The Abortion of "Obama Care" Now Coming Home To Roost

Glenn Beck had an interesting and powerful discussion on GBTV yesterday ( Monday 1-30-12 ).

Guests included Catholic League president Bill Donohue, Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, and Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Texas. A Catholic, a Protestant, a Mormon and a Jew, now all standing together against the growing and impending atrocity of “Obama Care”.

And I'll add one more to the list. As an agnostic, I agree with everything they said, on principle, and stand with them. As they discussed, ironically, Obama and the Democrats came up with a plan that's now uniting liberals, conservatives and even libertarians against them, both religionists, and those reserving judgment such as myself.

They all expressed outrage at the fact that "Obama Care" has now been revealed to contain dictates that will force religious organizations like the Catholic Church and Gateway Church, to support contraception and abortion coverage in their health care plans.

As if what we already knew about "Obama Care" wasn't horrible enough, now this!

I mean, “Obama Care” is already thought to be blatantly unconstitutional by most of the population, something like 27 states have sued to block it, and the Supreme Court will decide its constitutionality this summer, which could deal a staggering blow to the Obama administration if it's struck down.

But “Obama Care” just keeps looking worse and worse, the more it gets examined. It keeps reminding me of the odd little creatures in the movie “Alien”, that when carefully examined, would leap onto someone's face, anesthetize them, secrete offspring into them, then explode them to death when the offspring hatched. That's “Obama Care”!

It not only forces all American citizens to buy a product, for the first time in this nation's history, but as Beck has pointed out, it establishes massive amounts of new regulatory agencies, without restrictions and without limits to their scope and powers. In short, this thing is like a behemoth boa constrictor that will gradually crush the remaining life out of what's left of this nation!

What Obama and the Democrats haven't yet accomplished – the collapse and globalization of the United States, will be achieved by “Obama Care”, if by nothing else, if it's allowed to continue being implemented!

Now with this latest revelation about infliction a pro-abortion policy on the wallets and consciences of the religious, the Catholic Church is planning on unleashing massive numbers of lawsuits, as they should!

Even the liberal Catholics who voted for Obama, now feel "betrayed".

But what were they thinking when they voted for Obama?!

Beck pointed out, that as a Senator, Obama said that if a child survives a botched abortion, it shouldn't even receive health care to sustain it and shouldn't be covered by medical insurance! Apparently Obama thought that the survivor should be tossed into a trash can until it dies of dehydration.

The man is the very culmination of the philosophy of the triumph of forced-collectivism over individual rights!

What about their precious individual “right to choose”, that the left always pushes? It's only the “right to choose” to kill the unborn, but not the “right to choose” not to support such killing?

And some of you people voted for him?!

Beck also discussed the kinds of collectivist bio-ethics that says it's OK to kill someone for their body parts, if they wouldn't have a quality life. "For the greater good".

"Is it morally wrong to take a life?

What happens when God is replaced with bioethicists? The national conversation takes a drastic turn for the worse, as we see in this shocking new report which has scientists arguing life is not sacred and that it’s ok to kill someone in certain situations. On killing a hypothetical disabled person: “killing her cannot disrespect her autonomy, because she has no autonomy left. It also cannot be unfair to kill her if it does her no harm.”"


This is what happens when forced-collectivism replaces the kinds of values that respect the natural rights of individuals, to life.

But I think that this discussion only examined a small segment of the utterly evil Trojan horse that "Obama Care" really is. Beck has exposed the program along with Obama's agenda for years now.

The big picture is that this President appears bent on collapsing and globalizing the United States as soon as he can, and "Obama Care" is a huge part of how they plan on doing it.

If it's implemented, it will collapse our economy, no "ifs", "ands" or "buts" about it. It's no wonder that Marxist Nancy Pelosi held a grand glowing joyful march outside the capital after it was passed. It's a Progressive globalist socialist's dream come true.

Beck sees this as just another part of the left's agenda of attacking religion, but I think that's only part of the big picture. During the discussion yesterday, Rabbi Lapin said something that I respectfully must disagree with. He said that this agenda of the socialist left is sort of a "secular fundamentalism". That's way too kind Rabbi, and more than a little naïve, in my opinion.

Looking at the big picture, they're not merely promoting secularism, their agenda is a full blown state religion of their own. They intend to do nothing less than raise the forced-collectivism of the state to a level above all religion, and have it become the religion of the state, or state worship. After all, that's what statism ultimately devolves into in the end, a religion of state worship, and it's a jealous religion, whose “god” is perfectly capable of becoming a destroyer of tens of millions of lives every time it rises up.

They can't allow anything else to continue to exist, that competes with it. This is the real agenda of Obama, Soros and all the rest of the socialist globalists:

A global religion of state worship.

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Comment by Jane Galt on February 1, 2012 at 12:50am

Unless you've been watching Glenn Beck these past 3 years, you HAVE NO IDEA how evil!

Comment by Larry Anderson on January 31, 2012 at 10:17pm

Obama, what an evil piece!

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