My fellow TEA Partiers, welcome to the real world. The real world of the body politic. The real world where we have been manipulated as "useful idiots" by the Establishment elitists. We have used the term useful idiots for the Democrats, especially the mindless minions of the OWS, yet we are no different.

How are we no different you may be wondering? Well, just imagine what we would be experiencing today had the TEA Party movement NOT erupted on the scene 3 years ago. Would the Establishment have regained the House of Representatives, nearly taken control of the Senate, picked up 20 more state legislative chambers? 22 State Legislative chambers changed majority control in the 2010 election.

Call it a tsunami, hurricane or seismic shift, the 2010 election was, epic.  Republicans gained over 720 Legislative seats shattering the 1994 record of over 500 seats. Not since 1928 have Republicans held more Legislative seats, 3,941. They held 4,001 in 1928. In the nation’s 98 partisan state legislative chambers, Republicans almost completely reversed their standing, 57 chambers to 39 for Democrats. Prior to the election Democrats had the advantage 60-36. Republicans now control the entire legislatures in 25 states, 11 more than prior to the elections, the most since 1952. Republicans control 29 gubernatorial seats today, a net increase of 6 after the 2010 elections.

So, with this monumental effort, what is our reward as Conservatives? Not much. Actually, nothing. The majorities outlined above should have been a launching point for another round of massive gains in the upcoming November elections. Instead, what we have received from the John Boehner led House is nothing. Where is our $100 Billion dollar cut in spending? Where is the deficit reduction, debt reduction, spending reduction of ANY type? Where are all the reforms we were promised? More importantly where are the Republican’s “Pledge to America” results? Has anyone even heard them mention that infamous promise to We the People over the last year? I haven’t. Understandably, when you only control one-half of one-third of our government results will be difficult, but it seems the whole concept has been abandoned. More insultingly, forgotten. The sweeping changes the TEA Party caused in Washington and throughout the States should have been motivation for even the most passive Establishment led by Boehner.

Now, who in the Establishment ranks have subsequently joined the TEA Party caucus chaired by Michele Bachmann? Why haven’t Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Graham and every other Republican become members? I don’t think I’ve even heard any of the elites mention the TEA Party, other than in a slight of hand manner that the Republicans can’t get a consensus on most issues. Perhaps they aren’t trying hard enough? Perhaps they don’t have the leadership in Boehner and McConnell to be effective? Perhaps they just don’t care? My feeling is, all the above.

Why aren’t Boehner and the rest of the Establishment announcing sweeping reforms to our dysfunctional trade agreements that we are involved in that allow trade partner nations to abuse their workers, exploit humanitarian atrocities and condone currency manipulations? Where is the tax reform we were promised? Extending the Bush tax-cuts, is NOT the answer. 72,000+ pages of tax code, 1,120+ tax forms, hundreds of loopholes and an IRS that strikes fear into American citizens, is NOT the answer. Massive regulations that prevent businesses from starting, let alone expanding, is NOT the answer. Where is a cohesive all-the-above energy policy? Where is a comprehensive immigration reform without amnesty? Where is the leadership we allowed the Establishment to now enjoy?

It’s busy repeating history. Obviously the elitists in the Establishment GOP have determined that Mitt Romney is the next-in-line choice. This is their version of Conservative leadership. Or is it Compassionate Conservatism? This is their delusion that any of the above benefits we helped them attain will somehow improve fiscal, monetary, social and moral principles we support without Conservative principles.

We have been duped. We have been bamboozled. We have been used. Little does the Establishment realize they are only destroying themselves as they wallow in their newly granted power. We sent a referendum with the election. What we’ve gotten in return is a slap in the face. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not ready to raise my white flag to allow business as usual. The status quo no longer appeals to me. We can no longer allow ourselves to be manipulated as useful idiots.

We’re the TEA Party DAMMIT!


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Comment by USARogue on January 31, 2012 at 11:15pm


You're right. many of us have been involved for decades. We've been battling a corrupt government for nearly 100 years. This is when Progressivism began it's evil reign of terror. Undoing this will take a long time and a lot of work.

If you haven't already, I recommend you read up on all the information in the resource and Constitution section supplied here on TPN. Click on the LEARN link on the above task bar. Pay special attention to the "Constitution Study Group" with Publius Huldah, it's excellent. Also, get involved, if possible, as a Precinct Committeman (or woman). There's an excellent link by Cold Warrior on what it is and how to join or be associated with it.

Not only do we need to be involved, we need to be educated about our Core Values to explain to the uninformed masses, and there are many of them wandering aimlessly in our great Republic.

Contact your Representative for more information, put his/her phone number in your cell phone contacts list along with your Senators. I call my Representative and Senators at least weekly to voice disapproval AND approval of their legislation. I also have Boehners, Cantors, Ryans, McConnells and Mike Pence's numbers in my contact list (I really like Mike Pence's S.T.A.R.T. Plan).

We all need to be as involved as possible. Family, work and life will be interrupted, but it's worth it to restore our great Republic to what it should be.

BTW, here's another great link to learn more about the Constitution;


I really like this site because it has a "kids section" for ages K-12.

Another great site is LexRex.com. It has even more extensive teachings about the Constitution;


Of special interest is "An Important Distinction: Democracy versus Republic. It will enable you to more effectively debate why we are a Republic and NOT a Denocracy.


Good luck!

Comment by Cordelia on January 31, 2012 at 10:10pm

I DONT mean to be rude...BUT WE ALL need to wake up and QUIT talking and blogging to one another, as it is NOT helping us...WE NEED to quit preaching to the choir (US the Tea Party)...instead we need to have a plan to GET AMERICA BACK!!! We need to figure out how to sue the pac behind the attacks and FALSE ads that is misleading and loosing the conservatives running, one by one...THIS IS NOT FAIR and I want to have a leader somewhere among US..to COME UP WITH A PLAN OF ACTION...let's quit blogging and talking and do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cuz guess what yall THERE ARE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS BEING MISLED BY THE DEMS, and RINO'S Etc...THEY ARE NOT HEARING WHAT WE SAY HERE, THEY ARE NOT HEARING FOX NEWS, THEY ARE NOT HEARING TRUE FACTUAL COMMERCIALS...so us chatting is great BUT LETS DO SOMETHING BIG, LOUD AND CLEAR...we have to let the rest of AMERICA IN ON THE FACTS WE KNOW....WE NEED TO GET ADS OF TRUTH OUT AND QUICK!!!!! But not ads on FOX..CUZ we already hear balanced news there for OURSELVES its the ones who dont watch FOX that needs to know!!! I AM DESPERATE for answers on what we can all do together...beside wasting our passion for this country here...can we march, can we sue the PAC for slandering our good candidates and possibly causing the loss of this election (for newt or rick) ...PLEASE SOMEBODY LETS DO SOMETHING...lets be AMERICANS THAT TAKE ACTION..not talk about it, like a bunch of politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sue Carroll on January 31, 2012 at 9:10pm


Comment by Brian Parks on January 31, 2012 at 8:07pm

Thank you USARogue!  I rarely even bother to look at the news in comparison to my hourly checks that I used to perform.  Disgusted and angry are my only emotions when I realize every day that nothing changes because of the lack of spine and guts that our Tea Party candidates display.  Like old wore out and whipped dogs laying underneath a porch, they may occasionally raise their heads and let out a pitiful low pitched bark, but thats about it.  To top it all off, they realize that the upcoming elections will be rigged and do not even work feverishly to insure the only tool we have left will still work for us.  IT REQUIRES A LANDSLIDE election win in order to change personnel in our capitols and thats all we change - just the people that continue to do nothing and allow our country to slip away from The People!

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