A budget deficit that grows with each passing second!

A partisan health care plan that threatens to destroy what is left of the American middle class!

A mess in the Middle East!

An absolute crisis on our Southern border that has the "smell" of something that was intentially inflicted by a divisive, power mad administration!

Governor Rick Perry has evidently had enough! He has elected to go it alone, in an effort to secure his 1200 mile stretch of the border. After years of pleas for help, the conclusion is, "Washington doesn't plan on helping!" If it is to be done, then Texas, with hopefully some help from other states, will attempt to stem the flow of undocumented souls pouring into our country!

Perry appears to have a grip on the problem. And, a solution! The problem is, the President doesn't think it's a high enough priority to make a visit to the border.  Not that he wasn't recently in the neighborhood! It isn't that he wasn't asked by Perry personally! Perhaps, he simply can't grasp the urgency. After all Harry Reid himself, said this past week, that the border was indeed "secure."

More and more Republicans are ruefully acknowledging that the President doesn't want to do anything. Other than, to allow these "refugees" to stay, with hopes of spawning future Democrat voters! Never mind what the law says! Who cares about the constitution! The administration and friends consider the latter an anachonism anyway!

There are always unexpected consequences. Don't look now, but there are thousands of "thirty and forty something" veterans who are seeing this border crisis for what it could be: "Americas last stand." They are already unhappy with the administration. Whether it's Iraq, the V.A., or even the Marine interned in  Mexico, all signs indicate that this President doesn't like them very much.

Not that Governor Perry is urging these forgotten Patriots to expend their resources and energy on such an undertaking! He isn't! But, he is, after all, a fellow veteran! Not a weekend warrior, but a former Air Force C-130 pilot! When compared to the current Commander-in-Chief, there is no comparison! Odds are, he's just the guy they've been looking for! Certainly worth a trip south, accompanied by their personally owned AR-15 and, say, 3000 rounds...

This is an exceptionally dangerous scenario! Without question, Texas is not alone. Even more alarming is these "Patiots" actual lust to get into a fight, preferably with the Americans who they have gradually grown to hate!

As always, liberals would pigeonhole it as "race based." In truth, these "Patriots"  represent a "rainbow coalition!" Those inspiring their ire often work in unelected positions holding perceived dictatorial authority. Many "Patriots" have struggled in Obama's anemic economy. Perry's promise of "less regulation, less government and more economy prospertity," symbolizes deliverance.   

Governor Perry talks about accomplishments and achievements. He points to an America that reaches for the sky. This message of hope and confidence is not lost on these frustrated soldiers of fortune. They understand it better than most! Years of neglect have culminated into unquenchable anger. To rally behind a cause can quickly transform anger into joy!  

No doubt, many in the Perry camp would be slightly nervous with this development. As one supporter put it, "the media would portray us as the bad guys, like so many were viewed in Nevada. Receiving financial help from other states would be welcomed."

That, too, may be forthcoming. But the possibility of thousands of veterans, many battle tested, showing up in Texas to defend the border, would likely be greeted enthusiastically by apprehensive locals. They would likewise influence those BLM, DHS and National Guardsman trying to cope with a problem increasingly seen as both self inflicted and infinite!

Imagine a 23-year-old, suddenly confronted by a 35-year-old. The later has, at the very least, been through the grind. At the most, he (or she) has experienced a tour. Think how easy it would be for the older soldier "to get into" the younger soldiers' head! Get the picture? Alas, the perfect storm!

Don't forget, the military is going through a downsize, courtesy of the administration. There is clearly a morale problem throughout the armed forces. The prevailing paradigm amounts to being "unappreciated and no longer needed." Thus, when the 35-year-old reminds the 23-year-old that their oath is to "defend the constitution," not the presidency, the circle becomes complete!

It is estimated that there are about 270 million firearms held by the civilian population which are accounted for. It is believed that there are an additional 270 million firearms unaccounted for. Nearly all are in the hands of roughly "30%" of the population. Can we guess who these Americans are?

How about law enforcement officials? Has anyone checked to see where the majority of them stand, ideologically?

Conservatives in America are seething! Most have reached a tipping point. The consensus of opinion reins consistent: "liberals have used everything from voter fraud to an overreaching judicial system to force their agenda upon America."

Equally disquieting is the near universal belief that the system has failed. Any remaining confidence in leadership dissipates with each Thad Cochran candidacy.

"Fixing America" via a constitutional convention is openly discussed. Term limits, English only, a definition of marriage and a more simplied tax code are hot topics! They are joined with calls to repeal the 14th, 16th, and 17th amendments. On a growing number of tongues are Malcolm X's historic ultimatum: "The ballot or the bullet."

Should there be a second American Civil War, make no mistake! It will be ideological, not sectional. It will not be North versus South or East versus West! It will be "Liberals versus Conservatives." The Liberals will lose! Decisively!

Following the rout, massive immigration to Canada, Europe, South America, even Africa can be anticipated! Perhaps twenty million Americans will permanently exit the country. Their Conservative victors will proclaim, "don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Left behind will be the "Sheeple," who will, in effect, be granted release from their dubious destiny of drone duty.

Could this apocalyptic future unfold? Perhaps! Thomas Jefferson noted that, "the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants." That time may be upon us!

Governor Perry is not advocating such an outcome! Without question, he would do everything in his power to thwart a calamity of this magnitude! History has proven, however, that leaders are often not self chosen!

Sadly our country looks to be approaching the point of no return. The left has pushed relentlessly, obviously unconcerned that they might be overplaying their hand! Arrogantly, they have concluded that their intellectual superiority will prevail over their slower talking, seemingly provincial counterpart. Tragically overlooked is the  determination held by the latter. Not to mention the passion!

It is hoped that Governor Perry can secure the border. While it's shameful that the President has chosen to take a back seat, it isn't wholly unexpected. Open borders will result in increase crimes against the civilian population. As former Idaho Congressman, Curtis Bowers implied in his documentary, "Agenda: Grinding America Down," citizens will "relinguish freedoms while welcoming more government when threatened with violence and anarchy." 

The good news is there appears to be room for a compromise on the border crisis. Better yet, there is an approaching midterm election.

Should the Republicans reclaim Senate majority, while holding House serve, a brief lull could follow. Not to suggest that things will be settled! The President has made it clear that if Congress won't comply, "I have a pen and a phone."

The political establishment would like to see Obama leave office without incident. The problem is, he may not be interested in going quietly. An ideologue to the last, Barack Obama looks determined to finish what he started. Even, if it carries cataclysmic consequences.




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Comment by Steve Merkel on July 21, 2014 at 8:18pm

I have to hand it ti Barry Soetero, his Cloward-Piven strategy is working spectacularly well! If you have a job, work hard. Millions of illegal aliens are depending on you.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on July 20, 2014 at 6:57pm

"But, very sadly, among Americans  I see anger and disenchantment giving way to accommodation."

I have witnessed this for years in everyday life Jim.  Good people get angry, frustrated, and disenchanted with government, understand that once they get in, its almost impossible to get them out.  You will never get rid of the Piglosi's, Shummer's, Rangels, Boxer, Reid, Lee Jackson in Congress, never.  They will always be voted in by the left, never a chance to gain positive changes in our government.  We have a go along to get alone society, where retaliation in King, to keep the masses quiet.  So the masses stay quite, accept what is, as long as the entitlements come in.  They care about entitlements more than safety and protection from the bad guys.  Congress does not care about auditing and creating a government accountable to the people.  They dont care about waste, fraud and abuse, in the trillions.  Cover-ups are promoted, whistleblowers are terminated, those who want an efficient and accountable government.  Government is inefficient because the CIC and Congress does not hold any government official accountable for efficiency and competence.  This will never change because this cost votes and votes matter to government officials more than anything else to stay in power.  So having an efficient and accountable Government for We the People will never happen.  Unless we get people who care in government, to change government, game is over.  Avoid conflict at all cost needs to change to efficiency and accountability.  This day will never come with the majority of Communists (Progressives and RINO's) who like the status quo, will make sure things stay the same, protect their own Kingdoms.  

Comment by Richard Curtis on July 20, 2014 at 6:56pm

Caligula was Rome's thorn. He was finally killed by his own army and Congress. He lasted 1400 days, about 3 years and 9 months. Obama has made it almost 6 years. Dems are starting to turn on him. Perhaps Congress will oust him.

Comment by Jim Delaney on July 20, 2014 at 5:52pm

Sadly, Jeff's analysis makes perfect sense. Churchill's "gathering storm" comes quickly to mind.

And while there are practicable constitutional remedies--e.g. State Nullification, mass Civil Disobedience, peaceful Secession and, yes, Rebellion, to stem the self-destructive tide, at this juncture I honestly cannot envision a sufficient number of patriots' coalescing around an such activist remedial approaches to this tyranny. That, of course, remains to be seen. But, very sadly, among Americans  I see anger and disenchantment giving way to accommodation. I pray I'm wrong.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on July 20, 2014 at 5:35pm

William.  America will not do anything until all this directly affect them personally.  As long as the majority here have their entertainment, shelter, food, water, the basics, no one will rise up. Redistribution of wealth makes those who don't earn and produce happy.  It gives them free shelter, food, water, cell phones, cable, tickets to ball games, etc.  It pays for their children, and for single mothers to stay home, no need for a husband.  Food stamps, welfare, unemployment, disability, social security, medi-care keeps all of them happy, not need to enforce the rule of law, protect the citizens of this country.  As long as the Stock Market is at a all time high, the majority here, who cares about morality, who cares about the Constitution and the rule of law.  Big Government is G-d, go along to get along, do as your told, stay out of trouble, avoid conflict at all cost, look the other way to avoid retaliation.  The majority people in America are apathetic to who they elect, dont care about protecting others, care about themselves, nothing else matters.  Selfish and apathy rules America, our motto is "It is what is it, no reason to stand up for whats right".  The motto is "look the other way to live another day, stay silent, accept what is, don't do anything to make real change".   They will vote for the party who bribes them the most.  Everything else, they simply don't care, really don't care about this country as its slowly being torn apart.  As long as they get theirs, nothing else matters.

Comment by Sally Furgerson on July 20, 2014 at 5:23pm

If we had a congress with  guts they would tell Obama that he has 2  w eeks to amonth to get these kid  settled in a safe place and one thats more like a home not a prison.. what ObamA HAS DONE IS HORRIBLE FOR THE KIDS AND FOR THE USA AND THE CONGRESS CAN TAKE SOME OF THE BLAME TO...

Comment by william e grant on July 20, 2014 at 5:12pm


Comment by Gary Kuess on July 20, 2014 at 4:53pm

They are all crooked and don't want their own mud drawn out

Comment by Sally Furgerson on July 20, 2014 at 4:02pm

What I want to know is why are t he Repubs protecting him they have some of the best scandals and his muslims brothehood on  him and they do nothing.. Look what they did to Hermain Cain and he was just running for P?/ this man is the President and hes destroying the USA.  that show the Dems play and why they win... you have to match your opppnets 

Comment by John Palmer on July 20, 2014 at 3:36pm

We have a know nothing do nothing president.   Our home is burning and he does nothing.   Thank God we do have some volunteer firemen, like Rick Perry,  to put out some of the fire if allowed.  

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