An Entrepreneurial Plan to build a 2012 Landslide for Freedom.

The most common frustration I hear when speaking to people about the upcoming 2012 elections is people just do not know what they can really do RIGHT NOW to make a sufficient difference to stop the socialist agenda.

A common refrain is that our "choir" is better educated, understands the Constitution more and knows just how horrific the socialist agenda is for America, but the question still remains, "What can I do right now to stop it?"

Certainly all the traditional actions of grassroots politics, up to an including the vote, are essential. It's important to stay in touch with local, state and federal representatives and make your voice heard through all possible means.

Over the course of the next year, the Freedom Agenda candidates will battle out their ideas on a national stage and ideally we'll have a very strong, winning candidate ready to lead all the factions in a final push to victory after the RNC convention in August of 2012.

Most people inherently understand if we wait until we have a candidate to turn our attention to new voters, it's already too late...and it will be. This takes us back to the original question; "What can I do NOW to stop the Socialist Agenda."

I believe the most important work we can do right now is to build a massive team of NEW voters who have a personal experience and understanding of socialism vs. freedom. We have a a plan to create 15 million NEW voters who will have such an experience through the Power of Small Business.

While our colleagues hash out many of the political issues, we are going to focus on building a team of fired up, freedom voters who will support our candidate. We'll also be helping our new voters understand the impact of politics on their ability to earn a living...and keep their income.

If you want a sneak peak of the plan, join me for a free webinar to learn how you can get involved NOW...

Tuesday, May 31st at 7:30 pm Eastern / 4:30 Pacific

Click here to register:  https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/790004446


Tuesday, May 31st at 1o:30 Eastern / 7:30 pm Pacific.

Click here to register: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/959183862

Here's to Saving American Freedom in 2012!



Steve Olds
Patriot Mission, Inc.
855.To.Rebuild x 7010

Join an Entrepreneurial Revolution to Save American Freedom in 2012

Our mission is to Rebuild America through The Power of Small Business.™

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