We do not know what event will be the trigger to economic collapse or war; we do know that our "leaders" in Washington, D.C. are culpable barring a major natural catastrophe. There are several events currently in play that have an impact on our future in order of importance or probability (in my opinion).

1. A worldwide Ebola outbreak. The new strain that has been identified in Italy poses a risk for Europe but can quickly spread across the world by air transportation.

2. Earthquakes. The number of major earthquakes (especially in the Ring of Fire) and volcanoes (especially the readings in Yellowstone) are not being widely reported.

3. Cliven Bundy. The government's attack on Cliven Bundy is not over. If this is not resolved, this event is one shot away from starting Civil War II.

4. Minor conflicts: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, North Korea, Syria and most of Africa. Any one of these areas could be used as an excuse to escalate into a larger war.

5. Economic collapse. The stock market keeps rising despite bad economic news and low volume. The prices of gold and silver are being driven lower which was foretold to be a precursor prior to the planned economic collapse.

6. Ukraine

Ukraine is the pivotal point now. When we look back at this point in history, most of the analysis will focus on how the United States imploded due to an out of control, incompetent federal government. Whether we implode due to uncontrolled spending, oppressive taxation and/or any one of a number of attacks on our Liberty by our "leaders", our current federal government is both incompetent and narcissistic. As of right now, we should be focused on Russia's plan for expansion and our pResident's complete collapse of any foreign policy.

I understand that there are other events in play that could impact our future and any one event will trigger other events to compound and expedite what is about to transpire. And then there is always the Black Swan waiting in the wings. Whatever is about to happen, we will look back and see that the federal government either precipitated it or was unable to stop it through their own incompetence and arrogance.

David DeGerolamo

Sergey Lavrov: "If Russian Troops Or People Attacked, We'll Retaliate"

It took Joe Biden just a day after his arrival in Kiev to kill and bury the last remaining hope that last week's latest attempt at diplomatic de-escalation in Geneva would actually be anything more than a joke. A few hours ago, in a statement posted on the parliament website, Ukraine acting President Oleksandr Turchynov said that pro-Russian separatists have "crossed line" adding that East Ukraine is currently controlled by “terrorists” supported by Russia. More...

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Comment by David DeGerolamo on April 23, 2014 at 12:14pm


I agree with your assessment of the voting pubic. Which is why the "Remember Lexington Green" rally last Saturday in Atlanta was so refreshing. Decorated veterans leading the way for our future. And not one political speaker invited.

I believe we have missed our opportunity to regain our Liberty through political avenues.

Comment by Clarence E. DeBarrows on April 23, 2014 at 11:51am

Our major problem is in Washington D.C. and that is caused by an unbelievably ignorant electorate!

Comment by Bonita Weimerskirch on April 23, 2014 at 11:49am

Well that's a very somber and scary assessment of what's about to happen.  I pray things somehow are defused, but I fear you are right on the money......

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