Tax King RINO or Tea Party Conservative for Tennessee?

Fantastic news! We’re coming within a foreseeable margin of victory in Tennessee’s primary on August 7th between the establishment incumbent and the true conservative.


Conservative Republican Joe Carr is closing in on RINO incumbent Lamar Alexander. A recent poll by Triton Polling shows that Carr has jumped 16 points since May and now stands in the single digits (43-36). This is exciting news!


This race is critically important. Conservatives need to pick up six seats in order to gain control of the Senate. In order to do that, we’ve got to win our primaries against the establishment; remember the stunning upset in Virginia of Dave Brat over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor? We need more of those upsets, and we can do it in Tennessee. (And we also need to fight cheaters like Thad Cochran in MS.)


Then we must gear up to face off Democratic challengers in the general election in November.


Lamar Alexander doesn’t stand with We the People; he stands with socialist Barack Obama. Lamar Alexander voted for ObamaCare, and a host of other harmful liberal programs and policies such as the bailouts and the Cash-for Clunkers program.


Lamar Alexander is on board with amnesty. As we are well aware, the border crisis is out of control and promises to further erode our economy, overload our schools and hospitals and fracture other sectors of society, yet Lamar Alexander stands with Barack Obama on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Lamar Alexander voted for the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill that did absolutely nothing to address amnesty.


Lamar Alexander is king of “tax bill” votes. He voted for the Internet Sales Tax bill, and income taxes, capital gains taxes, death taxes, dividend taxes and payroll taxes got his vote too. Those votes earned him an “F” rating for two years in a row from FreedomWorks.


Lamar Alexander is no friend to We the People. As his voting record shows, he’s in league with big government Barack Obama style. In fact, Lamar Alexander voted with Barack Obama over 60% of the time! 


Conservative Joe Carr fights for the people of Tennessee. Joe Carr has respectably earned support from conservative leaders including Conservative Campaign Committee, Tea Party Nation, Conservative HQ, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, Tea Party Leadership Fund, Gun Owners of America, and most recently, national political commentator and radio host, Laura Ingraham.  Droves of Tea Party groups support Joe Carr. More than 20 Republican Tennessee legislators also stand with Joe Carr.


Conservatives in Tennessee will vote on August 7th to pick the Tea Party conservative over the Tax King RINO. In the meantime, we ALL can help propel conservative Republican Joe Carr to victory by supporting our Independent Expenditure ad campaign that begins immediately and our boots on the ground effort in Tennessee beginning next week by using this link:




Together we can dethrone the Tax King of Tennessee and replace him with a true conservative.








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Comment by letty bromenschenkel on July 23, 2014 at 7:47am

Amazing  how  quickly  the  conservatives  throw in the  towel.   YOU  have  a  perfect  candidate,  one  who can walk and talk  at the  same  time >  AND  Win in November:

Instead of  getting  out  of  bed and  rallying the  vote and   rally volunteers for a  day  or two,   the same  types  throw  water on the  fire.   "excuses"  of  why not  to  win  and  discourage  those who  prob  would   get  out of   bed  to  vote and  help  win .  

If  you tell  a lie  often enough it  becomes a  fact:   If you repeat  the negative often enough  you get  the  negative  results 


Comment by letty bromenschenkel on July 23, 2014 at 7:41am

the   "conservatives"    need to  STOP  using  excuses:    whether it  be  illegals  or  dead  people  who vote .   the  numbers of  fraud  are never  significant

IF   folks  stop  using  excuses  to  not  participate  we  would win .   Cantor comes to mind,  Ted Cruz  comes to  mind  and  the  list is  very  long .    mindful  ,    REASON  we  lost  VA   the  conservatives  didn't  show up   and  those who  always  send  another  message  voted for the  T. party spoiler .

we  still hold  29  Governor  and  I  believe  27  state legislature  control.   THAT  is  impossible  if  "they"  always   cheat to  win .

Comment by KARL ANDREWS on July 20, 2014 at 1:49pm

I am no fan of Lamar Alexander and you say, "Lamar Alexander voted for ObamaCare;" but, according to my research on the Senator he voted against ObamaCare.  In fact I don't believe any Republican Senator or Congressman voted for ObamaCare.  I hope that Senator Lamar Alexander is defeated in his primary; however, I would make sure that your facts are correct before putting them on a public paper.  I receive so many so called facts that are not the truth.  The truth speaks louder than untruths.  Please make sure or verify your comment before putting it to pen.  I know the temptation to say and believe things about an politician that are not true--please verify your facts.

Comment by william e grant on July 19, 2014 at 7:07pm


Comment by Phil McConathy on July 19, 2014 at 11:56am

Just hope Joe Car can make up the difference quickly. Americans need many more responsible conservatives in Congress. I am certain the establishment is pouring money in TN. to insure their RINO stays in Congress.

Comment by Ted Kornblum on July 19, 2014 at 9:43am

Joe Carr is an excellent canidiate. True  conservative and has the Grassroots

support throughout the State. Latest polling numbers show that he is gaining

name recognition. He has been an excellent rep of mine in the State House.

Alexander has voted more with Obama then with Republicans. Pure Blood RHINO.

I like the numbers. Still means 17% undecided. Acouple other canidates may come

up with 5% so it leaves a lot of room for Joe to pull this great upset off. He needs

support up against the millions being put up by the moderates.Tennessee is RED,

but when it comes to this office its PINK. Get out the VOTE.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on July 19, 2014 at 9:16am

Clean house in Washington, DC.

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