Just what is the Tea Party Position on Immigration?

And is Darwin going to tell us what that position is or should be?

None and No.

And one of the reasons for those answers is the simple fact that far too many “Tea Party Patriots” simply do not differ significantly from the majority of the voting Democrats in this country.

I hope that statement does not offend anyone (yet). 

Actually I am not concerned whether or not I offend anyone by stating my truth and that is where the so called “Tea Party” falls short and why it is waning in effectiveness as a national force.

My 85 year old father whom I love dearly is a Korean War and Vietnam War Veteran. He is (vaguely) aware of the fact that I am heavily involved in the Tea Party movement and is on the snail-mail list of every conservative publication in the free world and beyond.

Father has reached the point where he feels overwhelmed by the constant bombardment of “critical issues” that “must be supported within seven days by a minimum contribution of $$$$”. So he simply repackages all the “critical” information - mostly unopened - and sends it to me.

And about once a week he will call to ask me why I personally and the Tea Party in general has not yet impeached Mr. O’Bummer.

Father does not understand that the “Tea Party” is not a “party” in the traditional political sense but is one of many voices of We The People; quite often a veritable “Tower of Babel” situation.

I have been involved in the Tea Party movement since late ’09 or early 2010. In the Las Vegas Valley there are several “Tea Party” organizations and perhaps as many as a dozen other “conservative” oriented political organizations.  And although all are framed around the very best of intentions, so it is said that the road to Hell paved with good intentions.

Sadly some of these organizations spend more time in competition with each other than they do in any other activity; except perhaps for the regularly scheduled pity parties.

The Tea Party movement attracts people of conservative mind sets from across the political spectrum; from the fringe that stands to the right of Attila The Hun to those on the far distant side fondly referred to as “RINO’s” - those Democrats in Republican seats. And sadly, far too many groups stand on an irreconcilable principle of “My Way or the High Way”.

And even more sadly, far too many who are associated with the Tea Party tend to act like voting Democrats in that they follow whomever thinks they are a leader  at the moment without comment and without the courage to make a public comment out of fear of being criticized by their fellow “patriots”.

I would suggest a quote from Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet:

This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

So what does all this have to do with “immigration”? 


And that is why I initially said that I am not concerned whether or not I have offended anyone with what I have to say.

I would suggest that when you decide to seriously consider the issue of immigration that you first do so, quietly, in a two sided conversation between you and God or you and whom ever you are closest to in this life.

I know where I stand on the issue of immigration.

The specter of deporting approximately twelve million illegal immigrants will not seriously be considered by anyone until the Democrats no longer find them useful. The very thought raises visions of Hitler shipping the Jews off to “work camps” and for many of these “illegal immigrants” the result will be the same: Death. 

And for others, those who have tasted the sweet nectar of Liberty and individual freedom, death would be a blessing for they will be condemned to live in a perpetual hell of  imprisonment of the soul.

So many of the so called “illegal immigrants” did not participate in the decision to come to this country illegally. 

I have a good friend who is one of those.

He walked across the border when he was but a child. He has never sought and he is too damned proud to ever ask for public assistance. And he currently owns two - soon to be three - houses here in Las Vegas. And oh...yes - he is now an American Citizen married to a medical professional working at a local hospital. He also drives a better truck than I can afford. He is living The American Dream.

History is full of interesting lessons for those willing to learn. When our Republic was established, it consisted of individual states which at the time were equivalent to separate nations (sort of like California is today) who just happened to exist on the same land mass.

During the early 1800’s in this country, there were tens of thousands of “illegal immigrants” - many - but not all - of whom were African Americans.

One of the most notable “illegal immigrants” of that era was Frederick Douglass.

He “walked across the border” (figuratively speaking) out of Maryland - then a slave state - and eventually landed in New York - then a “Free State”.

Then, as now, “immigration” belonged to the individual states whereas “naturalization” belonged to the Federal Government - or so I have been told.

So here is my bottom line:

  • Seal the borders - All of them.
  • Forget about deporting twelve million people; it is not going to happen.
  • Children born in this country are as “American” as are my own children and much more so than some children I have met. Leave them alone. And if they have attended our school system for at least five years without running afoul of the law, call them “Citizen”.
  • Any person who managed to come to this country under his or her own power and has not been a party to a violent crime - to include any banned drug related crime - should be given a documented path to citizenship as was the case with most of our ancestors - some of my ancestors were already here when all those foreigners (illegal immigrants) arrived on our shores.
  • I will support any candidate who reflects my position on this critical issue.

And as I am often fond of doing, I will quote one of my favorite Republicans:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - August 1963.

And that my friends is “The Tea Party Position on Immigration” - at least the position of this Tea Party of One.

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