"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." This quote by Thomas Paine has deeply affected me and driven me through my life. When I was very young the favorite part of my day was when my father used to sit me on his knee and read from a collection of books called "Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Men." If you are not familiar with these books, they are amazing short stories about our forefathers and other great men that built this country. They briefly tell about great men, like Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Paine, and Marquis de Lafayette, among others. So, early on I was taught of the virtues and ideals that country was built upon. They talk of freedom, liberty, strength of character, courage of conviction, and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds. Even though some people might say that such things are cliché, they taught me to think for myself, to understand the trials and struggles of this country, and most importantly to fight for what was right. My father taught me these things so early on because he said, "if you do understand where you came from, you will never know where you are going." Again very possibly a cliché, but also a very evident truth.

So, as I grew and experienced our country's enriching educational system, I was shocked and dismayed by the ignorance of the students around me but most of all my teachers. These teachers spoke of history as a corrupt illusion of grandeur. As if all men before us were less than us because they did not adhere to the politically correct ideals of today. Those same teachers shoved their Liberalism down our throats and made us pledge blind allegiance to the new generation of thought, a generation of "progressives", a generation of "Carters", and most importantly a generation that never questions but only nods their heads with vacant stares. Our forefathers and war heroes were evil, yes, evil! And when I disagreed, I was called Mrs. Limbaugh, Mrs. Reagan, or worse. More discouraging, then the idiotic names was the blatant fact that I was the only one out of probably 75 of my classmates that had any objection to this obvious erosion of history, to this indoctrination! This continued, through college and even into the workplace where if I ever voiced an opinion or even a fact about the history of this great country I was ridiculed or chastised.

Suffice it to say, I used to think that I was odd or just bat-S***-crazy when I spoke to classmates, friends and co-workers. For example, on Nov 5th , 2008, the day the "community leader" (Obama) was elected into office, I was overwhelmed with despair for the impending demise of this great country that I was taught to love and then my despair turned quickly to rage as I spoke to a twenty-something friend of mine. My friend, who shall remain nameless, was unbelievably excited that Obama had won the election. She said, "Isn't it amazing, he's soo cool!" WTF??? I said to her very calmly; as I was at work I could not show my true emotion, "What do you know of him? What is he saying that you support? What do think of his healthcare plan?...etc" I spouted off question after question to a "girl" with a vacant stare and no idea what I was talking about! After, I took a breathe all this "girl" was able to utter was..."He will bring us change." I stopped speaking then because my mother always told me not to argue with crazy people and this "girl", this friend was obviously crazy or very stupid.

It occurred to me later that she was not crazy or even very stupid but she was a product of our good ole' American education system. She was blind to history, blind to our beginning, blind to the verity that I was taught as a very young child. She was pop-culture immersed and had no outside guidance to show her the error of listening to the proganda shoved down our throats by the mass media. The horrific thing was that in the following weeks and months I spoke to more and more people of my age that voted for this New Hope because he was cool and would bring change. Most intelligent people know that change is not defined as a transformation always for the better. I could break your nose, punching you dead in the face and your nose would change but would it be better? Forgive my dim-witted example but when your dealing with people that say, " I voted for a president because he was cool", the less complicated the example, the easier they may (if ever) understand.

As I get older, I have found more and more people that are supporters of "what's cool". I see the erosion of this county and blame not only my generation but the educational system that produces these people. I do not think that my generation was really the first generation to start losing the ideals that this country was built upon but it definitely is the true start of the unthinking, MTV drones. Future generations are just becoming more and more indoctrinated. So I guess, my only question is how do we turn this around, how do we inform the uniformed that do not want to be informed?

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Comment by Christine Dwyer on February 7, 2010 at 12:14am
I would love to discuss this concept with you. Reaching out to younger people is so important. I believe that Tea Party Members need to reach a consensus with this group by having more dialogue along the line of what it important to them; namely, green initiatives, abortions rights, and gay marriage. I personally belive that the First Principles of the Tea Party are OUR priorities, but that we need to to a better job of legitimizing and making progress on the issues important to youth. It is the only way to get them talking with us and maybe wising up to the fact that we are fighting for THEM, and for THEIR children -- OUR future...
Comment by Hal Champenois on February 6, 2010 at 5:52am
Thanks for the insight. I have friends in education and I am amazed when they tell me what can be taught and what can't be taught in the public schools today. I was taught in public schools and I got the same lesson about our government that your father gave you. Thank you Mrs. Olin, my 6th grade teacher!! After that year I understood how important the people are in our government, and how delicate the balance of power is. I have seen that balance tilt over the years, but never lean so far as it has today. We, the people are the only entity which can once again balance the power and put our Republic back on track to become the leader, by example, of the FREE world again. VOTE CORRUPTION OUT!

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