Social Justice: Obama & The Left's Not-So-Hidden Agenda

I consulted my Thesaurus because I thought I have been over working the word “despicable” in my articles. However, my research confirmed the word best describes what passes for the modern civil rights movement and Obama administration.


I watched a video in which Al Sharpton concluded MLK fought for social justice. He mischaracterized Dr King's dream saying it was to make everything equal in everybody's house. Sharpton said MLK did not fight simply to put one black family in the White House. http://bit.ly/pUWQU6


MLK was a Republican. And yet, Al Sharpton addressed a congregation of ill-informed blacks, lying to them about MLK's mission. Sharpton thrives on keeping racial tension, suspicion and hate alive.


To maintain relevance and his cherished seat of power at the Democratic Party round table, Sharpton must continue to deliver a mind numb monolithic black vote; proving himself to be an asset to the furtherance of their social justice agenda. Thus, Sharpton's hatred of successful conservative blacks such as I. We threaten his gig.


Ironically, Sharpton is guilty of betraying his race, the very crime of which he accuses black conservatives. Imagine the cruelty of not only allowing a person to believe, but reinforcing the lie that the individual is a pauper, all the while seeing a thousand dollar bill in the hopeless person's back pocket unknown to him or her.


This is what Sharpton does to black America when he preaches that they are not equal, while in realty, they are extraordinarily blessed to live in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for ALL who choose to go for it. Despicable!


Then, there is former Obama administration Green Jobs Adviser Van Jones. Jones is another strong advocate for social justice. Incredibly, this man truly believes fairness is government making everyone's life equal. http://bit.ly/hG5TCR


Jones was forced to resign when Glenn Beck and others raised heck. However, Obama would not have appointed the anti-traditional America radical socialist in the first place unless he agreed with Jones. My fellow Americans, we're in deep trouble.


Patriots, the concept of social justice (government making everyone's life equal) is insane, absurd and evil. It completely nullifies the human spirit, ambition, freedom to be all one can be and American Exceptionalism; all the things which have made America great.


In typical mindless “make himself feel good” fashion, a lib once told me, “Everyone deserves to live in a mansion”. While sounding compassionate, his statement is idiotic.


When I was 9 years old, my family moved into a brand new government funded housing project; an eleven story building. As per my recollection, most residents trashed the building. Only a hand full displayed gratitude, pride of ownership and respect for their homes. Poverty minded “gimme” parasites would turn a mansion into a ghetto.


As I said, the concept of social justice, government attempting to manufacture equal overcomes, is totally un-American and just plain nuts. And yet, this is obviously Obama's agenda.


And, what does the first black president do to begin implementing his social justice utopia? The thug who thinks he is king divisively, irresponsibly and mercilessly drags all opposition out into the public square and brands them racist. Despicable!


Please take a moment to comprehend the extreme consequence of Obama's promise to “fundamentally transform America”. Think of the unmitigated gall and arrogance in his statement.


Who the heck is Obama to change the vision of our Founding Fathers and shred our Constitution which has made us the most powerful, successful and altruistic nation on the planet in only 235 years. How dare Obama conclude America needs a fundamental transformation. Patriots, where is the outrage?


No one has asked, “Mr president, you vowed to fundamentally transform America. But, into what?”


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


Vice Chair, www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com







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Comment by Ralph Roshto on July 16, 2011 at 6:39am


Please look at this and tell me that the "balanced budget amendment" would not END AMERICA!


Comment by TaterSalad on July 15, 2011 at 6:39pm


With over 1500 waivers already approved by the Obama administration, mostly to Unions, we now have a bill introduced to give the average "Joe" his say in the Obamacare waivers also.  Somehow I don't think Barack Obama is going to like this bill.  Taking bets! What's good for the goose is good for the gander.



Comment by Chris Bee on July 14, 2011 at 10:48pm



I have yet to read one article of yours that I do not fully agree with.  I hope you will find a due recognition in an upcoming conservative government.  



Comment by TaterSalad on July 14, 2011 at 7:59pm


Do you do your banking with JP Morgan, Chase?   If so, you are helping Acorn get Barack Obama elected to another term!



Comment by Charlotte Hendershot on July 14, 2011 at 10:43am

Wow...here is an eye opening

The Political Perspective of the Democratic Socialist of America

I was unable to copy and paste but here's the address:



Comment by Don Davison on July 14, 2011 at 2:38am

Well said! Timing is everything! We are now “netted” by a
circumstance that gives most of us the necessary tools to inform ourselves and
to share our understanding and observations with others. We can now impact the
global dialog. This will of necessity create a new age of an ever-increasing
transparency; more and more individuals will know more and more of what others
think-say-do. This will alter our sense of self and our appreciation of the other.
A most exciting age is upon us and we must rise to the tasks/opportunities of
this age. Well done!

Comment by Karen Bracken on July 14, 2011 at 12:17am

Believe me their definition of Social Justice is to destroy the middle class so the equal will be everyone will be equally poor and beholding to the elites.  There will be no mansion for everyone.  There will be a mud hut for everyone except the chosen ones.  


Comment by Karen Bracken on July 14, 2011 at 12:15am
The followers of Sharpton are slaves just with a different master.  As Lloyd stated as long as their leaders tell them the best they can do is a welfare check that is a leader that won't let his people rise above him.  One thing I learned in business as a manager was to give your people the skills they need to outshine the leader.  Sharpton is a coward.  He believes the only way he can make any money is off the back of his people.  If he were a true leader he would be helping his people lift themselves to a higher standard, teaching young minority women not to be having babies starting at the age of 13.  Go to school get an education, parents start parenting your children.  He does nothing but hold them down in poverty so they kiss his ring as he rides through the neighborhoods in a nice caddy limo.  Funny how the black looks up to people like him and Obama and have no problem that as they live in poverty their leaders are millionaires.
Comment by Robert L. Voelsing Sr. on July 13, 2011 at 11:27pm

I'm not sure about MLK being a repub,,,but he may be right.    The blacks at CNN like Roland Martin lie to the viewers when he says that Dems have always benn friends of the Blacks,,,,NOT TRUE.  If Martin knew his history,,he would know that Dems like Wilson & FDR had no use for Blacks at all.   JFK ran for POTUS in '56 ,only to lose at the convention to Stevenson,,again .    The Southern Dixiecrats came to him & said 'if you help us kill the upcoming 'civil rights' bill,,,,we'll help you get elected in '60 ,,if you run again.'  JFK helped them,,& they helped him in '60.     The Dems were held in good light by Blacks ONLY after JFK was instrumental in getting MLK outta the Georgia JAIL  he was held in at that time,,,1957 or 58,,at the request of Mrs. King.

I believe that the good Doctor King must be spinning in his pall ,,knowing the USA is in the hands of a Manchurian Marxist & his Commie Czars ,,,ruining everything hard working ,taxpaying Blacks have worked for.

God Bless Lloyd Marcus.

Comment by william e grant on July 13, 2011 at 7:24pm
We need to change this GOV. OF TREASON ANY WAY WE CAN.

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