The Start Of Baseball In Cleveland, An Inch And A Half Of Global Warming In My Driveway.

I have always said that the first two weeks of Major League Baseball should only have warm weather teams at home, while the colder markets should start with two week road trips. The reason of course could not be illustrated anywhere better than in my hometown of Cleveland. Last night, once again, we had a home game postponed due to snow. There is nothing quite so refreshing to me while I am pushing my fossil fuel burning snow blower around, as the thought that somewhere in the bowels of California, there resides an idiot who believes that an increase in temperatures is a bad thing. They believe that the end to my frustration with clearing a late spring snow from my driveway will somehow damage their bike paths. My snow blower is a source of joy to me on two fronts. While I paid just enough attention to my high school science courses to realize that the whole global warming Chicken Little postulation is utter nonsense, it still fills me with pride that the possibility that my burning copious amounts of carbon is somehow helping to raise the temperatures that I find so damn frustrating in April. Secondly, it's much easier than using a shovel. In January, just to do my part, I buy several cans of Aqua Net Hair Spray and shoot them off into the atmosphere. (By the way, Aqua Net Hair Spray Unscented is actually Scotch Guard, and does a wonderful job of preventing static cling during the colder months.) I know that I've put this up before, but I felt is apropos in light of today's topic. Watch the first video, and realize that this is the mind set of the Warming Alarmists. If you do not agree with them, that the debate is over, they feel that you should be executed, summarily, sans due process. All heretics must be terminated. Some paragon of toleration the Political Left has become, huh?

Something else occurred to me, while celebrating the Indians umpteenth snow out of the decade by clearing a path for my car on my snow covered drive way, and that was the well known fact that every other period of warming that man kind has experience has been met with relative economic improvement over periods of previous time frames. Extended Springs, Summers, and Autumns, produce extended growing periods for more abundant harvests. More food has usually been viewed as a good thing, even by the dimmest of simple common folk so to speak. How on Earth did we convince ourselves that we wanted to live in a world where Ice Station Zebra was not some nightmarish surreal experience, but something to look forward to. All my life, I grew up hearing people saying that they wanted to move to Florida or Southern California for the great weather all year round, and now suddenly, we want to have North Dakota's winter nine months of the year. (No offense to the great State of North Dakota, but it gets pretty darned cold there in January and February, you have to admit.) The other question of course is this, how on Earth did we allow these morons to become in charge? Were we not paying attention to anything that they said?

I have an agreement with some of my liberal friends, we don't talk about politics anymore. Feelings are too easily bruised, mostly by my not just simply agreeing with what ever starting point for debate that is put forward. In one egregious instance, one of my very dear friends would start and end a debate within the same sentence. She would do this by making some preposterous statement about George W. Bush's policies, and end with the phrase, "shut up," before I had a chance to respond. So typical, the left can only truly win a debate when the right's ability to state their position is censored. (By the way, this is the reason for the idiotic boycotts of Rush Limbaugh. Only by getting his voice kicked off of the air can his point of view be countered adequately.) When we hear Al Gore, and every other Climate alarmist traveling around announcing that the debate is over, what they are really saying is that their arguments will not stand up to scrutiny. The U.N.'s IPCC has been putting out reports for a long time now, and as it turns out, not all of the scientists on their list of contributors to their reports agree with the conclusions, or even realized that they were being cited as a part of the reports. Henrik Svensmark is one of those scientists, and in fact ran an experiment at the Cern Super Collider, (which did not end the world by the way,) that basically proved once again, our friend Mr. Sun is mostly responsible for our weather. As it turns out, 30,000 actual scientists wish to continue the debate that the political class has declared to be over.

When I was in my youth, I too loved spreading the gospel of the doomsday scenario. Nothing is quite so much fun as living in a John Carpenter night mare sequence, where a horrible fate awaits any character who even remotely shows the inclination towards attempting to experience any kind of joyous activity. As luck would have it though, I grew up and realized the the sky is not in fact falling. Real science has proven that our planet's climate has warmed and cooled for millennia, as has the temperatures on several of the other planets within our solar system. With the absence of air conditioning, SUV's, and farting cows on Mars, I would find the whole man made aspect of the current manufactured crisis somewhat amusing. The only problem, at least from my perspective is this, the proponents of this mythology wish to use it as a bludgeon to inflict real economic damage upon the rest of us, who inhabit this wonderful planet. People in third world countries are really starving as a result of the environmental movement. These people have already caused the deaths of 50 Million people due to the cessation of DDT, and their obvious blood lust has still not been satisfied.

For the sake of the Children, these people must be stopped!

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Comment by John S Bacsenko IV on April 12, 2012 at 7:02am

The first Video is a liberals soggy dream come true!  Death to those who even vaguely dissent ( funny ONLY in that the video is spot on about liberal thinking, sick otherwise )  As far as things such as global warming are concerned, its no more than the liberals needing ANY cause to back to garner votes and popularity.  They might as well take up the great lincoln log shortage or the elimination of the nefarious dust bunny terrorist.  Go git em Al!  

Comment by Thomas on April 12, 2012 at 6:55am

How many false or erroneous narratives, things that people know that aren't really true, have become incorporated into the "conventional wisdom" or "generally accepted opinion" so that they have become primary decision drivers for a political and public policy-making system that the false narratives have caused to be hazardous to the health of the users?


The decisions that were made motivated by the fear that "blah ta te blah", (you name it) is true has caused more harm to the lives of more people than blah ta te blah itself ever could even if it were true.   Take a few minutes to just kick back, contemplate and compile your own inventory list of false narratives and wrong-headed ideas along with all the "false prophets" who have been the originators and proponents of the ideas.


There is a reality and there is just one version of reality.  Reality is what it is.  Each truth is what it is.  Each truth is a part of the whole truth.  The sum of all truths is equal to the one reality.  And no one gets to have it any other way except with the illusions and delusions which are contained in their own minds.


"Progressive thinking" is symmetrical in three dimensions: narrow, shallow and short term.  

Comment by MUG on April 11, 2012 at 11:21am

Thank you John.

Comment by Thomas Angle on April 11, 2012 at 11:09am

Another Ohioan, I feel your pain.

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