The Great Barack Obama: Confusionist and Sleight-of-Hand Expert

Most of you who follow this site are of sufficient intelligence as to not be fooled by the total obfuscation that is taking place surrounding the Benghazi murders in particular and our foreign policy as a whole. Hopefully, tonight Mitt Romney will reveal the secrets of the "magic tricks" being perpetrated by this administration. Follow this line of argument and see if it doesn't get confusing, (but remember to ALWAYS watch the wizard's hands.)

Item: In the vice presidential debate, Vice President (and court jester) Joe Biden stated that the Administration was acting on all the available intelligence they had to react to the horrors in Benghazi. He also claimed ignorance of the requests for additional security from Ambassador Stephens and those folks on the ground in Benghazi. "We never knew," was his line. If that is, in fact, true, there is no reason they should NOT have known, since there had been two previous attacks on the compound in Benghazi, one of which was sufficiently successful to blow a serious hole in the compound's perimeter. Either way, if they did NOT know, they should have. However, suggesting they did not know flies directly in the face of subsequent statements by the President.

Item: In the second Presidential debate, President Obama pointed out that he had called the Benghazi mess an "act of terrorism" in the Rose Garden, the day after the actual events, September 12, 2012. What he fails to reveal is that his reference to acts of terrorism referred contextually to the attacks of 9/11/2001, NOT the Benghazi attacks. Yet, with the aid of debate moderator Candy Crowley, Obama was able to try and slide this one through when no previous claim to this effect had been made at any time.

Even if you accept the veracity of what the President said in context, why then, did everyone from Press Secretary Jay Carney, to UN Ambassador Susan Rice, to Sercretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed the attacks on the compound on a video trailer that had been posted un YouTube since June or July and which MOST of the participants in the takeover of Benghazi had never seen. This makes NO sense, if they had actual information in REAL TIME (as the State Department revealed)  that this was clearly terrorism.

Granted, this threw Mitt Romney for something of a loop in the last debate, but his suspicious raising of an eyebrow revealed his disbelief in what the President was parlaying as fact. Shortly after this exchange, Crowley pushed the debate in another direction, heading off any further discussion.This, however, is one obfuscation that Romney will not let go in tonight's debate. I fully expect that the GOP Presidential candidate will jump all over this "trick" with both feet.

Item: Over this past weekend, it was revealed that Iran is ready to engage in "one-on-one" talks about their nuclear ambitions. This is a no-brainer, if you happen to be Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To be sure, he would rather deal with Barack "I'll have more flexibility after the next election" Obama than a more strident friend of Israel such as Mitt Romney. Nothing about this is real. There will be promises of talks, which will break down shortly after the election, but what "the Wizard" is seeking here is to fool the American electorate into thinking he can have SOME success in foreign policy. Without SOMETHING positive to which he can point in foreign policy, Obama KNOWS that the lasting impression in this arena will be one of abject failure following Benghazi.

Of course, the President would also like for everyone to forget his "apology tour" which had the effect of weaking the United States' position on the world stage considerably. Ditto his remark (quoted above) to Russian President Medvedhev for relay to Vladimir Putin.

Nor does the President really want his postion vis-a-vis the United Nations to become an area of focus. His position here is to use the UN as a "world government" and suborn US policy to that of the UN, a body among which we have few friends and MANY who would like to get their piece of the American "Pie." (spell that U. S. dollars.) He already has ambitions to follow UN decree on gun control, readily ceding our 2nd amendment rights to the world body. Similarly, the UN has expressed an interest in taxing the internet. The upshot of ALL of these UN takeovers is that it will cost America a LOT of money at a time when our economy is less than strong.

The truly sad part of all of this is that there are vast numbers of less-than-intelligent voters out there who will buy into "the Wizard's" sleight of hand: When one area becomes a trouble spot, move the focus elsewhere. And keep moving it elsewhere until the original debate gets lost in the confusion.

It should be OUR job to help the uninformed make sense of what it is they are falling for. That must and should be our mission over the next two weeks.


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Comment by Jeff Waller on October 22, 2012 at 12:06pm

It was just revealed that a drone aircraft was flying over the compound at the time of the
attack, and that video was available beginning just a few seconds after the attack started.

We're going to learn that Obama had the information but denied it...then lied about it...then covered it up.

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