The referendum in North Carolina yesterday was clear: Constitution vs. GOP elite. Obviously a grassroots' movement to reestablish the Constitution and the voice of the people failed. The 2008 elections woke up an apathetic nation and the Tea Party movement formed. They had a major impact on the 2010 elections and the Democrat Party in conjunction with the media started their smear campaign.

But a strange thing happened in 2012: the Tea Party mounted successful campaigns against establishment GOP candidates. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul took the stage in Congress as a new front supporting the Constitution. The consequences of a rising tide of the people threatened the heart of the GOP elite. And we saw the consequences yesterday of a campaign financed by liberals (Renee Ellmers and her support for immigration reform) and a campaign financed by the national Republican Party (Thom Tillis).

The people will never be able to compete monetarily against the political parties and the media. So where does that leave a disillusioned populace whose belief in a political solution is rapidly being shattered? As I have stated in the past, "Why would we expect the politicians from both parties who have put our nation and Liberty in peril to become our saviors"? It is time to wake up and believe in ourselves with the help of Divine Providence instead of domestic enemies.

David DeGerolamo

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Comment by joseph C Avila on May 8, 2014 at 4:39pm

Dave: You are right!  Because It's all about the money.

Any attempt to reform our laws will only result in giving further power to the political parties and their dupes. A total reform is what is needed, but as long as the 16th amendment allows the politicians to shove their hands in our pockets any time they wish it will never happen.

Lock and load.

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on May 8, 2014 at 8:34am

I don't know, James F.  I think we will still end up with mostly Democrat Lite office holders in Congress doing it your way.  The G.O.P. is so in bed with the Democrats that I can't see us being able to "share."  And you mention the G.O.P. platform.  I think they want to make it less conservative.  RINO's want us to drop anti-abortion, etc.

--Frank Nitty

Comment by T Medlin on May 7, 2014 at 11:01pm

I spent hours and hours researching what went on with Brannon's lawsuit. Granted, there was an issue with the judge being a Hagan supporter. But the judge didn't select the jurors, or order them to reach a specific verdict. Brannon didn't testify, but should have; it remains to be seen if the case will be overturned on appeal. Having said all that, Tillis has been endorsed by 3 of the losers in the race - Harris, Grant, and BRANNON! So, all this other crap should be moot, and Hagan should be fought, and fought hard, by North Carolinians. I was not a Tillis supporter, but people refusing to vote because their primary candidate lost are NOT patriots. That was the same attitude that brought us a 2nd Obama term.

Comment by Marc Thomas on May 7, 2014 at 10:21pm

I would like for everyone to look at the information about becoming a precinct committeeman on the following website. http://theprecinctproject.wordpress.com/ This site has excellent information and I also encourage everyone to listen and watch the videos that are on there!

Comment by Vincent Pertoso on May 7, 2014 at 10:08pm

If the TEA Party works together in the local districts to elect constitutional conservative candidates and do this all across the nation, than their is no stopping us.  If 20,000,000 like minded conservative TEA Party members give $10 to support the election of local candidates that equals $200,000,000.   Remember there are more of us than there are of them.   With God being with us who can prevail against us?

Comment by James Flowers on May 7, 2014 at 9:02pm

I totally agree with Betz, Judson & others --- we can not put up unelectable candidates; it just makes us look like the rubes that the Libs & Establishment Republicans make us out to be.  We are doing more harm than good for NOT branding ourselves as intelligent activists / voters.  This has to be done by ONLY endorsing thoroughly vetted & articulate candidates.  And not just let any "rube" claim the Tea Party mantle.

To Frank Nitty's earlier question about -- why do we think the establishment cares about winning.  First, as I mentioned earlier, the establishment needs us to win; but we also have to realize that we need the Establishment republican votes to win.

The establishment wants to win  --- but they care more about retaining power than maintaining their professed "principles". 

However, while the Establishment incumbent Republicans don’t really care if their candidates win; their candidates do not want to waste their time, money, energy, and family heartache just to loose.  So we have to leverage the candidates directly.   Can we "steal" the best candidate from the establishment?  Or even better, can we "share" the best candidate with the establishment?

So I really do not have any animus for Tillis, he does not want to loose.  If you were him, which group would you go with?   A well-organized Establishment or a bunch of unorganized disparate Tea Party Groups.  (Plus Tillis has done some good things in the NC Legislature).

As I have suggested before, Tea Party primaries, but maybe more realistic ----  start with Local Caucus where local groups come together to decide on a single candidate; then in series each local group's candidate moves up to the county, district, & state caucus -- each level would only send one candidate up to the next "higher" level.  This would unify the Tea Party groups behind one candidate; at which point we would have the unified power to leverage the Establishment.

If one looks at the Republican Platform --  if I remember correctly, …  it is similar to Tea Party principles.  The problem is Establishment Republicans don’t hold up their own proclaimed principles.  So can a unified Tea Party leverage Republicans to stick to the party platform / principles  ….  Or face certainty to be primaried & unseated at the next election?  A unified Tea Party may have the power to make Establishment republicans tow the line.

I disagree, somewhat, with Judson on "KingMakers".  I think the Tea Party should strive to be kingmakers.  Other kingmakers are such, because they have the money to buy / make kings  -- Campaign Finance.  

However, if unified, ...  the "Tea Party" would have to power to be THE kingmakers, not by money; but by the one thing that is truly important (and just) in election ....VOTES.

Our slogan could be ----  "If you want campaign money go to them, if you want votes come to us!!!!"

But the first step is to come up with a system to unify the "party".

Comment by James Flowers on May 7, 2014 at 6:43pm

FYI The NC District 6 US House race had 9 (NINE) republican candidates.

Betz make excallent points.  Why did we have so many anti-establishment candidates?  Why didn't we settle on a single TP candidate?  Why did TPN wait until the day before the election to "warn" people about Brannon?  Why weren't Harris or others vetted? Where did Judson get his information about where Brannon get his support?  Sorry Judson,  just one day prior to the election, you tell us to back Tillis, who was given a fund raiser by McConnell.  And for a few weeks Brannon had support from Beck & Rand Paul and Harris had support from Huckabee???????   One wonders if Tillis is a buddy.  Which is fine but how about some transparency.  Like where can we confirm that the "kingmakers" were backing Brannon, it would have been helpful to have that citation in your "kingmaker" discussion.

Comment by Betz on May 7, 2014 at 3:56pm
When TP candidates loose it is because they start too late, do not have a good plan and many so called TP supporters are toooo cheap to give money for the candidate. Saying a candidate is backed by the TP does not make the candidate a winner. Frankly I am disgusted with lack of planning by TPs for candidate. I have witnessed the late start of finding truly conservative candidates. It takes years of planning to win elections at any level. TP group should be planning for 2016 now along with finishing the 2014 elections. Planning and polished speaker are what the TP needs. Not last minute decision on who is a TP candidate. Also remember there were two TP candidates - is that stupid or is it stupid. It is like competing with yourself in the mirror. True conservatives would come together and decide who has the best chance to win and let that person be the TP candidate. Shame on the big fishes in the small ponds that refuse to do what is be for a victory. I know all the excuses that anyone can run. BUT that is not a plan for victory when TP candidates are running against each other and a backed establishment candidate is running. DIVIDE and CONQUER. That is the failing of the TP groups.
Comment by David DeGerolamo on May 7, 2014 at 3:03pm

Jim Pifer is correct. The judge in Brannon's case was a Hagan supporter. His co-defendant was found not guilty. Dr. Brannon initially offered full restitution to the plaintiff who turned him down and then filed this case. This was a political smear campaign that worked. As for Tillis being a Tea Party candidate, that is insanity. I met with Thom personally and found him to be very refreshing: he will do anything to advance the Republican party. Period. He is the ultimate politician. As for listening to the people, you will have more luck talking to a wall.

Dr. Brannon was one of the best candidates in the country running. He would have fought for our Liberty. North Carolina suffered a major blow to Liberty with Tillis and Ellmers.

Comment by Jim Pifer on May 7, 2014 at 1:58pm

Tinner....there are other ways of looking at it....I'm not sure who thinks Tillis is a Tea Party candidate because he simply isn't.  He's a Bullmoose Republican with pay-to-play "tendencies" if there ever was one. Which brings up the question, why did Harris enter the race?  He's the one who split the vote against Tillis.  As for Brannon, there is more to the civil case than is public knowledge, i.e. "given" to us by the News & Disturber.  From what I know, the case will be overturned in the future.  If you want some more incite, get in touch. 

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