My friends, my fellow patriots, we are men and women from different places in life. Some of us have children and grand children. We have families we cherish. We worship differently and share many ethnicities. We do not judge people for we know it is not our place. We long for an America of myth, of times long past. We yearn for the freedom to worship as we will, to say what we want without fear of reprisal, to pursue our choice of happiness with minimal interference from an increasingly tyrannical federal government. Today we cower in fear wondering what we might say or do to defend those rights bestowed by God that will be found by our communist antagonists who control Washington to be seditious and warrant action. Today we suffer millions of people out of work and businesses unable to hire them. Today we are robbed to a point where the common person can barely survive, let alone pursue our dreams while the wealth for which we labored for OUR families is being distributed among those who are already enslaved to the aristocracy. Today we are mandated to purchase insurance that we do not need and which we cannot afford, neither personally nor nationally; we are told what products we buy in order to appease the green lobby; we are slowly losing our rights as parents to schools that have become institutions of indoctrination and resist any attempts to assert our rights as parents. Many of the leaders of said institution are criminal and, in some cases, truly sick individuals; yet, they go unpunished, and we continue to let our children suffer. Today we witness a moral decay of biblical proportions while our efforts to repel their decadent advances meet with increasing resistance and more failures than victories.

To understand where we are, why we are here, and just who our foe is, we must understand how we got here. Understand it is not our fault. Our progressive foes have carefully implemented their agenda for a century. They have been incredibly successful and must be respected, not admired, for such success. They are crafty and extremely focused. As witnessed, especially in the last five years, they are more than willing to lie to achieve their aims. They feel no guilt, no remorse for the pain and suffering they cause. They feel emboldened with the coming of their messiah, Lord Obama. They have no respect for our laws, especially the Constitution. Our rights mean nothing to them, and in this process they have mentally warped a large swath of our population. They are our lost brethren.

Our very nature allowed this to happen. As conservatives, we prefer to be left alone to live our lives, and in kind, we generally do not interfere with the rights of others. Our nature allows for small compromises, some of which we never suspected we would regret. Sometimes the winds of fate do not blow favorably and we have no control of change. Obama's promise to fundamentally change of this country is on schedule. The weapons at his and his follower's disposal are many. Yet, not so many and great they cannot be overcome.

And overcome we shall. Now is that time. As we look for a leader to inspire and champion the cause, we overlook our greatest strength, ourselves. If we are waiting for a sign we have it. I suppose the stars have aligned to present no greater time to bring about their defeat. It has the potential to render them useless for years to come and the opportunity to begin reclamation of the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

What is it? ObamaCare. No single program represents their agenda better and exposes them to the light of truth. It is said the republican party is in a state of civil war, but it is nothing compared to the one facing the democrats. They are jumping ship left and right. Usually kind allies in the MSM are questioning it and the president. He has been exposed and more people are realizing what is happening. Now is the time to rebel.

The remaining question is how. What outlets does the Constitution give us to control a runaway central government? There are many. Some are better than others. Some are not feasible at present. The first is to bring about articles of impeachment against the president (and include AG Eric Holder while we're at it). We impeached Nixon (almost) and Clinton for far less. I think this would pass the House, but die in the Harry Reid controlled Senate as most things have. I think it should remain alive as an option worthy of pursuit should the republicans regain the Senate. However, the Constitution also provides us with Article 10. The true power of the union resides in the states and the people. The income and other various taxes have allowed the government to bribe the states into surrendering much of their power. They can take it back. We are seeing successes through nullification and noncompliance laws. Article 5 is a noble idea presented by Mark Levin and supported by groups like the Citizens for Self Governing. Indeed, this use to be a favorite of mine. I have since recognized many flaws in that prospect being the main tool. There is one greater and far more effective as well as favored by the Founders.

It is us, the sovereigns. The Founders foresaw this day and left us ways out. But we are the most important and most powerful weapon. They said, first in Declaration of Independence, and in other papers that resistance to unjust laws was our duty. By standing aside we silently give our consent to such laws. It is time for civil disobedience.

And ObamaCare is the opportunity. Citizen noncompliance is a powerful and effective method to having this law removed. They chose the IRS to enforce this law because of the intimidation that agency inspires. We are almost instinctively programmed to fear the IRS. They were perfect enforcers. We must not fear them or the threats Washington will levy. This is our come-to-Jesus moment. Just as He went postal in the temple, we must repel this cancerous law! Not only should we not comply with the individual mandate, but I call upon all doctors to remove themselves from the program, as well. This message to Washington, particularly the left, will awaken the true sleeping giant in this country!

I want you to take a moment. I want you to watch your children or the neighbors' children if you have none. Watch them playing, watch them making a mess while they eat. Watch them learning about things with their infinite curiosity. Look into their eyes when they're hurt or sad knowing they are counting on you to protect them. Understand you are responsible for their future. Do you want them to be slaves or free persons? They already have to shoulder a horrendous debt, but it can get much much worse.

We are duty bound by our children to stop this coup of our country. We our honor bound by God to restore it. It was the grace of God, or divine providence, and the gutty individual exceptionalism of America's people, not always perfect but always relentlessly to be better that made this country successful. Remember, we were thriving and becoming a world player before Amendment 16. We were the ultimate symbol of hope and freedom and today we are this world's last hope. While the progressive left has suppressed our wills it has not robbed us of our deep-rooted spirits. We have much to change but we have moral and righteous reasons to undertake it.

We cannot sit idly by awaiting our glorious leader. The time is now, the challenge made. If do not rise now, we will most assuredly fall. Look at your children, think about their future. Look in the mirror and resolve yourself to do that which you know is right. We are strong, we are resolute, we are exceptional in our beliefs. We are AMERICANS!

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Comment by tony newbill on February 10, 2014 at 12:30pm

Mangus but thats not what is happening . and Obama is getting away with this transformation because those that would stop him are not because they believe this too .

Comment by Mangus Colorado on February 10, 2014 at 12:03pm


I have read these two E=GREEN grant Scientists before. They assume unlimited population explosions which facts show is not happening in Developed nations - in fact most are suffering from depopulation if they would discount immigration. 

Next is the fallacy of the numbers - they support high rise huge mega cities with very high population density. Well some man did some numbers a few years back - if you took every human of all races and put them into Texas you would still have  lower population density than NYC.

They ignore the use of technology to solve energy and water issues - irrigate the arid 11 western States and they can feed the entire world. So, they lie - why? Because FEAR and distrust - doom is easier to sell than work and prosperity.  

If a people become prosperous they would have lost all power over the people and that is not what E=GREEN and the Progressive elites desire. They have a GOD complex - that is they want to be Gods.

Comment by tony newbill on February 10, 2014 at 11:40am

Mangus they are not going to allow us all to prosper anymore . They are going to use the central bank money printing process to collapse the system making it look as if it was the system that failed and then they can gain the attention of the majority of societies around the world to listen to the New Idea , New Plan or whatever we want to call it New World order , but its all because of the Elites view now that Earth is reaching its human carrying capacity and even though you could try and extend the supply and carry population increases for another 100 years or so their mind is whats the use we will be right back in the same boat .

 This Biologist is an advisory to the Obama Administration through the Science CZAR and you can tell by the ANTI Growth  DEBT Money printing operation going on that this is whats happening , and there is enough support for this plan from the world governments and our Government or they would have Impeached Obama by now . http://e360.yale.edu/feature/too_many_people_too_much_consumption/2...

Comment by Mangus Colorado on February 10, 2014 at 10:39am

Tim and all,

Please let me post a short editorial I wrote around 2007. Once in a while we must get out of the box and just think.


We put millions of skilled workers on manufacturing jobs building 500 to 1,000 Nuclear power plant of a low cost standard design. This will provide all the energy to accomplish a full restoration of our industrial base. How will this happen you ask?

First we "MINE" the oceans for gold, silver, copper, uranium, methane, manganese and other valuable minerals and metals. It has been estimated that it will be profitable to mine gold from the seas at around $ 3,000 per ounce. Second we use cheap nuclear power to extract these metals which could make a profit to pay off the national debt. Third we use the byproduct "WATER" to farm the huge vacant dry south west feeding the entire planet with low cost food.

Finally we use the cheap nuclear power to build factories to manufacture everything the entire planet needs and we return to zero unemployment and can pay good wages because we have free energy that makes a profit in it's creation.The money generated can payoff all debts, build nuclear reprocessing plants, research and develop a system to render nuclear waste harmless.

Just think, full employment, no energy crisis ever, gold to make money valuable, make the dollar the strongest currency on earth, end inflation, end government debt. Just imagine "AMERICA REBORN AND THE DREAM FULFILLED!!!

 Why not use our technology and natural resources to rebuild our economy?

Comment by tony newbill on February 10, 2014 at 9:09am

Richard (Tim) Justice You said , "We simply cannot compete with the cheap labor other countries pay, but we would definitely keep more of those jobs here if we made our climate more favorable to businesses ".

 Greshams Law of the 14th Century describes  this as when 2 different valued currencies trade in the same market place without  Fair value constraints that relate to what the cost to produce domestically is related to the lower priced currency will drive the higher priced currency down in value and out of circulation .

 We are in a race to the bottom ON PURPOSE !!!! Read This , it shows that the plan by the TOP ENVIRONMENTALIST MARXIST SCIENCE  CZAR to make we the people in the USA SERFS dependent on Government for a hand out and this makes the Environmentalist Marxists very happy because they get to control the rate of consumption instead of a free market rate of consumption being determined by a supply demand fundamental ALL IN THE NAME OF SAVING EARTH FROM A PROSPEROUS PEOPLE THAT CONSUME TOO MUCH STUFF and STRESSING OUT THE ENVIRONMENTALIST'S EARTH !!!!! ,  http://cnsnews.com/node/75388

Comment by Richard (Tim) Justice on February 10, 2014 at 1:25am
Thank you, my friends, for your comments. I enjoy reading other points of view and opinions. To Judy I say, Good for you. We all need to put our feet on the pavement and make things happen. The time for analysis and just plain whining is past. We all know what is happening.
To William, I've often argued for that point. There is not much difference between the parties right now. We can thank our beautiful entitlement programs for this. It is an endless money supply for their supporters. The Republicans have drifted beyond center (I am talking about most of the DC republicans) and now are like the old southern democrats. They do not represent their conservative base, but rather their establishment bosses. You can call them RINO's or republicrats, but you can be sure they will talk the talk during an election, then ignore us once in place. The national democratic party has ventured so far left they have begun to alienate members of their own party. Whether you call them liberals, progressives, or communists/socialists, they really reek of elitism and would like nothing more than to dismantle the republic. True conservatism is very much alive on the grassroots level and libertarianism is making steady progress as well. I think elements of the conservative and libertarian movement can redefine the republican party given enough time, providing they don't split the party. For the moment we cannot afford a third party (although I think one is needed) because a fracture would give the left victories that the right desperately needs.
To James, your anger is shared by millions. We all need to recognize that this is not an accident. The entitlement programs were designed to create dependency, reward a slothful lifestyle, and punish the family. Before Johnson's "Great Society" in 1964, poverty had actually been in decline since the fifties. The needle hasn't really moved much since them, percentage wise. But with a growing population those percentage points represent many more people. There is some hope, however. Obama hasn't delivered to his black constituency and they are slowly realizing this. I believe we should hate the system that is responsible for creating this mess, not so much towards its victims, and take steps to reduce and eventually eliminate this "safety net".
To Cam, although I'm with you and its chances, even in the Senate, might be better than I estimate. Harry Reid is evil and assumes we are stupid (as most liberals do), and he will not allow it in committee much less go to the floor. What I'm afraid of is reminiscent of Ted Cruz's filibuster and subsequent government shut down. They could have closed more of the government down, and it would have suited me. Although it was plain to see that Obama intentionally made the shut down as painful as possible, the republicans, especially the TEA Party, got the blame. I think if we beat those drums too loudly the left will make us out to be fringe lunatics and hurt our chances of reclaiming Congress. Instead keep it on simmer until the elections not letting it die away. Who knows? Public outcry for his impeachment could be deafening by then.
To Mangus, I'm in complete agreement with you. Most organizations that claim to be for the repressed minorities are liars. (Harsh word, I know, but I'm not a PC person.) They only exist to stir the pot, so to speak. They have no desire to lift their people up and out of poverty. If they did, they'd be out of a job. I mean, it's pretty ridiculous to claim a peanut butter sandwich is racist. It's the oldest strategy in the book: divide and conquer.
To Tony, economic freedom in the US is terrible. We rank 16th in the world in that category when we should be first! The way I see our jobs problem is with all these elements: high business taxes (We're the highest in the world.), smothering regulations, and overseas employment. We simply cannot compete with the cheap labor other countries pay, but we would definitely keep more of those jobs here if we made our climate more favorable to businesses.
Again, fellow patriots, thank you for reading and responding to my post. Encourage people to become active in whatever way they can. Contrary to what Washington thinks, we are not stupid. We see what they are doing. Through alternative media such as this we are making more people aware of our plight. And despite our lack of turnout to vote for Mitt in 2012, we are the majority. We have kept quiet for far too long. Don't be afraid of reprisal, it will happen. I look outside every morning expecting to find a black SUV observing.
Remember civil disobedience is powerful against unjust laws.

P.S. If we are to change this country, we must change our ways of thinking. We must return to our Judea-Christian roots and become a God-fearing society again. Most importantly, we should think like sovereigns and a free people. Change means nothing if we can't sustain it.
Comment by Judy A Townsend on February 9, 2014 at 6:10pm

william e grant, telling it like it is!!!  Thanks!

Comment by william e grant on February 9, 2014 at 5:46pm


Comment by Judy A Townsend on February 9, 2014 at 5:22pm

I accept your challenge!  In fact, I have already accepted the challenge to restore our nation to the Constitutional Republic designed by our nation's Founders.  That is why I am promoting Operation American Spring, commencing on May 16, 2014 in Washington, D.C. and continuing until the president, vice president, attorney general and key leadership in the congress have resigned or have been constitutionally removed.  I challenge all of you, get involved.  If you can't be there, give help to someone who is able to go.  This is our last chance to save our nation.  For more information:  www.patriotsforamerica.ning.com and www.patriotsforamerica.org 

Comment by JAMES R MC CORMACK on February 9, 2014 at 4:56pm

Most Blacks want nothing more than to be taken care of . THIS IS A BLIGHT ON OUR COUNTRY AND SOCIETY. No shame from the blacks. They figure they're owed for God knows what. When I was being drafted to the Marines during the Korean war, I was the only white guy on the bus to the pre-induction physical and I was the only one to pass the exam out of 60 . I didn't hold a resentment until now at age 84. I think of my service and my taxes paid to a bunch of bums who won't work and Obama who has been on the take all his life and I think ,screw them all if they hate any chance at bettering themselves. So many blacks I know have done so well and I served with them. But most seem proud of their easy life on the taxpayer. Send those kind back to Africa.

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