Signs Your Campaign Is Healthy Probably Do Not Include The Need To Pimp George Clooney For 12 Quarters

Yesterday, I received this email in my inbox, as a result of he whole, "attack watch," thing, which thankfully landed me on the Obama Campaign's distribution lists. It seems as though the win a date with Barack and Joe has been marked back up to $3 from $2. That is because they have improved on the quality of the entire experience. That's right my friends, we can now add the name of George Clooney to the dream date experience. I believe as a starting point for this discussion I should begin with some personal disclosure. One, I am not a fan of George Clooney on a personal level, although I have enjoyed some of the movies that he's been in. Two, this has to be the single lowest rent fundraising scheme ever performed by any politician in the admittedly sordid world of political fundraising. More to follow after you read this gem, found in my inbox.

Obama - Biden

Friend --

I have some advice for the two people who will be selected to go to a party for the President at George Clooney's house:

Choose your guest wisely.

Whoever you pick to join you is going to owe you big time.

Think about it -- and chip in $3 or whatever you can today to be automatically entered:


- Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer
Obama for America

P.S. -- Regarding your airfare and hotel, we've got it covered. Just get your name in the mix today. 

The good news for the Obama minions is that by pimping out Clooney's name and house for this get together, we've moved the price tag from 8 quarters to 12. This moves us barely, from the territory of donating what's often obtainable by searching couch cushions or the floorboards of a car into a definite, I have to think about making certain I have this in my checking account before I use my debit card to purchase this raffle ticket territory. The bad news of course is a little more expandable than the one sentence above. First off, I do not ever remember any national political figure debasing his campaign or for that matter his office in quite so seedy a manner. Buy a raffle ticket for a dream date is at the very best, degrading to the office of the Presidency. Yes it is true that President Clinton pimped out the Lincoln Bedroom and turned our Chief Executive's residence into a bed and breakfast, but he at least got a solid $100 Thousand for the experience. It was a tacky move, but at least it was a very expensive tacky move. People on the left are always admonishing those of us on the right to show respect for the office of the Presidency even though we disagree politically with the current holder of that office. This is that perfect example of how the person who holds that office should be the example of paying that respect and not lesson number one of what not to do. Why not go the whole way Barry? Why not just kick the price up to 5 bones and include Carrot Top and the entire cast from those, "Girls Gone Wild," videos?

I realize that fundraising is a part of the campaigning process that is unavoidable. The amount of money raised during a campaign is usually in correlation to what level of popular support a candidate actually has. Money is necessary to tell people what you stand for and why they should vote for you and not the other guy. For all of the whining about campaign funds that people do, they only whine about the money that the candidates that oppose their favorite receive, and not the money raised by those that they support. The Democrats whine about corporations while accepting gazillions from the unions. I have always thought the entire campaign finance fight was a complete waste of time, effort, and hypocritical besides. It is also a breech of our First Amendment Rights. When ever a politician rails on about getting money out of politics, what they mean is that they wish to stop the funding the other side is able to tap into, while keeping their own spigots on full. That being said, the win a dream date with Barack contest smacks of desperation. This is hardly the methodology he used for his first White House bid, and does not speak to a man who will reach his $1 Billion goal. The reports of some of the seedier things he's doing aside, (not verifying the authenticity of credit card donors for one, the foreign flow of money for another,) this hardly aspires to the level of dignity one would or should expect from the President of The United States of America.

Secondly, I would not walk across the street to have dinner with George Clooney. He is a fine actor, of that there is no doubt. I personally believe that the only interesting things he has ever said, at least when ever a recording device was able to capture it, were written for him by somebody else. Unscripted, I have found him to be smug, pompous, arrogant, idiotic, and worse. What's more, he is an classic Jew hater, and for me, that is a non starter. His aunt Rosemary must be spinning in her grave furiously over his support for the thugs who wish to wipe Israel off of the map and kill every Jew on the planet. His speech a few years ago about his environmental beliefs while receiving some type of acting award can only be characterized as moronic. The people who are willing to drone on endlessly and with authority about subjects that they have every conceivable fact dangerously wrong are my least favorite people in the world. He is a huge anti Malaria advocate, which would be hilarious for the fact that it is his movement and activism that is the leading progenitor of Malaria in today's world. What makes it not hilarious however is the horrifying fact that the number of people who have died needlessly due to the moronic activism of the environmental gang now tops 100 Million. George Clooney pretends to care for the same reason that all of these freaks who live and work in the make believe world of entertainment pretend to care. Acting like you care sells their image and helps them to get rich via the same system that they are trying to destroy for the rest of us. Maybe that is a little harsh, but Clooney deserves every word of it. Quite frankly, I am not at all interested in seeing George Clooney alive.

At least with the entire cast of, "Girls Gone Wild," I would have the good fortune to enjoy my very own private peep show. That Obama Campaign gurus would be worth a finskaru to me.

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Comment by USARogue on April 27, 2012 at 12:17am

I haven't been to a movie since Jurassic Park where my 5 year old just about climbed in my shirt when T-Rex attacked the car with the kids in it. I realized that the movie industry is just a front for Liberal hypocrisy. Today I don't see any reason why I have to pay $10 for a ticket $10 fora soda and popcorn and sit in a room for 2 hours when I can do the same in he comfort of my home for pennys with a Net-Flix version in 2 months. I never can understand the allure of going to the movies today. I refuse to pay any of these Marxist supporters a penny.

As far as Clooney is concerned he's just another Hollywood elitist. He'll probably run for office on his reputation as a movie star. At least he won't have to act like a hypocrite in politics, it's assumed.

Comment by KathleenSt on April 26, 2012 at 7:42pm

Who'd pay a penny to party with these two?

There $3 chance is nothing more than a fundraiser for the white house apprentice.

Comment by Sue Carroll on April 26, 2012 at 5:47pm

Not harsh at all...every word was true!

Comment by Mike NQR on April 26, 2012 at 4:59pm

I'd pay $3.00 to see the cast of Girls Gone Wild and Ovomit can stay home.

Comment by Patricia Castellano on April 26, 2012 at 4:53pm

They couldn't pay me to go and I stopped watching any and all of George Clooney's films. He is just as dispicable as Obama.

Comment by Kristin Fecteau on April 26, 2012 at 3:47pm

This is a great blog with a really good message. Just a suggestion... it would be easier to read if you broke up the lengthy paragraphs. Ever notice how short the paragraphs are in Judson's blogs are really short? they are easy to read and scan through for busy readers!

Comment by Gail E. Engelhardt on April 26, 2012 at 3:36pm

Find some other sucker.  No one in their right mind would spend ten minutes with either one of them.  Their egos are way to big for an intelligent conversation or anything else.  No thanks.

Comment by sharon ostwinch on April 26, 2012 at 3:26pm

The last thing I would do have dinner with a marxist.  The indigestion alone would be unbearable.    Not to mention that the food would probably be awful.  Makes me sick.

Comment by Rich Knoch on April 26, 2012 at 3:24pm

The Left is imploding (probably, sucking in too much air with their Kool-Aide) and will explode after November 6th . . . . if we have a record turnout of Conservative and Independent voters!

obama has nothing to run on other than the (1) destruction of our economy and (2) fomenting Class Warfare.  

The latter is his strong suit and the former could be a plus, if encouraging illegals to go home is worth crashing our economy.  

Before its over, obama will be bragging about his strategy of encouraging illegals to go home . . . his Useful Idiots will simply sink their snouts further into the trough . . . . sucking it up, as gospel of the anointed one.


Don't forget . . . . we surround his cadre of Useful Idiots (they amount to somewhere around 35% of the voting populace - - a WAG) . . . all we need to do, is vote in world-class numbers so he and his czars will retire to Kenya, in the trough of leisure, until that nation de-stabilizes and asks the USA for protection.

Comment by Lizzie on April 26, 2012 at 2:34pm

How many American women really respect pretty boys?  Even if the Dems expect the "educated American woman voter" to park her brain every election cycle and vote with estrogen, does the type of woman who goes for Kerry, Edwards, Obama et al represent a significant voter bloc???  As for Clooney, am I supposed to imagine I'm auditioning to be his next Barmaid du Jour?  Sorry, I can't say that's worth three bucks.  

On the other hand, for three bucks, to have a shot at giving those two an up-front, uncensored, piece of my mind is probably worth it.  You have to look at the whole picture.

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