As the president celebrates by singing the blues, America is also singing the blues:

  1. Gasoline prices are heading for $4 per gallon.
  2. United States relations with Israel are at a historic low.
  3. Iran cuts down to six weeks timeline for weapons-grade uranium.
  4. Bureau of Labor Statistics' real unemployment: 15.1%.
  5. Unemployment among blacks stands at 16.7%.
  6. United States Debt to Gross Domestic Product is now 101%.
  7. In terms of transportation infrastructure, we are in a crisis situation.
  8. The Federal Reserve is transferring America's wealth to Europe.
  9. The Obama administration continues their attack on the church.
  10. Price increases across most of the North American food industry lead to weak sales for some packaged food makers.

While this list is comprised of only 10 issues, I would not be hard pressed to add more. What does this list have as common denominators? The loss of freedom through debt/redistribution, transference of our dependence on God to the state and a weakened nation both foreign and domestic.

David DeGerolamo

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Comment by Bartholomew P. Crowe, Jr. on February 23, 2012 at 9:28pm

Nero had his fiddel.  Pres. Obama sings.  Does this mean Washington will burn like Rome.


Comment by TaterSalad on February 23, 2012 at 12:49pm

Liberals, not Barack Obama has brought disaster and destruction to the United States.  Obama is only the mouth piece for this socialist culture, although he is "one of them".  What part of a liberals mind does it take to understand this article below?  Will they ever accep the fact they are the problem here in America?


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