liberalism-only-a-christian-he..., a secular worldview that parasites off Judeo-Christian beliefs and imagery. It has its own creation myths (a simple natural world unspoiled by the hand of Man), it's own story of the fall (the coming of human civilization and the eventual rise of industrialism), it's own prophets (Rousseau, Marx, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Hitler), it's apocalypse (Global Warming, ozone depletion, overpopulation, etc.). It is a religion that places Nature on the throne of the Creator and Man as the Son, the second person of the Humanic Trinity. Reason is the Holy Spirit. Atheism is at the core of liberalism, although they tolerate a kind of religiosity, one that makes God into a happy grandpa, a kind of cosmic Santa Claus and stresses social justice as the ultimate goal of Faith. This is very much at odds with Christianity, which sees the salvation of souls as the purpose of life, and with Judaism which sees Jewish suffering as an atonement for Sin and the Mosaic Law as the means to reach out to Yahweh.

Israel is a great rebuke to the Liberal worldview, because Israel's miraculous existence suggests that the Jews and Christians are right, that there is a transcendent God who is actively working on their behalf (or rather that they are working on His). Throughout the great Diaspora the Jews never lost faith, and many Christians believed they would eventually be restored to their land - against all human reason. Israel's seemingly miraculous rise from the grave, and her continued existence in spite of endless hostility on the part of the Islamic world and indeed even in Europe justifies the faith of Jews and Christians and undercuts the belief of liberals. If the Bible was correct in this matter, in what other matters is it correct?

(The Muslim world hates Israel for this same reason; it is a rebuke to their Prophet and their belief that Jews lost the blessings of God in favor of the Arabs.)

This was the very purpose for God's peculiar people; Israel was intended to be a light shining in the darkness for the world to see. Salvation came first through the Jews, and the suffering of the Jewish people was intended to be a beacon to others, who would see this suffering and see the steadfast resolve of the Jewish People and their ultimate victory and would then know that God does live. That Israel has grown and prospered each time it has been attacked is a great rebuke to the liberal faith and worldview.

So naturally they rage against Israel, and wish it be destroyed. Israel shows the world the bankruptcy of Leftist beliefs.

Do not, oh gentle reader, expect this to decline in the future. Israel is the underdog these days, with her powerful neighbors becoming increasingly hostile to her, with America turning her back on Israel, with the U.N. condemning Israel in their hallowed halls. There is nothing more vicious than a liberal thwarted, and one can easily see the hatred following the course predicted by John the Divine in the last book of the New Testament. In fact, one should expect it, for it is coming at some point. Of course, the media and the liberal movement scoffs at this notion, but then what do we expect? The fool says in his heart there is no God.

And the bigger fools sees direct evidence and rages against it.

Read more from Tim and friends at The Aviary www.tbirdnow.mee.nu

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Comment by Dave Andrews on August 10, 2014 at 10:47pm

The Lord will prevail.  No matter how they try, the liberals cannot defeat his will.

Comment by Thomas "Max" Jonker on August 10, 2014 at 11:18am

10  August, 2014


I was a philistine one happy day at a picnic attended by insurance types and the local staff of  Park employees.  I met another young man whose name was Cohen.  I had visited a Synagogue with my fifth grade class, but knew little else about Judahism.  Meeting a Cohen was provident.

We tackled the classic cliches about wealth (greed).   He described the history of Diaspora, when his People were deprived of ownership of anything they could not carry.  When prevailing law prohibited the ownership of land, the Chosen People's heritage was eventually reduced to what could be carried in a Purse - or in the Holocaust, swallowed.

In "The Merchant of Venice" was Shakespeare cognizant of the travail of this  tribulation?

Is it any wonder that the Rothschild family heads the European (and American) Banks (See JP Morgan)?

Being a Fly-over nominal protestant, I never had occasion to be infected by a Jewish bias.

I honor these noble people, and wonder at the schisms in their own Faith.

Georgi Schwarz (Soros' real name) was not only born an Atheist Jew, he joined Hitler's ranks to conspire against his own People.

Is it any wonder he is in League with a man who despises America?

Being travelled, I am sad to report that I know innumerable Jews who oppose Zionism.  I fear their Socialist political beliefs transcend their religious conviction.

American colonists  tried (Christian) socialism in the Liberals' perfect, unspoiled setting.  It's inherent self-destructive nature nearly succeeded when Free Enterprise was given the Opportunity of Last Resort.

Free Enterprise  W I T H  Draconian constraints  cultivates Man's finest traits  -  as long as the definition of Justice is not buried in the avarice of Special Interests.

I am a vocal Christian Zionist, which I suspect, is a subliminal creation of my Jewish confederates,  one righteous solution to Christian hatred finally manifested in the Holocaust.

Remember the Vatican's detente with the Third Reich.

Christian mainstays are returning to the earliest alliance with Judahism, Christianity's (inadvertent) Creator.

Atheist Socialists of Jewish descent control Hollywood.

The last Christian Drama, The Passion, a magnificent tribute to its producer's Faith, was boycotted by The Oscars.

It was not even nominated for one award.  Mr. Gibson filmed Christ's crucifixion in that era's own diverse languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin.  The whole world read the message in subtitles.  He sandwiched this motion picture, between Brave Heart and Appocolyptco, two sensational, acclaimed productions.

Yet, I would not allow my elderly mother to see it.  Graphic torture is its own reward.

The Passion broke all attendance records.

Maybe if Hollywood banned Pornography and its mainstay, performing Coke Whores, it could recognize the historic frailties of such things as Temple Money Changers, who traded Shekels for the secular money of the day.  My primitive speculation suggests that in that corrupt era, God's Tithe was simply, not enough.

Would Jeshua have been crucified had he not thrown the priests' money changers from his God's Temple?

Neither would he have been Christ today.



Comment by Dennis L on August 9, 2014 at 9:01pm

As one who has many Jewish friends and relatives in his family , I have had the opportunity to discuss the envy/hatred aspect of Jews, first hand.

Early on in history, the Christian faith brought the brightest and best into the priesthood. The Jewish faith on the other hand encouraged the brightest most educated into leadership positions in the business, political and professional world . The culture also stresses education as it can help lead to success in the business world or in a profession. Hence the Jews generally became an industrious, prosperous, educated and successful group. When leaders look for a scapegoat to blame anything and everything on. What better target is there that those that have achieved? Human envy being what it is, you can easily rally and unify people with hate against those that have more, especially when they are a small group or a minority..

Wars are always fought between the haves and have nots!  In this case Israel has it, and the Palestinians do not.  The Palestinians want it, they are looking to take it, and the Israelis want to keep it!   Its that simple!

Comment by Roc29 on August 9, 2014 at 8:12pm

John Wiant:

I applaud your effort, but if I have learned nothing in my 84 years I have learned that no one can convince another of anything. All we can do is give them information. If they engage their brains and consider the information they may convince themselves to reconsider their position.

Carl Sagan says: “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

The drum beat of the left, through our schools, through our media and through the entertainment industry have pulled off the greatest bamboozle in history.

Diana Mutz: Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania says, “Those with the highest levels of education have the lowest exposure to people with conflicting points of view.”

I would add, and on those rare occasions when confronted with a conflicting point of view, they dismiss it out of hand.

What I have found so puzzling, for many years, is why intellectuals and academics consistently buy into the collective fantasy. The great tyrannical murderers of the twentieth century, Lenin/Stalin, Hitler, Mao were all supported and glorified by intellectuals and academics. Yet, as soon as they consolidated their power the first thing that they did was persecute, incarcerate and execute the intellectuals and academics.

For people who see themselves as being above average in intelligence, they seem to be slow learners unable to connect the dots because to this day they are still the most avid supporters of the collective called socialism.

On those occasions when I find myself in a discussion with academics and affective intellectuals I call attention to the above. The universal response is a blank stare.

The issue is education. The Progressives have taken over our schools, colleges and universities. Unless we can take them back the future looks bleak.                  

Comment by John Wiant on August 9, 2014 at 6:43pm

Roc29 asks a good question, but I'm wondering what happens if/when we DO reach a "tipping point"?

Recently, I've found myself trying to explain some things to an 18 year old who is just about to enter college.  I've tried to quickly explain the cold war.  I tried to explain who the enemies of Israel are and WHY they hate Israel so much.  I've tried to explain the (assumed) mentality of the Muslim world as you might suspect based on their obvious views of women as so vastly inferior.  I've tried to explain that some religions actually believe their equivalent of a Bible and their "god" / at least in their minds / leads them (some of them) to believe they should be actively trying to KILL all Jews and all Christians.  I've even tried to explain how it could be possible that Obama and the Democrats currently in power are probably more like Socialists (which I also had to explain; what Socialism and Communism is)....... and that Obama actually could BE a Muslim, deep down......or perhaps quite sympathetic to them; even if they are clearly our enemy. 

I'm not sure I've succeeded in explaining any of these things.  She seems far more interested in her status as a pretty young woman who is stuck wondering if she should put more energy into college, work, dating, and so forth.  What the "world" is doing seems to be far too complex for her to tolerate listening to, for more than about two minutes at a time and she probably won't want to hear about it more than once or twice a week.

I suspect this sort of thing has always been the case.  I suspect there have always been huge numbers of people not too interested in what the "world" is up to / even if there are some serious warnings and dangers being discussed at the time.

I have some (otherwise) really intelligent friends that are quite liberal.  What they will NOT admit however is:  They do not have any interest in switching or expanding their favorite media sources.  They snap at the idea Fox News is worth watching and they absolutely refuse to consider talk radio and/or authors who are known Conservatives.  In short:  Huge numbers of people are either not interested and/or in total denial about the concepts (and obvious virtues) of Conservatism.  THEREFORE: 

I believe this "war" on the interests and/or habits of thinking of the people who often vote the WRONG Way(s)......over and over, is actually being fought in the world of media; the world(s) of entertainment, the world of education and other institutions and the world of peer pressure and family "traditions."   If Conservatives don't figure THAT out / we're stuck in a downward spiral.

Comment by Janis Eisenstark on August 9, 2014 at 4:13pm
Someone told the investment guys that a stupid, destitute tradesman could resume trade. Just as in the political arena, a total revamp of what is currently referred to as private enterprise is needed.
Comment by Shamil on August 9, 2014 at 3:23pm

It's a spiritual battle. This hatred is irrational.

Comment by david chaney on August 9, 2014 at 2:50pm

You're right about the media being biased in favor of Hamas.  The question is why?  Much of the liberal media is Jewish controlled.  I want to see Israel finish off Hamas, that way they have no more problems with them.  I don't even like the idea that they are negotiating with them.  I thought they didn't negotiate with terrorists.

Much of the banking system is Jewish run.  The antisemitism in Europe could be motivated by frustration with the bankers and the economy.  It just found another outlet.  Handling other people's money is one of the seven deadly sins.  On the other hand, there are racists out there and maybe they thought they found something to protest about.

Comment by A. R. on August 9, 2014 at 11:19am

In all this chaos, remember folks, "Be anxious for nothing" and trust in the LORD.  He IS coming again.

Let's just do what we can to help the persecuted and leave the rest to Him.

Comment by Timothy Birdnow on August 9, 2014 at 11:17am

Hi Roc29!

My good friend Jack Kemp (who blogs here as well as at The Aviary www.tbirdnow.mee.nu) is Jewish and he argues that most Jews are primarily secular and cultural rather than religious, and that they believe in a secular utopia. I am sure he is right. Also, most American Jews came from Eastern Europe where socialism was the only option to the old imperial statism. It should further be pointed out that charitable works are required of Jews and many see the state as fulfilling this obligation. I once read an essay by Rabbi Boteach at The America Spectator where he explained that Jews do not concern themselves with the afterlife so much as with social works here - and it is so much easier to see progress if you use the government than do it yourself.

I agree with you; government aid is not charity. See my American Thiniker article on the subject.


Governments take wealth by force to redistribute it. This is not charity nor is it Christian. In fact, it robs the benefactor of the opportunity to act in charity; they are forced to do it or face arrest, and if they resist, they will be assaulted and even killed. Hardly what God intended.

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