Why Conservatives Must Leave The GOP

There, we’ve seen it again:  massive RNC money and donations sink the conservative GOP candidate in Kansas, handing the win to incumbent RINO and Establishment stalwart, Senator Pat Roberts.  As Dan Riehl writes in Breitbart (http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2014/08/06/How-Pat-Roberts-and-the-GOP-Lost-Kansas), the Republican Party “threw everything it had” to Roberts to assist him in his defeat of Wolf in the primary.

I know there have been others, but so far the GOP has gone to extraordinary lengths to defeat primary challengers to RINOs in Mississippi, Kansas and Virginia.  In Virginia’s GOP primary, Ken Cuccinelli defeated his Republican primary challenger Bill Bolling.  Cuccinelli went on to face Democrat  Terry McAuliffe in the general election.  Who did the GOP Establishment-backed Bolling endorse?  He endorsed McAuliffe who went on to win.   Then we were treated to the slimy tactics put forward by former RNC chairman Haley Barbour and Senator Thad Cochran in Mississippi in order to engineer a Cochran victory over the conservative challenger in that primary.  It serves as an excellent example of what this party leadership is and what that leadership stands for.   We hear now that Reince Priebus and others want to end the practice of allowing those not in the GOP to vote for our primary candidates.  We’re supposed to believe that, following his refusal to publicly censure Cochran and Barbour, even after being asked by prominent conservatives in an open letter to do so?  Crocodile tears.  They’ll do nothing.  Further to that, the Mississippi GOP has refused to address McDaniel's challenge to the runoff results, despite ample evidence that he won it. The Republican Party has no room for conservatives or any stripe of politician in its ranks who represents true opposition to Democrats, Big Spending or Big Government.  

It’s plain to see the challenge facing true conservatives seeking office as Republicans: their own party works against them in the primaries and, should they win the primary, continues to do so as they enter the general election.  In doing so, the GOP are working against their registered voters, the ones who wanted the conservative to win the election.   Far from being on a level playing field, conservatives in the GOP must not only counter the disinformation, lies and other noise created by the mainstream media, but they must also fight the very organization whose banner they carry.  Pictured as a battle of Napoleanic armies, the GOP Establishment and their conservatives take the field against the Democrats, only once on the field, both the Democrats and Establishment unite to turn on the conservatives.

What would happen if conservatives leave the GOP?  Abandoning the GOP and working within a party of their own, they would run in their own primaries on a level field, and schedule primary debates hosted and moderated by conservatives.  The winners of those primaries would then enter a three-way race in the general election for the seats in their respective states with a far greater chance of success and, because they would be discussing the issues confronting most Americans when they get out of bed in the morning, instead of the non-issues the other parties distract us with, they would likely find many cross-over votes, as Ronald Reagan once did.  In addition, working in a new party of conservatives which represented true opposition to the statist, big government positions of both the Democrat and Republican parties, money which is currently withheld from those parties would flow to the new party.  Conservatives would have a home where their message could be coordinated and disseminated without hindrance from a party leadership which is in disagreement and without the necessary campaign funding being withheld and directed to liberals instead.

What could go wrong?  First, let’s ask, ‘what has the current state of affairs brought us to’?  Where are we going as we’re currently structured?  Isn’t it as plain as day?  So far, the Establishment is three for three.  They want those Democrats who call themselves Republicans to remain in office, to continue to enable Democrat policy and to continue to fail to use their considerable power and influence to block or prevent liberal policy victories for Democrats.  Who are they blocking?  Picture all of us, our families and our friends being stiff-armed by the GOP.  When they block our candidates, they are blocking us.  So what we have now is a phony party in the GOP.  They tell us that they’re conservatives, but they are not.  They want our votes, but they don’t deliver when they get them.  Everything major that they do is prefaced by a farcical display of objection by the GOP leadership, which invariably ends in a final capitulation to Democrat policy.  Sometimes the Democrats, realizing that to keep the game going they have to let the GOP “win” something once in a while, they actually let them do so.  Remember when the GOP won the (meaningless) $60 Billion budget “cut”.  Whoopee.   So, whether we vote for the Democrat or vote for the Republican, we still end up with liberal public policies and the ransacking of our freedoms by the government we pay for.  Now they even steal our personal lives and store the information, while they point fingers and yell about the guy who spilled the beans.  Still worried about forming a true opposition party?

So why aren’t Democrats called to task here?  We don’t vote for Democrats.  Democrats don’t tell us what we want to hear.  Republicans do that, or attempt to do so.  It is they who steal our votes and then run with our opposition.  It is they who lack the guts to tell their constituents “Boehner took away my committee seat because I didn’t bring in enough money during the last year, which is because I wouldn’t sit with the lobbyists and also because I voted against liberal House Bill “X” after he told me I had to vote for it.”  But then,  if they did take it to the people, they’d only lose their next election and someone else would face the same challenges.  I guess the mentality becomes “shut up and go along”.

Is there any doubt that we need a party which supports what is right for America’s people while remaining true to its founding principles of limited government, personal responsibility and freedom?  Look for it, for it’s coming.


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Comment by joseph C Avila on August 30, 2014 at 10:40am
Gerald: Sorry it was pulled before I got to read it.           “Brevity is the soul of wit.”
Comment by Gerald V. Todd on August 29, 2014 at 2:40pm

Thanks for pulling my answer to Joseph. Just because I explain something to someone who asks and include a ":pitchur" shouldn't raise your ire.

There should be a line between the one liner bitchin, moaning and calling names and some effort to make clear concise statements. Your 10 line idea has a lot of merit. Why not set it as a general rule?

I don't think I'm Jesus, but the missing post has its implications. He he.

Comment by Ernest E Lane on August 29, 2014 at 1:00pm

Jesus.  We don't need your entire political philosophy.  If you can't make your post ten lines or so, don't even bother.

Comment by joseph C Avila on August 29, 2014 at 10:48am
Gerald V. Todd: Okay, I give up, interpret for me.
Comment by Ernest E Lane on August 29, 2014 at 10:13am
"If conservatives left the GOP, they would not get any coverage from the MSM." As a third Party, perhaps. But my goal is for the conservatives to leave the GOP and form their own Party, which sooner rather than later supplants the Republican Party as the main alternative to the Democrats. In fact, I would like to see either a governor or Senator that wins reelection in November announce _the next day_ that he's leaving the Republican Party, forming the [conservative] Party and invite true conservatives to join him. He could win the Presidency in 2016 if he does it right.

"third parties always lose." Whether or not that's true, I neither want nor expect a conservative Party to be a third Party, but one of the two main ones. The Republican Party becomes a third Party.
Comment by Jeanine Kincheloe on August 29, 2014 at 9:56am

Conservatives cannot project a moral, constitutional cause while surrounded by immoral, lying hypocrites. Republicans are snakes.

Comment by Jeff Dover on August 29, 2014 at 9:48am

Pretty much agreed, Vern.  I don't agree with "third parties always lose", however.  Whatever, yes, by all means vote Republican in November and sort out the rest later.

I think it's important to note that conservatives, who leave the party as Independents or look for a new party to represent them, are not the cause of the schism in this party.  They are the symptom.  They are the symptom of a Republican congress and leadership which has failed and continues to fail, to lead in our founding principles, to work according to constitutional guidelines or to force adherence to them with the power invested in the House and to observe sound fiscal management of the nation's affairs.  The same was true a few years back when the GOP had the House, the Senate and the White House.

The ball is in their court.  The choice is theirs -- to represent us or not.

Comment by Vern Shotwell on August 29, 2014 at 9:17am

One problem that remains, of course, is that third parties always lose.

In 2010, a massive effort occurred within the Tea Parties to squelch the "Paulbots" and other third party groups...to increase the effectiveness of the GOP. The 2010 elections were in fact rather effective.

These efforts of 2010 were not carried forward into 2012. And, 2012 turned out to be something of  a rout for the GOP, with turnout numbers at the polls being way, way down for the red team. We lost big time.

What will happen in 2014? Will Conservatives again stay home, protesting that their "perfect candidate" is not on the ticket? I certainly hope not!

The main objective remains to break the hold of the Democratic Caucus in both the House and Senate!

We have no hope of flipping the Executive til 2016. But getting rid of Harry Reid's stranglehold is within our grasp this year. Go vote this year. Vote against the Democratic party in November. Don't sweat the little stuff...we can sort that out in 2016, 2018....what ever it takes in the future. Small gains are better than no gains!

  • Vote Republican this November
Comment by Jeff Dover on August 29, 2014 at 8:36am

The 44% are former Republicans, not to mention those still registered as Republican, like yours truly, who no longer have any faith in that party.  Those independents haven't joined the other parties because they aren't in agreement with them.  We don't need a state religion and we don't need trees enjoying constitutional privileges.  Former Republicans aren't nuts.  What they want is what most conservatives want and what Republicans decades ago could usually expect: a political party which represents them and their interests in accordance with founding principles and constitutional guidelines.

Those former Republicans who are now independents have always had the choice to join those other parties.  But what they are looking for is a party which represents what Republicans used to represent and which will use the power we invest in them to pursue those interests for us.  It is the lack of that pursuit and the realization that it's because those in power have no interest in pursuing them which has everyone jumping ship.

It won't happen overnight, but they will find or form that party.

Comment by Gerald V. Todd on August 28, 2014 at 9:05pm

Joseph - Thanks for your cogent response. Your vacuum  idea is similar to the health care and immigration arguments thrown at us - we don't have a solution.

Vacuums tend to be filled - like the denigration of our Judeo-Christian ethic - filled with the politically correct "progressive" mentality.

In the case of repeal, we go back to the original concepts of the combined application of the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity... personal responsibility and e pluribus Unum. States begin to exercise what they are best at, the inefficiencies of federal funding - double the overhead cost of state funding - will begin to effect the economy. This is a government of, by and for the people - elected officials - including bureaucrats serve at our pleasure and are expected to perform with an honest day's work.

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