We are experiencing the Leninizing of this remarkable nation!

We are experiencing the Leninizing of this remarkable nation!

It is absolutely remarkable to live in this nation, watch it being destroyed, the very society of what it is facing genocide, while hearing an absolute silence, so silent, it is deafening.

Why? I ask you, each and every American, why do you hate this nation? Why cannot you see the obvious, the absolute destruction of this nation occurring right before your eyes?

So many things are so identical to the template that Lenin used to destroy Russia—leading them to the darkness they may never recover from—it is beyond comprehension that ignorance of that fact is silent in this nation. It isn’t like they are trying to hide it. For our incompetent journalist, oblivious to even reality, though not knowing what they are telling us; tell us on a daily basis. Each and every action of this current communist cell, what we call the cabinet of this confirmed communist elected to the presidency in a nation that got confuse believing it was a ‘damn-o-crazy’ instead of a Republic of responsibility.

If you know history—and it is obvious that our current government, our congress, and the people who should be our…agents…voting on our behalf—do not, you find yourself in absolute wonder of the absolute ignorance they show on a continuum.

In the nihilism, the absolute genocide of the Russia before the dementia of communism, a society existed. Was it the perfect society? As there never has been a perfect society, it isn’t likely. What it was though, was a society with the foundations of that society. The errors of that society were as all societies, it was the problem that government, in this case a dictatorship, with Caesar—Czar Powers. Strangely as sad as their government was, as it was the royalty, those with power who advocated the concepts of serfs—which is the design currently of our president with the population of this nation—and keeping the stratification of society. In such the American ideal, the American philosophy, the American religious theocracy of all men are created equal…was not even considered. For men were to the communist then, and are to the communist now, nothing but the means for power—identical to the absolute distortion of absolute gibberish our current president in this nation mouths continually.

Is there proof? Do you know, do you care, have you considered, if there is or is not? Or, as the majority of those in this nation, do you spend your time waiting to get home, picking up some marijuana—smoking a joint, retarding your brain and living in some hallucination of a world that doesn’t exist? This is the icon of the America today. A population so inundated by drugs that the simple reality of thinking is removed from activity of our society, and we question why we have problems? After all we can look at the kaleidoscope of ever changing visualizations listen to noise that retards the brain just as white noise cancels our thought, and live as the ‘Eloi’ of Well’s ‘The Time Machine,’ waiting for the ‘Morlocks,’ our government to continue their consumption, their nihilism, and their genocide of the very society we live in.

In the destruction of Russia, Lenin had certain objectives to destroy the country, taking over the nation from the inside out. Is it not curios that Hillary Clinton when offered internship with Saul Alinsky stated, I can do more from inside the government than outside. She chose instead the Lenin model of ‘central planning’ of government, versus the ‘community organizer’ of civil rights agitation disturbing the social order, and nihilistic societal activity.

Lenin saw basic requirements, the power of the press, the power of the police, and the power of the purse. Using this criteria, is there possibly anyone in this nation who cannot see the exact template, the same format, and the identical nihilism, the genocide being used to destroy this nation? If you do not, or cannot, then you have by actions confirmed, you are also a marijuana smoker, a doper, for you cannot see the reality that is in front of you.

Often I’m questioned why I have such a great repulsion for those who smoke marijuana? The answer should never be require, only required as we have a society that has more citizens who smoke the dope, than know the wonder of our design. There is, nor ever has been a society that is successful with the use of hallucinations as the driving force of society. Those who bother studying history…or even make the correlation that mistakes in the past, when known should effect the decisions made in the present…recognize that the Dynasty of China was destroyed by the most destructive nihilism, the genocide of a society by using opium. Our history records the facts, it is known, not refutable. We also know that the ancient dynasty of Egypt slowly disintegrated, followed by enslavement to foreign enemies, then to the dementia of ideology, the psychosis of islamism. Africa in many places is destroyed by destroying the minds of men with their hallucinate, their marijuana, their drug of the dope—khat. For khat only as an amphetamine stimulant, of mental retardant, causes them to believe they are experiencing mental excitement…as marijuana…the loss of appetite…as marijuana…and an artificial euphoria…as marijuana. Making them the perfect choice for head of the line status under the Hart-Cellar act to immigrate to this nation—as they are already dopers—so they will certainly assimilate with this nations majority. The question of so many generations of this drugs use in the society of Africa perhaps a great question why from the African society, little social things…like slavery…still exist. Funny when we have the American government is paying for studying the effects of alcohol on prostitutes in Hong Kong, that this isn’t a concern.

Perhaps as this nation’s health care system destruction of jobs, is allowing more people to not work, to have more off time, perhaps this design is this nation’s future. For when under a hallucinate, you are not hungry, for you won’t be able to buy food. You are happy and excited, as your liberty is disappearing and the government is not only totalitarian, it is dictatorial beyond comprehension, you won’t notice—give me another joint. And as you are rounded up and given the communist medal, the acceleration of a piece of lead out of the barrel of the gun to the back of your brain—you will be in euphoria, for all will then have achieved equality—as corpses, not as men.

One question that is interesting, what will the incompetent do with this nation if all those who do the work to get all done, are eliminated? For few in this nation know that it was merit that allowed Russia to get those to achieve, it was the best who got the schools, the best who were trained, the best who were elevated in society. There are none in Russia as incompetent as our president who would have ever achieved anything.

It would interesting, to but say that the power of the press was just corrupted and circumvented from truth by this reprobate administration. Nice but not fact, For our press has been used as propaganda, our academia society, our whole genre of what is America has been so circumvented from fact, we can call what is American history, as they present it—nothing but, fiction.

This is not something new, John Calhoun identified this long age, ‘Then have control of the almost entire press of the country…’ his then, the political parties. For who today is not in awe of what our political parties are even presenting they are talking about, what the sleight of hand, talk about the minutia, let’s not deal with reality—as our nation is sinking as fast as the final plunge of the Titanic—our concentration is on? We are directed as the magician confuses our senses, watch my right hand and the knife of this nation’s destruction is driven deeper into the very society of this nation with the left hand. Sadly, there are those in this nation, who do not feel the pain. Why, it is their neighbor that the knife is being driven into, not them. So if it not me that is effected, then what’s the problem, their attitude. Perhaps the most disgusting epitaph of a nation—by its own refusal to see the reality of what is occurring—while it is facing its own genocide, the very destruction of the society of wonder it once was.

As sad as our society is, there is a book that all Americans should be required to read, and understand, perhaps before they are allowed to vote. For if we don’t understand the ways, the concepts, and the format of how those with the social dilemma, the psychosis of communism, have succeed. The book, ‘Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler: The Age of Catastrophe.’ It dismisses and opens the eyes, and perhaps even the mind, to the reality of reality—that communism, centralized domination of man, is the same no matter what one calls the form of government. It matter not if we are a Fascist state, a Communist state, or a ‘Damn-o-crazy’ state: for the objective is the same. In fact you can call it a ‘Representative Republic,’ but if the design is as this nation, centralized control of the citizens by every actions of the government—you are still talking about a communist totalitarian dictatorship; no matter what the name.

In this nation, we live in some illusion that this has never happened to this nation. We are something unique, where the ideals, the philosophy of our design some magically way keeps us immune from the simple reality; we are ruled by men—and as James Madison informed us, not angels. It is this little fact, this undisputable reality, this problem that is impossible to change, that is what we are forced to realize is our existence. We can dream, we can hope for ‘hope and change,’ we can  live in some illusion, or hallucination that there is a possibility of some ‘fundamental transformation’ of our nation’s structure, and the errors now ingrained into our society—our nation—and our ethnicity of who we are. Sadly, this is not our genesis, not out design, not anything that was conceived, considered, or even imagined by those who created this nation. Today we are a product of ideologies, dementias, and concepts lacking principles, ideals, and the philosophy of our nation. They are as foreign to this nation as if from not only some foreign nation, but as foreign to our form of society as if an extraterrestrial visitor from another planet—or perhaps universe; that parallel universe that quantum physics hypothesizes—would initiate. 

What can be a better comparative than the debacle of the Obama Care act, and the Enabling Act of 1933 of Nazi Germany? Let’s see, the Obama Care fiasco, is asking for a delay, from the government, to not initiate the ‘LAW’ passed by the congress. Though as Americans you must admit, there is much question of that reality. As the never passed bill, that was reconciles without passage, and then shoved through at the midnight hour, maybe isn’t a good example—but it is reality. Now what did Hitler ask for—do you remember? For those who didn’t know, or have forgotten; it gave Hitler power to enact laws without the involvement of the sitting congress of Germany, the Reichstag. Sound familiar, is not this what our president is doing? Is this not the same thing…with one difference? Here is the difference, it is not the legislation of the congress allowing this insanity, it is a congress that is allowing this tragedy, the absolute destruction of our form of government used by all tyrants.

In ancient Rome, the dictatorship of society existed many times. When a military, or political entity would declare that the ruling body of the senate has no function, and was dismissed. To only revive, and become part of the governing body of the people. The history of mankind is fraught with the same scenario. Where in every society, there are always those who would take the reins of power, and gladly dictate to all. The list is endless, in every nation, every society, and every culture and ethnicity of man’s existence, domination has existed.

In the modern area, in this nation, we have our own Cincinnatus—the Roman general offered the dictatorship of Rome, who refused—in our own George Washington. For he said, no I am not the king, let’s see where this great experiment takes us. Sadly, there were those who would be king, the Alexander Hamiltons, the Abraham Lincolns, Woodrow Wilsons, Roosevelt’s, and even Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter who envisioned some ordainment that they are above mortal men, god’s little (g) on earth. The list of others who by actual malicious intent or absolute ignorance of this nation’s design destroyed the miracle, the wonder of this nation philosophical exceptionalism.

Yet no danger is as close, or as successful as the current peril this nation is facing. We know that Hitler dismissed rule, temporarily, by legislative agreement to become dictator. We also know from history that Lenin locked the opposition out of the ‘All Russian Congress,’ declaring that the soviets were the majority, and that they would dictate government policy. The multitude of coups where the dictatorial powers of the military declared the government of the state, was theirs to dictate and theirs alone.

There is a strange dichotomy of all dictatorships that have always been, no matter what the genesis or the psychotic dementia of those who grab power. There has always been a pretense, some identifier…right or wrong, sensible or insane…of the rule of law. Today in this nation, that pretense is dismissed, without opposition. That seems a bit beyond human reasoning. Today in a scenario where the most incompetent individual ever known to hold public office…in a society that thinks it is, a ‘damn-o-crazy’ instead of a representative republic…has dismissed law. Returning this nation to a society before the literacy of man, where the rules of the jungle, the whim of the dictator the dream of Lenin are allowed without objection. The least qualified, the most incompetent has reduced the nation, which is the shining example of the philosophy of western man, the culmination of 6,000 years of reason, the journey of western man, to barbarism of the lowest order.          

In history, we can find no parallel. We can only make a hypothesis to show the results of historical past in correlation to the incident of today. There are none, only speculative examples of the same scenario—as our nation is facing. Today in America our population is as if the Jewish population of Germany under Adolf Hitler would have begun assembling at the railroad stations, in 1939 stating, well in 1942 this nation is going to make a law, after the Wannsee Conference to eliminate all of the Jews in Europe. So, we are here to assist, prepared for our destruction, so as to make the task easier.

Think of the absolute distorted image that Pheidippides would have had. Running from the plains of Marathon to warn the Athenian senate that the danger, the demented, the hordes of the east is coming, man the walls. Think of his shock—when he addressed the senate to find the enemy is not outside—but that the very senate he is addressing has already surrendered, and is of the same as the enemy approaching?

How so we as the standing pinnacle of western man stand idle as those who would destroy our nation—use the very essence of our philosophical wonder—to hold open the door so those of the dementias foreign to our genesis enter for our destruction? What society of men are we? How do we forget the thousands upon thousands of those who died for this nation’s preservation while we sit in idle refrain allowing our own government to assist not this nation’s preservation, but its genocide, its nihilistic destruction?     

What a strange dichotomy, that the efforts of Pheidippides to warn of the invasion of ideologies determined to destroy western man would be wasted in the nation, the singular nation, that advanced the idealism of man’s liberty. That it would be America, that not only did not man the walls for our cultures preservation, but threw open the doors to the false god of diversity, multi-culturalism, and the irrational insanity we are a ‘damn-o-crazy’ of the world. Completely forgetting the struggle, the history of reformation, of accepting right, and rejecting wrong that led us to where we are now. Forgetting that the wonder of this nation is we are the wonder, not that we are anything but what we are, our culture, our ethnicity, our society of a republic with the simple foundation that men are equal, and liberty is the objective.

We can only hope that reason will again like the ancient mythology of the Phoenix will arise from the ashes, and we shall once again stand as the free men of this nation’s design. That history will tell our story, of our failures, and if we survive, those who were instrumental in attempting our destruction are given their full just rewards, banishment, exile, and expulsion from this society and the wonders of this nation.

To allow them—of both political parties—that have not as they swore, to protect and defend this nation…from enemies foreign and domestic…are prosecuted and condemned for their treason.      


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Comment by tony newbill on February 12, 2014 at 5:01pm

tick ,  tick  , tick  , I wonder how long till society turns on each other ???????????????????

Comment by rob mckinney on February 12, 2014 at 12:57pm
death, for treason..
Comment by Jan on February 12, 2014 at 12:31pm

I have tried to inform people, the only one's willing to listen are those who are believers.  Those who voted him into office will do it again.  They do not want to believe that their party is not what they thought it was. 

Comment by tony newbill on February 11, 2014 at 7:42am

The Bilderberg plan to obliterate humanity


Comment by Betz on February 10, 2014 at 1:46pm
For treason the penalty is death. READ the Constitution. Why banishment? They will only group together to form a society to destroy this nation via war. Banishment is too cowardly. Do the right thing - death penalty.
Comment by tony newbill on February 10, 2014 at 9:43am

The Resistance comes with the collapse of the economy and the money in your pocket becomes worthless paper  like this shows is happening ,

Now You Can Panic: Economist Withdraws All of His Money from Bank of America


Obama’s MyRA Scam: Your Savings Pays for US Debt


DOW Could Drop 7000 Points Due to Fed Tapering


Experts Predict Imminent Collapse of U.S. Dollar


Comment by rob mckinney on February 10, 2014 at 9:22am
When do we change from the protestors, to, the Resistance?
Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on February 10, 2014 at 8:48am


Comment by Virginia Daly on February 10, 2014 at 7:25am

Excellent  essay and sad but true.  I think that more people are aware of what is going on than you realize.  I only associate with people that think like me now, as I have no patience or tolerance for the others who do not see what is happening to this great country.  As we all are saying and talking about,  where do we start?  Do we start with Congress?  Not every state can recall their elected officials. In New York, with Chucky Schumer, that is not an option.  Will the Convention of States that Mark Levin wrote about the way to proceed.  We are all waiting for a leader.  Lead. follow or get out of the way.  We are ready.

Comment by Paul R. Bedard on February 10, 2014 at 7:25am

We'll start the journey to end this tyranny and stop the destruction of our great nation! Be in Washington D.C.on May 16th! "Operation American Spring" lead by Colonel Harry Riley along with tens of millions of patriots! We're taking back our country! If you love freedom and liberty, please be there and tell everyone!



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