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What Is Obamacare Really Intended To Do In October?

What is Obamacare really intended to do? Haven't you analyzed it enough? I did. THIS IS THE SHOWDOWN, the HIGH NOON moment, and there's a few most obvious reasons WHY -whether you have the stomach for this showdown or not- it's here NOW. And it is meant to stay like the cancer it is!
<><><> Why is Obama doing this now? NOT NEGOTIATING! ~ Because he and Reid designed the Obamacare to be this nation's "Doomsday Machine" -a virus unimaginable to his flock, the inertia lemmings. Yet it is hardly understood fully by his detractors (many of us). HE IS GENERATING RISING DISSENT TO A CIVIL WAR PITCH NOW!!! It's time to load up a 'quick-responce' statement about it you can FIRE at a liberal who loses his/her job because of the shutdown, or better in 2 weeks when the Debt-Cealing crisis morphs over this crisis.
Why? ~~Because Obamacare is doomed to break us financially as the tripwire to the debt-cealing showdown by the 17th of October. Although there is widespread agreement that barring pre-exisiting conditions as a reason to deny health insurance is worthwhile policy, it's only financially feasible if the VAST MAJORITY of eligible individuals buy it. This will only occur if THE PENALTY FOR NOT PURCHASING IT EQUALS OR EXCEEDS THE COST OF INSURANCE. For the majority of people the Obamacare penalties as a cost are insignificant, and there is no (BUILT IN IT) effective enforcement. The logical choice for all citizens under the age of 35 is NOT TO BUY THE INSURANCE in 2013, 2014, 2015... since structurally it's a Ponzi scheme with a <2-year deception timelimit before it IMPLODES. Understand, the non-buyers or penalty payers (*and most won't even pay the penalty more than once or twice) should they acquire a significant medical health problem then will buy the insurance on the exchange at that time BECAUSE their pre-exisiting conditions won't prevent them from doing so. This built-in 'delayed entry' will be like the Huns sacking Rome from all around its edges, weakening the entire structure to collapse even sooner than Obama planned. This will result in an uninsured population consisting of disproportionate amounts of HIGH-RISK individuals, ultimately leading to draconian premium increases. Those premium increases will quickly destroy some of the insurers/exchanges by late 2014, tottering the Ponzi hoax which by that point to be seen through a dead man's eyes.
REMEMBER: the nitroglycerin is 1st: Forcing insurers to underwrite those with pre-existing conditions is "actuarial suicide" improperly socializing cost, not the risk. 2nd: Obamacare's purchasing power coupled with that of Medicare and Medicaid is a monopoly that will bankrupt hospitals, private practices, pharmaceutical companies, and medical sub-businesses like a stack of dominoes falling. 3: Giving govt. control (*since the Roberts' Supreme court meltdown and the 4-year long paranoia of inertness in Boehner, until recently) over healthcare decisions has sewn malaise and resentment to the point of Obama's essential *non-declaration (*the true reason "I won't negotiate" statements) to GRASP (within 2-weeks) and SEIZE the taxing and spending power from the H of R by an unconstitutional "emergency executive order" (my best guess) by October 25th. He will declare emergency fiscal powers by that time as the debt cealing shuts down govt. BY HIS HANDS. Obamacare is a poison placed inside our society by a demon caretaker, a 'midnight nurse' with a hypodermic needle on the ICU ward, and you, my friends, are all immobilized patients lying in the bed as he walks in to administer your shot. Pelosi and Reid are the security guards on the floor blocking access to those who might wish to stop (your family all have beds on this ward) the 'entrusted liar' with his needle. They are merely serving their master like the hounds of hell, radiating in Shakespeare's words:
"It has been taught us from the primal state
That he which is was wished until he were."

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Comment by Paul Szemanczky on October 7, 2013 at 9:28pm

Thanks, Tim. Your analysis always reads as well as the work and mind of Jeff Shaara.

Comment by Timothy Birdnow on October 6, 2013 at 10:17am
Absolutely spot on Paul! You are absolutely right; this is THE moment, there will be nothing but the mop-up if we fail here.
Comment by Paul Szemanczky on October 5, 2013 at 10:58pm

Don't buy it! Don't for sure give them your SSN! and Don't let your mind and its fears be snatched up by the Invasion of Obamacare - it's all a miserable Ponzi scheme in the backwater of the Debt Cealing Crisis looming just ahead.

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