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What follows is a piece I wrote (with some edits) in May of 2010 for an ill fated but well intended experiment in the exercise of asserting our rights as sovereign men and women.  We were a group of patriots who pressed the envelope and sought to assert the rights we have been given by our Creator, and test common law prerogatives as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, as protected by the Constitution, and that flow out of the Judeo Christian traditions that grounded the Founders of this nation.  We failed but we tried and we continue to strive.


My kind of thinking sometimes annoys atheists and might dismay some Christians because I am convinced that freedom, while not unlimited, is an innate human characteristic that cannot be legitimately abridged by arbitrary dictums of other men.  Abuse of freedom produces catastrophic personal and cultural harm whether it is perverted in practice by the individual, or attacked and compromised by tyrants. 


I am a conservative born again Christian to the core, but I am also a libertarian who distrusts theocrats because the limitations and nature of men make any theocracy not ruled by God Himself a prescription for excess, abuse and shackles.  It is not my goal to proselytize in these essays. 


You do not need to be a Christian to acknowledge the role of the Judeo Christian paradigm in the history of the founding of the United States of America.  In fact, to deny its influence and historical contribution is either the mark of a hypocrite with an agenda or an ignoramus. 


The state of our nation; the degradation of our Constitution, the cowardice of our Congress to act decisively and assert its delegated Constitutional responsibilities, the usurpation of legislative prerogatives by an activist judiciary, and the manic, Marxist ego of our President have put our nation in grave and imminent peril. 


We can no longer close our eyes to the obvious.  Our culture is debilitated by a disturbing sense of unmerited entitlement.  Statists deliberately inundate our schools, our media and our entertainment with disinformation, counter cultural claptrap and subversive propaganda that flies in the face of documented truth and the evidence of history. 



The vital contribution of individual patriots is belittled and minimized because it is subsumed in a tsunami of toxic progressive rhetoric that ridicules the real power of the common man in the American political system.   Its intent is to render impotent the authority the individual inherently possesses and is entitled to over his own life, and it deliberately plays down the aggregated and cumulative power of an informed, proactive cadre of dedicated men and women.


Its goal is to cloud the judgment, commitment and tenacity of the resurging movement of the Jeffersonian mindset.  It is our right and duty to repair or replace a government that has made enslavement of the people its primary purpose and total effect.   It is our responsibility to see to it that this is stopped, reversed and prevented from ever again gaining the foothold it has acquired after over 100 years of simple minded duplicity and treachery from an elite band of usurpers, aided by foolish, apathetic complacency from those of us who should have known better.


The foundation upon which the house of freedom is constructed in our great nation is crumbling, corroded by licentiousness, selfishness, greed, ignorance, discouragement, and the deterioration of the foundation of personal faith in a Creator who is above the limitations so obvious and prevalent in the human condition.


I hope that you will consider the premise upon which the these twelve essays are based, that there is no greater fundamental reality than this:  truth exists, it is knowable, it is necessary, and the responsibility to seek it out and apply the wisdom that naturally flows from it is essential to the securing of individual liberty, the pursuit of happiness (not mere pleasure), the preservation of a culture of freedom and the prosperity that is produced by the free enterprise system that is its certain result.


We cannot construct the edifice of enduring freedom with people who will not learn from history, apply its lessons, defend truth, or commit to personal self sacrifice motivated by deeply held and reasoned personal convictions.


Part two tomorrow.

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Comment by Timothy Taylor on March 31, 2011 at 7:57am

Mr. Phaneuf, Sir: The truth is known by the witness of two.  I second your thesis and look forward to reading the remainder of this essay.  Allow me to call your attention to the postings on my group site "A Patriot's Gems of Faith."  Although I was born into a Christian family, it took many readings of the New Testament and sustained study of the history of Christianity and of my particular faith to understand fully the full meaning of what we confess in the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds. It has only been recently, though, that I have made a sustained effort, daily, to get to know the Old Testament from start to finish, and being about 3/4 of the way through, I would argue that we of the new covenant have left ourselves half-blind by not paying closer attention to the old and its witness of not only God's faithfulness to his people but of the demanding requirements of faithfulness he puts upon his people.


I have read and heard it said that those who came to America for religious freedom considered it the "New Jerusalem."  And if one reads the Old Testament as not just a dusty rendition of how God dealt with the Hebrews, as a conveying of messages to the Old Jerusalem, but as a conveying of messages to the New Jerusalem as well, this puts a whole new light on what is there.  God is jealous for his people's faithfulness.  One frequently reads how such and such king, how the people of Israel and Judah did evil in God's eyes; how he in turn punished them in this world with invasion, famine, pestilence, and exile to call them back; how he always preserved a remnant of the faithful; and, how he always blessed them when they acknowledge their sin and returned to him.


This is not theocracy, and I, too, would greatly caution any one advocating going down that path.  If we listen to the witness of that faithfulness of God and of the simplicity of what he asks, a theocracy is not needed, the witness itself, acted out in the heart and hands is sufficient.  The witness to this nation is there for all to see: zealots need not apply.

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