Why Obama will win if either Romney or Gingrich are the nominee! PART 2

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which I see hardly anyone has read, because it seems like the Tea Party movement has been coming absolutely unglued over this issue. It's like most of our people have blinders on, and don't even want to see the vast body of evidential truth that Gingrich is a big government Progressive and can't possibly win against Obama.

Most in our movement seem to think that anyone can win against Obama, even our dog, ( oh, except for that "crazy" Ron Paul ) but that's not true. While your dog actually might win against Obama, at this point, either Romney or Gingrich cannot, and for very good reasons.

If a GOP candidate is pretty close to being like Obama, they will not win, because of that old saying that "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know", and Obama is the devil that most people know right now. And the facts are out, people, Romney and Gingrich are both pretty much big government Progressives, not all that different from Obama. Not enough to differentiate themselves and win!

Not to mention the fact that if we stay with the big government model, this nation is gone!

Romney has been sunk for weeks now and is taking a dive in the polls, leaving Gingrich, but that has been scaring the living heck out of those who know a hoot about Gingrich, and for very good reasons. A broad spectrum of them have been exposing Gingrich's past and his policies for over a week now, yet the majority in the Tea Party movement just keep those blinders on, because they think that "Gingrich is the only one who can beat Obama". But if that was really true, we're in deeper trouble than you've even realized, people!

Glenn Beck has literally been taking Gingrich apart this past week, yet the majority in the Tea Party movement have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye, and kept those blinders on. But if you don't wake up soon, Gingrich will be coronated the GOP nominee, all the big government Progressive Republicans will celebrate with joy ( Including, I think, the majority at Fox News now! ) and he will proceed to lose to Obama!

It will be exactly like running John McCain, another big government Progressive, against Obama!

For those of you who missed GBTV this past week, here's exactly why!:

Big one: Gingrich supported a health care mandate similar to "Obama Care", but for over 20 years!

A “mandate” is what over 26 states have been fighting against now, which will probably blow "Obama Care" up in the Supreme Court before the next election - something that has never been done before in U.S. history, and which is unconstitutional - forcing Americans to buy something just because they are Americans! Nowhere in our Constitution is the government given the power to do that! Nowhere!

Romney has been heavily criticized for Romney Care but even that wasn't in place for as long as Gingrich has been advocating a health care mandate!

Then there's this: We all know that there have been four Presidents in the 20th century that were the most big government Progressive socialists. Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and Jimmy Carter. For those who missed it, Glenn Beck has exposed Teddy Roosevelt as a Progressive, beyond any possible doubt, including this and much much more:

First, Beck and his guests posed the question of who they would think was the greatest President of the 20th century. All of them said Reagan, as most conservatives would surely do. But then they played some video footage from Gingrich!

Showing his Progressive colors, Gingrich said:

"No one is FDR. FDR is the greatest practitioner of self government, certainly in the 20th century, and maybe in American history. And FDR as Governor of New York, in good times, was very Progressive.

Self government?! Seriously?!

"The greatest politician of the 20th century in this country - Franklin Delano Roosevelt!"

Oh, and for us women, it seems that Gingrich said that women shouldn't be in combat, "because they get infections once a month"!

I'm sure that will ingratiate all this country's women to Newt and just make us want to vote for him! It sickened me when I heard that!

And I'm sure that none of this will come out, along with the vast body of other dirt, lies, corruption and big government advocacy, when Gingrich is actually running against Obama!

There's much, much more to Gingrich's sordid story. Please read the truth at


John Ziegler, who developed that site, said on GBTV:

It's not just that he's corrupt, Glenn, he's a whore!

No, if you choose Newt Gingrich as GOP nominee, he won't have as much of a chance against Obama, as your dog does, because your dog may lick his nether regions, but he's still cleaner than Newt Gingrich appears to be!

And all this brings to mind another point. To really have a serious chance of beating Obama, a candidate will need broad based support, not just from conservatives, but from independents and even some of the more sane liberals, and yes some like that exist. One of my sisters happens to be one, and I was one years ago myself, before finally becoming more sane and evolving to a Libertarian and eventually past that to being an Objectivist where I remain. ( the Capitalist individual rights-based philosophy of Ayn Rand )

So who in the present field has broad based enough support to actually beat Obama, and not just come close enough to where decided to people keep the “devil they know”?

Ron Paul!

My liberal sister even even likes him and says she would vote for him. I've spoken to many many independents who like him, and many many conservatives, Libertarians and Objectivists. Because the major issue of this election will be restoring America - our Constitution, our fiscal sanity and our economy, and Ron Paul is the best that there is on these issues, always has been, and has never wavered from them!

Some Tea Party leaders and many conservatives, some of whom are apparently big government Progressive types themselves, object to Ron Paul on the grounds that he advocates Jeffersonian principles when it comes to foreign policy, which is ironically part of why he appeals to many independents and even some liberals.

Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations – entangling alliances with none.” - Thomas Jefferson.

So he would withdraw our troops from places like Germany and Japan, where they've been since World War II, and South Korea, and let those rich nations pay for their own defenses for a change. A large part of the reason they're rich is because they've been sapping our wealth to pay for their defenses!

America is not rich anymore, we're broke ( the truth that few but Ron Paul dare to speak! ), and we can't afford to defend half the world when they won't lift a finger to defend themselves by paying for it and having their own capable militaries.

Sidebar: There's a great essay on RKBA at http://rkba.org/comment/cowards.html which makes a point that we should extrapolate on a global scale. If someone won't lift a finger to defend themselves, why should others defend them?

With Israel, Ron Paul would follow the same Jeffersonian policy, which a lot of the more fascist ( nationalist socialist ) leaning conservatives apparently can't stand. They think we should be the world's policemen instead, but as Ron Paul keeps pointing out, we're broke, we can't do that anymore!

Will Iran get nukes? I think the most essential question is this: Do you, or do you not support the RKBA – Right to Keep And Bear Arms? Because disarming people that you fear, before they have initiated force, is called the principle of “prior restraint” and those of us who have long been in the RKBA movement fully understand how the left has used that to advocate gun control and gun bans. They fear everyone, so all the guns should be banned so that no one can possibly have one to do anything wrong with. But what about the government? If they're the only ones allowed to be armed, will they possibly do anything wrong with them? History has sure shown that they will!

It's the same argument, being used by our big government fascists, against Iran being armed. We fear them, so we must use prior restraint to keep them from having nukes. Gun control and banning, on a macro scale!

But if you support liberty, like Ron Paul does, then let people have the RKBA and if they initiate force against you, then you can defend yourself and annihilate them, and this includes Iran and Israel! Israel is perfectly capable of defending itself and I'm sure it's been made perfectly clear to the leaders of Iran, that if they attack Israel with nukes, Iran will cease to exist. That's a pretty drastic threat, which I assume the majority of Iranians who are good decent sane people would become very sober and aware at the thought of!

In fact, nuclear weapons are the very reason we haven't had a World War since they were developed – the consequences are just too horrible for the vast majority of people who are good, decent and sane, to allow. So I predict that if Iran gets nukes ( and they may have them already ) their people will not tolerate insanity in their leaders. In fact Ahmadinejad is very likely to be similar to Kruschev, when he banged his shoe on the table and said “WE WILL BURY YOU!”, and the USSR was armed with nukes at that time.

He's gesturing, but he also realizes that if he does something insane, his country will cease to exist! And yes, I'm aware of what Glenn Beck has pointed out about the 12th Imam movement in Iran, but we have the “rapture” movement in this country too, and as much as some people love to believe in those aspects of religion, they still don't know, but the immediate facts are that they have their homes, loved-ones and their nations, and those things are immediate and tangible, and though “heaven” may exist, the vast majority of people don't want to lose them in a flash.

Someone on Beck's show mentioned that Paul would end our Prohibition, AKA the “War On Some Drug Users” and “even make heroin legal. Horrors! Why that was the way it was in this country, since its founding, up until the big government Progressive era. Why the original Coca Cola even had coca leaf extract as an ingredient, which gave it the distinct flavor, and it's never been more than just another cola since they removed that flavoring, though they removed the alkaloids that caused the “high” way before that. How horrible it would be if everyone could freely choose what they put in their own bodies. Why I'd go crazy and use half a dozen drugs then. ( No, not really! )

The fact is, anyone who wants to use drugs can already use them, no laws or drug wars have stopped that. That's why Prohibition didn't work! I haven't smoked pot in many years, but of I really wanted to, I could ask around and have some within hours! ( Not even bothering with the Medical Marijuana licensing that Colorado has now! )

After the 20's we realized that Prohibition never did work and repealed it, yet we continue to pursue a “War On Some Drug Users” that has cost trillions, massive numbers of lives, and now has Mexico in a state of terrorized narco anarchy. And for what? So we can tell people how they must live, while many in our nation continue to demand the products that a free market must supply, even if people must die for providing them? Is that the classical conservativism, that people should have free will and the freedom to choose their own lives? No, it's big government forced-collectivism, not expressed as the socialism of the left, but as the fascism of the right. Just various flavors of forced-collectivism. You can't tell people what drugs they may not use, without initiating force against them!

So what other arguments are there against Ron Paul? Bring them on, because they can be answered!

But the fact of the matter is that he's the only one standing who has the unwavering integrity, honesty, belief in our Constitution, small government principles, fiscal sanity, doing the painful things that it will now take to restore our country, our freedom and our economy and take the real and necessary steps that will bring us back from the abyss and create real jobs, not just government jobs and handouts!

And I have 100% confidence that he would develop a foreign policy that would follow Jeffersonian principles and would get the rest of the world to admire and respect us again, and it's about time!

Let that sink into your mind for awhile, and then please get behind him and support him and a Congress like him, because otherwise we will lose this country!

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Comment by jamie jordan on December 16, 2011 at 10:13am

Congressman Paul's biggest problem is that he is totally committed to his principles, more so than getting elected. His foreign policy position IS the position of the Founders.  But, his reluctance to acknowledge that radical Islam's irrational goal of destroying Israel & friends of Israel (there is only one...US) is a deal killer for many conservative (not Constitutional) voters. 

The problem for us Constitutionalists is that we are not even close to a majority of the GOP, and are a relative tiny fraction of the voting population.  If we wish to get one of our own elected, we must appeal to them. Dr. Paul appeals to dope smoking liberals (and anti-establishment, anti-rule types) because he would let them smoke dope and walk around naked in San Francisco without any repercussions. So now, we've got Constitutionalists + Dope Smokers + .....?   This group of activists might win a caucus in Iowa, but, not a Primary and certainly not a general election. 

This is the reason I was hoping that Senator Rand Paul would run instead of his dad. Rand Paul IS electable as he appeals to conservatives, libertarians, and dope smoker types. Now, this may sound like bad news, but, the good news is that the power of our form of government lies in the Congress.  The least important vote one ever casts is the vote for President, yet, that is the focus.  The most important vote, federally, one casts is their vote for THEIR congressman.  So, know who your local Constitutional candidate for Congress is and support them!

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