We can no longer afford not to be political

We can no longer afford not to be political.  The true threat to our nation is not from without, rather it is from within.  Those who have, or would have, fought for this nation in war, must now do so in the battle for the minds of Americans.


That is why, if we have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, we must reach out and educate them to the contrary of the liberal indoctrination they receive in school.


These career liberal politicians resent the Founding Fathers.  They think they are smarter and this is the age of enlightenment.  They are fools drowning in their own reflections.


The socialists are ruthless enemies of the Constitution.  I will cut them no quarter and I will never shrink in the face of their attacks.  I will meet them on the battlefield of ideas and I will possess the superior arms.

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Comment by Charles P. Smith MD on April 25, 2011 at 9:43am

Now if only we could provoke the responsible and sincere republican candidates (if any are that) to "cut no slack" for liberal, anointed, progressive ideas or any persons trying to get away with talking such things. Atlas Shrugged may supply us with examples of what the nuances of their ideas are and how to smack them out of the air.

Despite what any candidate does or does not do, It is a fact that those of us in the Tea Party, country party, Constitutional party will have to push the message and deliver this mail.

In a sporting contest as we observe among professional teams, the level of skills is such that any team can compete effectively enough to win any game. Better chances exist to the extent that teams study opponent strengths respectfully. They may talk as if they care little for the other teams chances, yet smart leaders ensure careful preparation about opponents. 

The hubris of liberals causes them to miss this lesson. Their self-anointed arrogance denigrates all others but them. Other worldly intelligence as they represent would not dain to know the strengths inherent in humans in general and not the unwashed among the masses. They massively under-estimate us. No David and Goliath reminder will awaken them.   

Up until recently, most of us respected and trusted them. We gave them space (more than they deserved) that enabled them to insinuate their evil ideas among us and within the legal walls and academic walls and governing walls. Now we see the evil and lack of intellect and wisdom in them.

Comment by Charles Breitweiser on March 24, 2011 at 4:11pm
That is great.  I will never cut a liberal any slack, because I know their ideas are built on lies, assumptions, and lack of personal responsibility.  We have facts, tradition, and law to support our side.  Its like smacking a rude child.  But the only thing is, when i get on a roll against a room full of liberals.  Ijust keep smackin after they realize their misdeeds.  Sometimes they just admit they are wrong, to shut me up.  Thats usually when I start quoting Reagan.
Comment by Jon Brunke on March 24, 2011 at 10:49am

R.C. You have placed you finger on the keys to the kingdom.  The opposition has known and acted on it for a very long time.  Now it is our turn if we choose to take it.

"if we have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, we must reach out and educate them to the contrary of the liberal indoctrination they receive in school"

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