Swimming Pools vs automobiles & bicyles vs GUNS

Is there a statistician in our group who can pull up the figures on the death to children in the above categories? Even after the "good" people ensure that children have special rear facing safety seats in cars, how many children die each year in auto mobile accidents/crashes? It is not the cars that kill the kids; it is the careless drivers.

Let's look at swimming pools. Many children are lost each year in private, home swimming pools. We fence the pools; teach the kids to swim but still it happens that kids die in pools.

Now compare the number of children who die each year at the point of a gun wielded by a mentally disturbed person. And they have to be deranged to purposely take guns into a public place to kill innocent people.

Does the president and others who wish to manipulate gun control truly believe guns kill people. It needs a maniac to pull the trigger, to somehow select who they, the deranged person, will kill. The gun cannot make those decisions only a sick human can do that. This killer in Connecticut killed his mother and finally turned the gun on himself. That is one crazy person who could do as much damage in a car at a school crossing.


Mike Wilson 

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