Whether the Constitution failed or not, the article below makes a valid point concerning our current conditions. Our founding fathers warned us about the circumvention of the Constitution and the necessity to have a moral people in order to keep our Republic. Unfortunately, those warnings become the very foundation on the destruction of our Liberty by the people who now represent our "government". Here is one set of warnings from Thomas Jefferson's newspaper in 1792: Rules for Changing a Limited Republican Government into an Unlimited Hereditary One.

Did the Constitution fail? Of course. It is a contract between the People and a limited federal government: "We the People" are the first three words. The government broke the contract which nullifies the entire document. Once the people allowed the first breach (arguably Marbury v. Madison in 1803), the end result became inevitable. 

Did the Constitution fail? I would submit that the cause of the failure of the Constitution is not the framework but the people. Once the people gave up their natural rights to a federal government, the contract became nothing more than a mandate to enslave us. And there is no other word than slavery to describe the state of anyone who is paying taxes to support a majority of the "people" through entitlements and government workfare.

So how do we regain our Liberty? I once heard an attorney who argued in the U.S. Supreme Court give us one answer. Take the Constitution as written and throw it out the window. Take a blank piece of paper, write down the Constitution as originally written and add the following: THIS TIME WE MEAN IT.

David DeGerolamo

The Constitution Failed

By Ryan McMaken

If you’re still wondering if the US Constitution of 1787 failed to protect liberty, then just look around you. That scrap of parchment is an obvious failure. The US government is the hugest government in the world and meddles in the lives of its citizens (and people worldwide) in every way imaginable. The government accepts no limits on its power whatsoever. The president rules by decree.

This isn’t done under some new constitution. This is all done under the 1787 one. Lots of liberty activists argue that the Supreme Court is just reading the document incorrectly, but one simply cannot deny that virtually everyone in government, as well as most of the general population, is perfectly fine with most of what government does today, and thinks it’s constitutional. If one can plausibly claim that the constitution authorizes most of what the US government does today, then the document’s language is obviously feeble, ineffective, and useless for the purposes of preserving liberty.

Even among those “constitutionalist” types, many of whom are militarists, you’ll find plenty of support for unconstitutional measures such as a standing army, drug prohibition, and other government programs beloved by conservatives, but which are obviously not authorized by the enumerated powers of the constitution.

Rothbard had this figured out a long time ago:

From any libertarian, or even conservative, point of view, it has failed and failed abysmally; for let us never forget that every one of the despotic incursions on man’s rights in this century, before, during and after the New Deal, have received the official stamp of Constitutional blessing.


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Comment by William Homolka on February 27, 2014 at 11:15pm

The Constitution didn't fail, we allowed ourselves to fall asleep at the wheel allowing the progressives to progress. Now, we are doubling down and enlightening ourselves about what our Constitution is all about, and what must be done. War is coming. These American Bolsheviks and their jihadist Mooslems won't be backing off too easily - we will have to fight them back. Prepare! Prepare your family, friends, neighbors and community. After this is over, there will be a rebirth of liberty and renewed patriotism - except for what's left of the defeated progressives who will have to live amongst us or leave the country. Pray, keep the faith, and above all, remain positive and believe that we can win. Gloom and doom is negative energy that destroys.

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on February 27, 2014 at 9:12am

I do not believe any kind of budget was passed this year, Doug.  If it was, it sure was not balanced . . . !

--Frank Nitty

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on February 27, 2014 at 9:09am


     Not only did "we the people" fail, but half of those "we the people" do not even think anything is wrong.  Do you think that black girl screaming about Obamaphones in Cleveland thinks anything is wrong . . . !

--Frank Nitty

Comment by David DeGerolamo on February 27, 2014 at 6:37am

@Dennis L. Kolb

Unless a contract has a clause that specifically states that one breach or nullification of a section (usually due to a legal argument or government regulation) does not invalid the entire contract, any breach of a contract is grounds to void the entire contract.

A good example of this type of clause is found in the Obamacare legislation. Not that it is being instituted lawfully but by pResidential whim.

Comment by Richard Harper on February 26, 2014 at 10:51pm

Rich Knoch, I could not agree more with you. This country has been running from God since the 60's and we are "reaping what we have sown". Many things have happened in every generation to weaken our following the intent of the Constitution as instituted by the Founders. And the total lack of education on our founding and history (increasing annually) for the largest per centage of citizens over the last six and one half decades certainly it going to make it difficult to correct it all. I would suggest that this country's recognition that a return to God is absolutely required if we are survived, and that a true and factual education of our history and the Founding and Founders are absolutely necessary for this nation to survive. If you want to read an absolutely stunning revelation of what is in store for us, get the book named the "Harbinger", which can be found on the WND.com bookstore, if not in your local bookstores. You will be astounded at the parallels between this country now and the fall of Babylon in the Bible. It is astounding and I saw a TV show the other night by the author and he was spiritually inspired to write the book. It is well worth reading for every single American. Again, you will not believe the parallels, right down to the exact words uttered by the leaders (the same), the reaction to the crises, and even the plants involved at the World Trade center versus Babylon. 9/11, as explained in this book, was a call for this country to return to GOID and we missed it out of religious ignorance, just like the Jews did in Babylon. Whether you eventually agree or not, it well worth the read, IMHO.

God Bless America, and may we return to GOD as a nation to save ourselves. The Founders were Godly people and understood the Founding of this country was providential. They were even surprised they could pull it off and said so. They were also the best educated generation, ever, in the history of our country. That is how they pulled it off. Most of them read about the fall of the Greek and Roman empires in their native languages and understood that is what the corruptibility of man that always leads to the downfall of empires. Our running from God and teaching the Founding principles to children for almost 60 years has lead to our general ignorance as a country. We must return to God (whatever your religion - except Islam, which is totally antithetical to our principles, as based on the Bible ), and teach our children about the Founders, their perspicacity, what they knew to found this country, and the Founding itself.

God Bless America, and may we survive. We have been the beacon to the world for over two centuries. Without our leadership, the world we become complete chaos. Do you realize how much we have done for the world and our part in it for two centuries? We saved the world twice in the 20th century (not by ourselves, but it would not have happened without us involved). And how many times in history have you know of a country who helped pay for the reconstruction of the enemies it defeated and then made both of them (Germany and Japan) into republics? None, of which I am aware. Do you think the average citizen under the age of 55 or 60 knows these things.

I pray that this country will return to God and that the churches will return to what they were to assist in the needed change.

God Bless America, and may we survive !!!

Comment by Brenda Choate on February 26, 2014 at 9:55pm

The Constitution did not fail.  The American apathy for their freedom, responsibility, and allegiance to the country failed,  We allowed ourselves to be seduced by the "progressive movement" into accepting our government as the watch dog over everyday responsibilities that we should have been in charge of.  We brought into the Big Brother ideas of the progressives.  .  The Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court failed.  We allowed the concentration of power to come about by constantly reelecting individuals to the seat of power rather than looking at their record while in office.  Now Congress does not represent any interest other than their own, we have a President that picks and chooses what laws he will obey, and even through he proved himself incapable of the position, he was reelected, and we have a Supreme Court that has become  an activist court rather than an interpretative court as originally designed.. 

And what do we do?  We sit confortably in our homes, decry the state of the union, and then go out and reelect the same corrupt representatives we always have. 

Comment by Rich Knoch on February 26, 2014 at 6:18pm

More accurately . . . . WE have failed the Constitution!

John Adams stated this succinct FACT . . . In order for the Constitution to continue it requires an honest and moral* people . . . we seem to have forgotten that simple FACT. . . or, at least, the Left-and-Bizarre-Left have certainly forgotten that simple and supreme FACT.


*I would use the Adams own words, 'Butt' it might set Liberals hair on fire.

Comment by Doug Nicholson on February 26, 2014 at 6:07pm

I agree with several commenters placing the blame for our current difficulties, not on the Constitution, but on the people for "not paying attention", so to speak. But I also believe, as this blog I wrote a few days ago alleges, that the Constitution has contributed to our woes:

The Problem With The Constitution

Unfortunately, I believe there is a problem with our Constitution as well as with many other "laws" meant to apply specifically to our Federal government. Laws for the ordinary citizen state what we must or must not do, then prescribe a penalty, such as a fine, jail time, or both for non-compliance. However, there are no such penalties spelled out for violating the Constitution or other laws, such as the one requiring that an annual budget be submitted, for example. I believe a budget was passed for this year, but if I recall correctly, it had been several years since the last one.

Another obvious law politicians routinely break, or attempt to break, reads in part, "…. the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The Constitution being the highest law in the land, it would seem that there ought to be some consequence, other than a figurative "slap on the hand" by a court, imposed on anyone who "infringe(s)" on that, or any other portion of it.

Is it any wonder that the president and Congress routinely, it seems, ignore the Constitution and other existing laws meant to apply to them when the only real consequences are the possible disapproval of some of their constituents during the next election sometime in the future?

Comment by sharon ostwinch on February 26, 2014 at 6:06pm

The constitution is fine.  The congress failed to do what is required when a President does not follow the law.  This entire government is being taken over by communists and they sit and let it happen.

Comment by Merlin Olson on February 26, 2014 at 5:51pm

Sorry about the typing errors in my comment. My old fingers don't work as they used to.

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