Self Defense.

Private Security.

Police/Community Unity.

These three topics comprise my anti-crime activism. 

Notice each doesn't require " blessings " from on high ( or low ) from bureaucrats who're either indifferent or hostile toward you, especially if you happen by be from the inner city.

Hood crime is used as a cash cow by White power democrats who don't talk to Black activists there, but use its murder rate to boost political careers and crony capitalist contracts.

So, saving the Hood is our duty, even if our tax dollars are being withheld by White power democrats who know keeping us underfunded keeps their cash cow of Hood crime fattened.


Self defense is self love, sisters and brothers! Being aware and prepared for your benefit and that of others means you actually value all concerned.

Walking high crime areas as a citizen on patrol means you consider these zip codes as important as some assess five star hotels and gated communities elsewhere.

Hiring private security for inner city neighborhoods and businesses indicates resolve not to allow violence and blight to destroy stakeholders.

Police/community unity is actually much more difficult than self defense and private security, because in White power democrat-run cities, such unity is actively resisted.

While street cops and some supervisors unite with hostage communities, their superiors don't want this to flourish into real culture change where youth stop seeing criminals as role models and cease considering all cops automatic enemies.

The inevitable result of real police/community unity would cost White power democrats and their Black flock in offices and pulpits a strangle hold tightened by inner city violence.  

Once we understand this sad state of affairs, conscious Black citizens, whether you're a conservative, a liberal mugged by reality or a nationalist demanding accountability for our safety, must promote self defense, private security & police/community unity knowing it's a steep uphill climb!

These three ways to save your Hood today won't change things overnight but can, alongside other efforts, make things liveable in zip codes where Black life is a desperate gamble.

Original post: http://moveonup.ning.com/profiles/blogs/three-ways-to-save-your-hood-today?xg_source=activity 

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, The Hood Conservative is an anti crime activist & Project 21 member in New Orleans.

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Comment by CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE on April 23, 2014 at 8:25pm

@Lizzie: You got it American Sister. I'll keep u updated! THANK U AGAIN for your interest!

Comment by Lizzie on April 23, 2014 at 8:21pm

Hey Cap,

I've been looking into your links, and they've been an eye-opener (I'm trying to get the Mr. involved in doing the usual checking-out process he does when looking into charities/ causes).
The emphasis on working locally, and taking charge, are filling in a puzzle piece for me. Let me *try* to explain what I'm talking about.
Recently, Kevin Williamson wrote an article about the Politics of Poverty, in which he talks about how liberal policies aimed at poverty just fail and waste money and make matters worse. It gets good on page two:


This was the eye-opener for me:
"Selling an ownership society to people who are terrified of and baffled by the stock market is not a model for success."
Mostly we talk about "freedom" with a side of "free markets" here on TPN. But we have to re-introduce the concept of 'responsibility' before 'freedom' really makes sense to people. If we can handle ourselves, we don't need the government to own us "for our own good." That's why it seems uncaring to liberals. The liberal principle is to "Mug Thy Neighbor" by raising his taxes, and then pay a bureaucrat to "do something about his poverty".
They don't know how to take responsibility for stuff, no matter how long they prattle on about "empowerment."
And when wealthy Republicans talk about ownership and capitalism, it's about who owns what, and how much money they're likely to keep. When wealthy Democrats talk about their supporters and their victim groups, it's about how much money and how many votes they can get.
But your programs here are the missing piece. We're not going to explain freedom to normal, everyday people by talking about tax codes and regulations. We're going to talk about Mad Dads and all the people who realize, "It's not my neighborhood because I OWN it or I'm INVESTED in it; it's my neighborhood because I LIVE HERE, and 50 years of "liberal compassion" and "destroyed families" on, it's been proven, if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself. Nobody's going to swoop in and save you (or me).
There is no such thing as a "free, quality education" and there's no such thing as "freedom from consequences" and parents need to stop pretending other people can do their "parent" job for them. But it's going to be private organizations which fill in the void of "I don't know how to live right, don't know how to start, or who to talk to."
And it has to start locally because everybody else is too far removed from the situation to understand it. College degrees in sociology or whatever would help, if the research weren't overpowered by the politics, but that's not how it really works.
Uncle Sam will only hand our kids clean needles and condoms.

So thanks for this, and I'll be interested in knowing more about this grassroots networking which I didn't even know about!

Comment by CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE on April 22, 2014 at 6:42pm


Cap Black approved,

Government programs:

Volunteers In Policing ( VIP ) & Citizens On Patrol initiatives teaming alert citizens up with law enforcement. Resources: National Association of Citizens On Patrol, http://www.nacop.org/ & International Association of Chiefs of Police Volunteers In Policing ( VIP ) program http://www.theiacp.org/VIPS


Concerned Black Men http://www.cbmnational.org/  & Detroit Street Watchers https://www.youtube.com/user/walterg817 ( not a 501(c) 3 but a GREAT volunteer group founded by the one& only Batman 300 ) , Team 313 http://www.myteam313.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrFZjRtdGBs 

Mad Dads: Men Against Destruction-Defending Against Drugs and Social-Disorder, http://maddads.com/ 


I'm not a 501(c) 3, but any help I get goes to helping others defend themselves & creatively expanding the private role in public safety. I'm a self-confessed " professional do gooder " lol http://www.gofundme.com/capblack


And God bless you too, my American Sister! :)


Comment by M on April 22, 2014 at 12:57pm

It's time that American Citizens start standing up for themselves and for what is right. Look at what we are facing in the poor neighborhoods. In Detroit none other than the Chief of Police has recommended that people arm themselves to protect their homes. the situation has gotten so bad because the Liberal/Democrats who have never really been for the non white races have not put a stop to what was going on and escalating for years when they could have if they really cared for more than the votes of the poor so they could stay in office and keep lining their pockets like Kwame Kilpatrick did.

Look at how that Uber Liberal Harry Reid has encouraged the lawless actions of the BLM in Nevada against Cliven Bundy to put him out of business so he could turn over the Federal Lands to his Chinese Communist Campaign Contributors for their Solar panel factory and farm.

Look at the lies that surround the Fast & Furious debacle or the Deaths in Benghazi and still Congressional committees are being stone walled by the Elite Progressives in power to hide their involvement, (my opinion).

We better start waking up to the fact that our Government is spiraling out of control and will take the Country down if we don't step up and start saying no to them. We need to throw all the incumbent progressive bums out that are running for re-election in November for a start.

Remember, the best defense is a good offense as long as it's legal.

Comment by Lizzie on April 22, 2014 at 12:25pm

"Self defense is self love, sisters and brothers! Being aware and prepared for your benefit and that of others means you actually value all concerned.

Walking high crime areas as a citizen on patrol means you consider these zip codes as important as some assess five star hotels and gated communities elsewhere."

I read this post a few days ago, but these lines stayed with me.  YES, the people in poor neighborhoods are just as precious!  It shouldn't be this way, but sometimes, you have to see someone else value you, before you can see the value in yourself.

From your perspective, are any kinds of government programs or private charities making a difference?  Where would you encourage your readers to put their support?

God bless you, Cap.

Comment by M on April 20, 2014 at 11:50am

This needs to go Viral and be spread all over the net, on every Conservative site, and especially on every Progressive/Democrat controlled site. IT'S ONE OF THE FINEST IDEAS TO TAKE BACK THE NIGHT I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!

Comment by Gerald V. Todd on April 20, 2014 at 10:29am

I believe the thugs are crying out in their own way. The message is painted on millions of freight cars that ply the nations rails. Between a good caning - works in Singapore - and when I was in school - plus a challenge to turn the freight car art into restoring the inner cities - they have to take ownership - absolutely critical to human progress. Even the "caned" - maybe especially - get the message that they have gifts and talents that should be developed and shared.

"Progressives" only believe their elite can own anything (for the American people, of course). Even the Declaration of Independence has an alternate to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" - to "life, liberty and property." The two are pretty much interchangeable.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on April 20, 2014 at 9:46am


Comment by Volunteer Patriot on April 20, 2014 at 9:43am

Comment by Mike Meeks on April 20, 2014 at 7:43am

High crime rates are a problem.  Jails are over crowded so probation after probation

is the non working solution.  I suggest in lieu of probation, a slap of the wrist, that we

start cane these thugs and turn them loose.  Found guilty.  Take them out immediately

with no appeal and beat their a**.  Crime rates will drop like a rock.

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