Think you will Get revenge In November ?

Think You'll Get Revenge in November??? Think Again???
Think again. I think we're watching "Checkmate" in action. Why?
Word is that Immigration "Reform" is the Obama Administration's next goal,and that they intend on grantingAmnestyto the illegal's living here now. Estimates put that number at about 15-30million people. Assuming 90% of them would instantly become life-long loyal Democrat voters (And why wouldn't they? They've just been given US citizenship and US Health Care by a Democrat), any massive "backlash" against the Democrats that appears to be developing right now will really only end up likely being more than countered by the massive increase in the total number of loyal Democrat voters that Amnesty will provide.

I hope I'm wrong. Of course, I do not know if Amnesty would mean they could instantly register to vote for theNovember 2010 elections (2012 almost certainly), or if some other steps would be required by the legislation. But to me, it looks like this is the reason that the Democrats feel absolutelyno need to listen to the wishes of the majority of the electorate right now. Simply put; they are not legislating for this current electorate. They are legislating for the electorate-to-come, the one that will exist after Amnesty is granted to 15-30 million new Democrat voters. It's a trump card. Essentially, this means that 2008 could end up being the last major election that our current electorate (as demographically constituted today) will ever have participated in. Thus, they know that they might never have to answer to this current electorate again. Keep in mind that Obama's victory over McCain was a clear and decisive one. He won 52% to 46%. But the margin was still less than 10 million total votes (69.5 to 59.9 million). With 15-30 million new loyal Democrat voters, it's quite possible that we won't see a GOP majority or President for a very long time, despite the current, wide-spread, and growing surge/anger against the Democrats.

This is very deliberate. And the sequence of Obama's major Agenda items was designed to bring this mega-majority about. The Stimulus bill had to be first, because it feathers the financial bed for Democrats' re-election campaigns. Then Health Care had to be next, because if they granted Amnesty first, then the Health Care proposal would appear much more expensive than the bill makes it appear right now (without the 15-30 million new citizens).
By the way, (Union) Card-Check, and Cap and Trade are the other 2 pillars of their plan for cementing lastingDemocrat Party majorities and dominance.

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Comment by Reasonjester on March 31, 2010 at 10:28am
Ron, all I was implying is that the Dems can do this, but it's not over if they do.
Comment by jeff gray on March 31, 2010 at 7:47am
Barbara, All the more reason to get everyone you know registered to vote, educated as to what is going on and to never vote for an incumbent( forced term limits)
Comment by Reasonjester on March 31, 2010 at 7:37am
Barbara, take some heart. For what it's worth, I have examined every district primary race in this country one by one, and believe that each district that has a heavy illegal immigrant population is already reliably Democratic-voting. These include urban areas, and certain California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona districts. The Democrats' move to legalize illegals could backfire by inflaming the passions of the rest of America, who will instantly recognize it as a compromise of national sovereignty and an open invitation to the rest of the world to come and loot the bustling American welfare state. Those few who thought that healthcare was an altruistic, albeit corrupt, measure to salve the wounds of the heartless capitalist system will then recognize that the Democrats intend to purposefully collapse the economy and set themselves up as the masters of a totalitarian state. It took the Nazi three to five years to take over Germany, and though it was an advanced industrial country in its day, and rent by economic hardship, it was nothing compared to the United States, with its mammoth economy and unparalleled influence over the rest of the world's economies. Add a cap-and-tax log onto the fire, and you will almost certainly see the burgeoning secessionist movements in a number of states take on a much more earnest tone. States will begin to ally against the overreaching federal government. Never underestimate the underlying values of Americans, which are essentially pro-freedom and pro-capitalistic, and how resilient they have been in the face of the relentless propaganda onslaught from the left, which it has waged for decades. A deeper analysis of the cultural and economic dynamics of the country in the face of political oppression suggests that the Democrats will lose if they press ahead harder, and lose big. It would be best for them if they quit while they were behind.

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