Stop Globalization, it will destroy our country







MAY 30TH, 2011


Fellow Americans, our corrupt politicians sold us the system of free trade and Globalization, with the promise that it will increase our export market, will create American jobs and it was good for the economic of our country. During the last 20 years of free trade we manage to create a global financial crisis, the crisis started to show its effects in the middle of 2007 and into 2008. Around the world stock markets have fallen, large financial institutions have collapsed and the US government the wealthiest nation of the world have had to come up with rescue packages to bail out the US financial systems.

The problem could have been avoided, if this corrupt Government do not bail out those responsible for the financial problems; while this will develop into a global financial crisis that will affect the livelihoods of almost everyone in this inter-connected world for a short time, the not bail out will avoid the world financial meltdown that without a doubt will take place when the Dollar collapse due to the increasing national debt and interest we have to pay on this national burden.

Globalization, the further liberalization of trade and investments, particularly financial investments which has led to the present crisis has exacerbated unemployment, underemployment and dislocation from traditional sources of livelihood and decreased the American workers wages. The recent financial crisis has shown how our financial system is being destroy by Globalization. Fellow Americans the question is; are we going to let, the elite of the New World order, the promoters of Globalization to destroy our country, The United States of America, or we are going to due what we must do to take our country back. Fellow Americans we must derailed Globalization and free trade, there is no doubt that globalization will destroy our country, real unemployment in the USA is 16%, we can not compete with cheap labor, we have 30 years of trade deficit; no country on this world can survive on imports, there will be not recovering until we restore manufacturing and reignite the main economic engines that made our country great, it will take a while for our economic to reach the levels of the past 40 years, but we can do it.

We must develop a fair and workable trade policy that will be of benefit to us and our trade partners, will cut our trade deficits and will end outsourcing for the purpose of the exploitation of human capital to increase profit margins. If political leaders fail to stop the outsourcing of Americans jobs and deal with this trade disadvantaged, an economic collapse will take place and those most likely to suffer would (as always) be the poor people of this country.

This economic mess is attributed to the unilateral US action in 1971 to end the Gold Standard, the subsequent emergence of the (US) Dollar Standard overcame previous constraints on the creation of credit and complemented the effect of improved transport and communication in globalizing economic activity. Not only was the $US the world's reserve currency, but US monetary policy played an informal, unpublicized and significant role in counter-cyclical management of the global business cycle. The US Federal Reserve Bank had behind the scenes influence on the US political power house that implemented the policies that created this economic catastrophe.

Fellow Americans, please take the time and send your representative a letter asking to stop free trade and Globalization. The only way to create jobs for Americans is by restoring our manufacturing to reignite the main economic engines that made our country great.









Stand for America, our Constitution, our Sovereignty and our laws.


Juan Reynoso


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