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Rep. Allen West, Continuing Revolution Rally, Washington DC

Awesome Tea Party Speech! E. W. Jackson

Rep. Steve King, Continuing Revolution Rally, Washington DC

Rep. Mike Pence , Continuing Revolution Rally, Washington DC!

Sen. Jim DeMint & Rand Paul, Continuing Revolution Rally!

Rep. Michele Bachmann, Continuing Revolution Rally, Washington DC

Rep. Louie Gohmert , Continuing Revolution Rally, Washington DC!


Bernanke hid the fact that foreign banks took the most money


What Ever Happened to the Constitution? | Judge Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano - A Power Without Limits


Full Show - 3/30/11. What's Next in the Libyan War?


Sen. Schumer Reaffirms Tea Party Is ‘Extreme’ And Doesn’t Know How Government Works

Blame the Tea Party (and Mr. T) for Budget Chaos and the Bronx Zoo Cobra. Plus MSNBC's Stripper Poll

The Tea Party vs. John Boehner


United To Destroy America: Will Unions Cripple the Private Sector?


Clear As Mud: The Obama Doctrine Emerges In Midst of War In Libya

Soros, Obama & 'Responsibility to Protect'

Facebook Special: The Obama Nation

President Obama's Green Fleet Initiative A Bold Step Forward In US Energy Use


Republicans Unified On The Need For Meaningful Spending Cuts

Thom Hartmann & Senator Bernie Sanders: Back off Social Security!

Full Show - 3/29/11. The GOP plans a government shutdown


Sen. Rand Paul Takes Senate Floor and Speaks on Libya



Koran-Burning Pastor Denies Claims He Prompted U.N. Afghanistan Murders

Modern America too close to 1933 Germany?


Veronique de Rugy Discusses the Truth About Deficits and the Debt

Nick Gillespie Talks Government Debt on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano


White House Briefing with the Information Technology Industry Council

McHenry: Dodd-Frank Reinforces Bailout Culture and Hinders Growth and Competition

Cornel West: Obama is for big business not the jobless


Enterprise Institute's Fred Smith: Strip EPA Before It Kills Economy


Responsibility to Protect...Whom?


April Fools? Media Matters caught in a web of lies in their war on Glenn Beck!


Riz Khan - South Africa's challenges


Inside Story: Steps towards peace in Libya

Judge Napolitano, Reps. Paul And Kucinich Join In Dismay At Obama’s ‘Neo-Colonial’ Libyan Efforts

NATO Power: Will the War in Libya Enhance NATO and Reduce America's Role in Foreign Conflicts?

Unclear why US is in Libya

Libya shows US humanitarian hypocrisy

Libyan Intervention an Impeachable Offense?

Inside Story: Libya's end game

Riz Khan - Intervention in the Arab world

Dick Morris Reports: Obama Breaks Libya

Glenn Beck To Middle East: ‘We’ll Help You, You Write Us A Big Fat Check Right Now’


A New Tune for Egypt's Radical Muslims

Ron Carlson on the Muslim Uprisings


The Gratitude Campaign


ObamaCare - Live Your Carefree Lifestyle

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