I'm sorry I have been harping on things folks don't want to hear lately, but I think it my duty to say what I think is the truth. I applaud the determination some show, but it's really long past time to recognize some fundamental truths. Even if the United States could be saved, which it can't, conservatives need to get this idea that the United States is somehow sacred out of their heads. It's very near blasphemy, and beyond that, it's a self destructive delusion. Principle is sacred, human governments are not.

There is nothing wrong with loyalty, and in fact, of curse, there is very much right with it, but loyalty to a human made government at the expense of logic and ultimately our freedom is wrong. The United States government was not created by God. It was created by man. The exceptionalism of America was to be found in it's adherence to Christian Natural Law; the recognition of unalienable rights like life, liberty, and property. The United States no longer holds regard for principles to justify calling it exceptional.

I feel particularly sorry for those conservatives now living in states which have been completely overrun by liberal fascism, but if you call yourself a Christian, it's time to understand what the Bible says about such situations, and recognize that you act in defiance of Biblical teachings if you still think the United States can be saved.

When you look around this country, are we really better than Sodom and Gomorrah? Are those conservatives who are still chasing after the wind not like Lot bargaining with God? God is not going to miraculously save the United States for the dwindling numbers of Christians, he is going to destroy it, and anyone who does not get out will suffer his wrath. The United States is on the verge of complete, and unavoidable, economic collapse. It's on the verge of complete totalitarianism. And this is the reaping of what has been sewn.

The idea that the union of states is somehow sacred is insane big government propaganda which no Christian or Jew should believe. The Bible explicitly tells us that such man made institutions will be corrupted and fail. Humans are sinners, and we will always be sinners until the coming of God's kingdom. Only that kingdom will endure. Even the ancient kingdom of Israel was allowed to fracture and even cease to exist for a very long time. As described in the book of 1 Kings, God caused the Kingdom of Israel to be split into multiple kingdoms because of rebellion of the government against him. If God would allow that to happen to the ancient kingdom of Israel, why would anyone in their right mind think he has any plans to uphold the wickedness of the United States?

Those chasing after the wind should read Ecclesiasties.

Eccleasiasties 1:12-14

12 I, the Teacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem. 13 I applied my mind to study and to explore by wisdom all that is done under the heavens. What a heavy burden God has laid on mankind! 14 I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Eccleasiasties 3:15

Whatever is has already been,
and what will be has been before;
and God will call the past to account

Noting we as humans do will last forever, and that is our lot. We have to accept that truth. Everything we build will fall. This does not mean we can't find a measure of happiness, but we must toil to uphold God's eternal principles rather than man made things which have come to the end of their time.

The United States murders millions of babies in ways every bit as barbaric as the acts of the National Socialist German Workers Party. The centralized governing structure is completely corrupt. There is no law, only decree. There is rebellion against the natural law. Concepts like life and property are ignored. National elections are a joke. West Point is now teaching officers that people who believe in traditional values are terrorists. States and localities are not allowed to govern themselves, or even uphold the national laws the central state refuses to. We are currently undergoing a policy of genocide, where opposition strongholds are flooded with illegal immigrants who hold beliefs more in line with the centralized state (this was a favorite genocidal policy of Russia, even before the Soviet Union). The central state demands more and more control over our children's education, and it gets around the states by stealing our money and then bribing and extorting us with it to get it back. We have fake money and are trillions in debt. And beyond the insane taxation we already undergo, the government just prints more money, and taxes us further by devaluing the money we are allowed to keep.

Worst of all, nearly fifty percent of the population desires this. As masses of former illegal immigrants and their children get to vote, pretty soon it will be much higher. The corruption of the people is the real problem. If you got rid of every idiot politician in Washington, and fired every judge, new idiots would be elected to to appoint new moron judges in the following election.

What kind of insanity leads people to believe that this can just be changed somehow by rallying our numbers? What makes you think our overlords will grow hearts and brains enough to adopt sane policies no matter what we do? Folks, it is insane to think that the United States can be saved. Even if the conservative states nullify everything and stop obeying DC, that will not change DC or the states rife with liberal fascism. And we, as long as we are using union money, are going to be married to whatever idiot policies DC follows, and we are going to fall right along with them when this economy finally goes over the edge. Even if we secured the conservative states, you are not going to change the fascist states without militarily conquering them, and after you conquer them, you can't let them vote, or they will do it again.

Secession, and perhaps union of the conservative states is the only remotely possible solution. There is at least a small bit of hope of avoiding a full scale war if we agree to go our separate ways. If we secede, the liberal barbarians will have to be the ones to take the first hostile act, while if you keep sitting around hoping for change and miracles that will never come, they will keep taking and taking and taking until some group snaps, at which point the propaganda machine will have no problem labeling conservatives as the aggressors. If you refuse to secede from the union, a rational examination of the facts should show you that ultimately your only options are surrender to liberal fascist domination by the Republicrats, or civil war.

Even if you can't let go of the the union completely, perhaps you can hold out hope for some future union. When the liberal states go over the edge and hit rock bottom, more of them will be open to the truth, like many European states at the time of the fall of the USSR. Perhaps at that time we can help them rebuild a more sane government. I can't promise that will happen, but if we don't secede we are going to be at rock bottom with them.

And when the states do secede, it's time to get rid of all this democracy nonsense. We are supposed to have a republican form of government. Idiots don't have any business voting. There should either be a test one has to pass, or some other requirement. Historically, it was land ownership because those who owned land were more likely to be engaged and have a stake in the government other than how much crap they could loot from everyone else. I don't care what the restriction is as long as it keeps the ignorant out of the voting booth.

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Comment by Philip on January 22, 2013 at 6:08pm

but...but...but...I want to rebut but you make a strong argument for the sake of truth. Still, I wonder if there are individuals who do not deserve to go down with the ship of state. That we have leaned towards unrighteousness is undisputable but this abandonment of principle is not the average Americans fault. Take heart and consider that if the dollar becomes worthless we are all collectively doomed and perhaps it is better to sow encouragement in these evil times. Still it is good to read and see I am not alone in feeling the despair I have felt in watching my beloved country humiliated.

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