There was never any doubt that the pResident would sign the legislation removing the debt ceiling. Notice the title of the article below from "The Hill": Obama signs clean debt hike.

Let's be absolutely clear: this was not a "hike" as the media is portraying it. This is a capitulation of any fiscal restraint by our elected representatives. There are only three possibilities:

1. They are incompetent.

2. They know the economy can no longer be fixed.

3. Both 1 and 2

I believe that the looters as defined by Ayn Rand are in their end game.

David DeGerolamo

Obama signs clean debt hike

President Obama on Saturday signed into law the bill raising the nation's debt ceiling.

Obama signed the bill in California, where he is staying for the weekend before a trip to Mexico next week. A White House aide told CBS News that the bills were flown to Palm Springs, Calif. for Obama to sign.

The debt bill approved by Congress this week suspends the debt ceiling until March 15, 2015. Surplus spending between now and then will be added to the nation's $17.2 trillion debt.

Hundreds of billions of dollars in spending are likely to be added in the next year.


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Comment by david chaney on February 16, 2014 at 6:18pm
The RINOs are worried about the primaries. They are using accounting tricks to hide the deficit spending which may be three times what the media is reporting. They are hoping economic growth will pick up, so they can get re-elected on an improving economy and lower deficit spending. However, the opposite is happening. Should the GDP actually shrink in January and the public find out that deficit spending is over $1.5 trillion for 2014, one has to wonder if the stock market could crash and the federal reserve go bankrupt. The RINOs should have lots of fun in the primaries.

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