Our actions to restore our nation to its original founding principles are coming to a crossroads. We have been divided in our efforts through an inability to focus upon one issue as a whole. Most of our efforts have been (and still are) focused on the 2012 elections and political ideologies. Our nation was founded on Liberty, not political power and agendas. We need a tangible goal now to show that patriots (not partisans) still control our destiny. One goal, one victory will show that
We the Peopleare in control of Liberty’s future.

We believe that the recent events surrounding the Bank of America can become this goal to win our first battle. This institution has decided that the 2ndamendment of the Constitution of the United States is not in line with their bank’s code of ethics. We understand that this amendment’s purpose was to protect us from an abusive government. It appears that they feel it may be used to protect us from abusive financial institutions as well. And they may be correct:  the distinction between government and financial institutions in our country is gone.

The Bank of America is the country’s largest bank with assets of $2.3 trillion. This bank currently has $75 trillion in credit derivatives.

Here is a list of additional grievances:

This financial institution has been found guilty of laundering South American drug money in 2006 ($7.5 million settlement).

They received
$20 billionin US Treasury support with an additional $118 billion government backstop to buy Merrill Lynch.

They failed to properly disclose employee bonuses and financial losses at Merrill Lynch before shareholders approved the merger of the companies:
$150 million settlementwith the SEC.

Bank of America Illegally Foreclosed on Active Service Members’ Homes. Settlement agreement was
$20 million.

Their purchase of Countrywide resulted in a loss of
$65 billionto stockholders.

They paid
$335 millionto settle Countrywide’s housing discrimination claims.

They paid
$410 million to settle a class-action lawsuit affecting more than 13 million Bank of America customers who accused the bank of charging excessive overdraft fees for electronic transactions.

 Bank of America moved approximately$18 trillionworth of derivative obligations from Merrill Lynch and the BAC holding company to the FDIC insured retail deposit division. This transfers the risk from the bank to the taxpayers since the FDIC cannot cover this amount.

Their executives are major
donorsto the president’s reelection campaign.

The president will give his acceptance speech for the Democrat nomination for president at the
Bank of America Stadiumin Charlotte.

Warren Buffett injected
$5 billion into Bank of America for special considerations for stock warrants and a 6% annual return for ten years. This bank's regular personal savings account pays
0.05% annually.

We propose the following actions to be taken immediately:

  1. Close out any personal or business accounts with Bank of America.

  2. If you are a business, do not accept their debit or credit cards for purchases.

  3. Sell your personal stock in this bank.

  4. If your retirement or mutual fund owns stock in this bank, request that they divest it from their portfolios.

  5. Help spread this effort in any manner that you can.

  6. Fill out the form at this
link showing what actions you took based on this project.

No institution has maligned the principles and morality of our nation as the misnamed Bank of America. It is past time to stand up with actions instead of words.

Original Signatories:

Craig Scott Cavanaugh (
Keep It Simple Survival )

Justin Combs (
The Arctic Patriot )

T.L. Davis (
TL In Exile )

David DeGerolamo (
NCRenegade )

Michael Lewis Downing (
Liberty & Preparedness )

Sam Kerodin (
III Percent Patriots )

Bill Nye (

Richard Dallas Timm (

William Brock Townsend (
Free North Carolina )

Peter White (
Western Rifle Shooters Association )

Additional Signatories in order of their acceptance of this declaration:

       Tom Baugh (
Starving the Monkeys )

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Comment by william f. duryea on May 12, 2012 at 7:48pm

To Rev. Robert Celeste-- This is not a put down Robert, but how would you go about that, at the convention? From what I hear, the "Republican Establishment" prevented his supporters from re-entering the convention hall at the last convention. I am interested in hearing your game plan. Thank you.

Comment by Ben Burton on May 12, 2012 at 4:44pm

Would that I could. They hold my first mortgage. Bought the place in September '04. They took it over sometime in '09. Unfortunately,my business took a serious downturn in late '08 and I was forced to take a second mortgage (BBVA Compass), which is now greater than the original. Anyone wanna buy a 7 & 2/3-year-old house?

Comment by Rondo on May 12, 2012 at 10:02am

I stopped doing business with General Motors two years ago.  I had a GM Credit Card with over $3,000 of built up credit dollars that could be used to make a down payment on any NEW car they sold.  I tore up the card.  I cancelled it. I worked for GM on the assembly line for 5 years split before and after serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam.  When I returned GM gave me my my job back but the union thugs threatened to burn my car in the parking lot if I did not stop work on my job and join their insane causes.  I was a union member by force as I was working in a closed shop state (Missouri) at the time.

I left the GM job and the union after I had gotten enough education to take a job as a computer programmer at a local insurance company in Kansas City.  I remained in the computer business until retiring from IBM in May of 2009.  I never held another union job after leaving GM.  IBM treats their employees well and avoids union incursion by doing so.  Most union workers join because they are forced or because the company they work for is unwilling or unable to take care of their employees.  Obama is a Chicago style union political crony in the same way that Rod Blagojevich was and still is.  The only difference is Rod Blagojevich is now in prision.

Then I went to see the Cadillac dealer wherein I had purchased my last GM car and informed the salesman whom I have known for well over 15 years that I would not do business with Obama Motors.  To my somewhat surprise and while hanging his head, he confessed that several of his customers had done the same thing.

I only have one indirect dealing with Bank of America and that is through a credit card that I no longer use.  The card is not a B of A card but is supported by B of A as are many cards that are store front cards.  Be aware that many large chain retail stores promote business with a card that has their logo or store ID.  In my case it happened to be Bass Pro Shops.  I did not realize that the card (which gets me discounts etc.) was actually a B of A credit card with a Bass Pro logo and image.  Be aware that Bass Pro Shops are only one of many retailers that has this arrangement through B of A.  Other banks, e.g. CHASE, and CitiBank, also have these indirect retail cards.  Even places like Home Depot can be using indirect back cards to support their sales to their customers. 

I now own a used Toyota truck.  I will not buy a GM product used or new but certainly not new.  I will not buy a Chrysler product as it is no longer an American car manufacturer as because they also took Obama money and caved into the union while hosing their investors and dealerships. 

If I ever buy another NEW car it will be a FORD because they never took a dime of Obama money.

as I see it and have done it, a Vietnam Vet,


Comment by Rich Knoch on May 12, 2012 at 9:13am

Vote with you feet . . . . take your accounts to a locally owned bank and/or credit union.

This is the only way to get the Big Banks attention; i.e., when they lose a great number of depositors they will finally wake up . . . and it will probably be too late.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on May 12, 2012 at 9:12am

Thanks for the information.

Comment by Lawrence Brown on May 12, 2012 at 8:42am

The people still have power if they chose to use it. Stop supporting Obama's backers. General Motors,General Electric,etc. We complain about Obama,but people will spend their money on these companies,WHY? Obama can't do anything without these traitors and without money they can't support Obama. I will not support any company that I know that supports Obama or any liberal. It is better to do without than feed your enemy.

Comment by David DeGerolamo on May 12, 2012 at 8:19am

@Rev Celeste

It is time for us to be realistic. Voting for candidates that are chosen by political parties is not the solution. No one believes that the Republican Party will allow Rep. Paul to be the president or the presidential nominee for the GOP.


Voting will not solve our fiscal and moral crisis. 


We can remain sitting down and posting comments on blogs or we can stand up and take action. I doubt that anyone has really understood the ramifications of this post. Although this article has taken two weeks to gain a consensus and coordinate, we have seen the losses in derivatives posted by J.P. Morgan this week. That is a $2 billion loss that has impacted their credit rating and reserve assets. Estimates of the consequences of this $2 billion loss may reach $20 billion.


BofA has $75 trillion in derivatives. It is a matter of when, not if these banks collapse. Bank of America is the most vulnerable since JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon is controlling the president as much as George Soros.


What happens if Bank of America fails and the taxpayers are left holding a $75 trillion debt that cannot be unwound? 

Boring now?

What does life, fortune and sacred honor actually mean to you. If the collapse of one bank collapses the USD and the federal government, then by definition, we are a Fascist state. Our Liberty must never be sacrificed for Fascism.


Will you stand up and fight? I doubt that most readers here know the signatories of this declaration. You should start reading what true patriots are writing. Consider attending Kerodin's Liberty Summit. And consider what you will sacrifice for Liberty.

Comment by Rev. Robert M. Celeste on May 12, 2012 at 5:21am

Ho humm, boring, boring, boring.  Want to do something positive?  Elect Ron Paul, he will close the fed.

Comment by Jo Gonzalez on May 12, 2012 at 4:36am

You have a choice, and there is no reason, for anyone, armed with this knowledge, not to walk right into Bank of America, and not only close their account, but it might be real nice, to print the above stated abuses.  Do not let yourself, say "Oh, that would take time, or I have been there so long, or I'll do it tomorrow" no way, go Monday morning and take a stand.  If you do not object, who will???  If not now, when????

Comment by David DeGerolamo on May 11, 2012 at 10:51pm

We encourage you to copy and paste the above post on your local "Occupy Wall Street" blogs. Who knows, we may get some converts.

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